The Key To Doing It All? Not Doing All Of It

In an attempt to pick back up on my bullet journaling adventure, I plotted out a few pages to track my daily habits and activities. This list includes everything from washing dishes to flossing my teeth - and everything in between. Much of my general busy-ness is a side effect of the forward momentum it takes to move my family toward our goals. At a certain point, I realize that I can't do everything while also raising two young kids. So I've lowered my bar, significantly - and I've had to make smart decisions about what I choose to add to my busy list.

When I can snag a few hours without wrangling kids, I can accomplish waaaayyyyy more than if I were also on mom-duty. So, when people offer to help - I take them up on it. One of the best lessons I've been forced to learn is to delegate, delegate, delegate. If I can let go of (the illusion of) control, and allow someone else to take the lead on specific tasks, my efforts multiply. I've found that I can do more by doing less - by letting other people sweat the small stuff for me.

Yes, I will gladly accept your leftovers.

My mom notoriously ends up doing my laundry every time she visits me. This has been true since I first went to college, and it's still true today. I have no idea how this happens, but she's a saint and an angel and she appeases me by pitching in. Sadly, my pride keeps me from asking for help. So, she steps up and helps me when I need extra hours in the day.

That's the secret to doing more - using someone else's hours to buy yourself more time. Can your friend pick up that special dog food on their way over? Will your mom bring muffins with her to Sunday breakfast? Have you considered a co-working space with partially supervised play areas? Those are a smart way to steal some time while your kids work off some wiggles. Of course, a good friend returns the favor - grabbing an extra bag of ice on the way to the party or dog-sitting for the weekend.

Let Aunt Belinda do bedtime stories if you need a mental break.

Remember "It Takes A Village"? That idea that many adults have to pitch in to raise a child? Heck yes, I'll buy that. My kid doesn't need a bunch of extra parents, but I could definitely use a few part-time personal assistants. But not just personal assistants. People who want me to succeed as a mom, who are on "Team Me" - and who can lend a hand in small ways. That village exists not just to support the children, but the parents raising those kids. Imagine how much more we could accomplish if we all banded together and pitched in for one another? We'd be unstoppable. I daresay we might even be able to find an accord to end Mommy Wars once and for all.

So yes - my bullet journal helps me feel organized and keep track of all my tasks. But it's my support system - my mom and my in-laws, my siblings, my friends - they're the real heroes. Without them, I'd have a whole lot of lists - and not a whole lot to show for it.

The Aunt Khloes of the world are the best ever.


How have you been cable to delegate some smaller tasks to free up your time? Share your experience with me on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3.

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