The Main Differences Between Us and the New Generation

No one can ever deny that what our childhood was like, the things we did, is totally different than what we see the children and youth of this generation do. It's not like this generation is doing anything wrong, but some things just seem odd to those on the outside.

Sometimes, it's extremely hard to figure out what's on our children’s mind or understand why they do certain things the way they do. For instance, I'm unable to understand why they think socializing is creating a group on a social networking site and chatting all day, sharing pictures and jokes. What happened to meeting in person and making the other person feel special?

I'm sure many parents wish their children would stop getting glued to their gadgets and focus on something much more real, like their studies. The list of ways we differ from this generation is actually endless, but we've listed the top few ways we're different from our children.

8 The Meaning of ‘Playtime’ Is Not the Same

We all loved playtime back in the day and so do the kids of this generation. But for us, playtime was all about going out with friends and doing something physical. We enjoyed spending our evenings in the park with our friends playing hide and seek, swinging high on the swings, or playing monopoly, twister, snakes and ladders, and the most friendship breaking game, UNO. It was fun and something that kept our mind and body active.

Talking about playtime with this generation is all about switching on your gaming consoles and pressing the buttons as vigorously as possible. It's really good for their fingers, but not their body. They sit at home and play via the internet with their friends. Moreover, they don’t even know some of the common board games that existed in our time.

Their idea of play time differs drastically from ours

For them, rolling the dice with your hands and having to move your player piece on the board and counting the steps is boring and time consuming. They would rather install a game on their cell phone and shake it and let the processor do the job. Instead, this should be called gaming time and not play time. These games are worthy enough to keep their brain active, but not their bodies.

One of the biggest disadvantages of constantly playing games with technology is that their attention span is shortened, which in turn creates problem in attending long classes. Our leisure time comprised of going for a walk or taking in fresh air. But for our children, leisure means more time on social networking sites, doing nothing but stalking their friends.  

7 Observing Their Environment Through the Eyes of a Lens

‘Click click click!’ There they go as soon as they see somehting cool. We had traditional 35mm cameras and then digital cameras, but these were used for special occasions. Carrying them around with us to every place we went wasn’t much of an ‘in’ thing. With the invention of camera phones, a camera is always on the go, making it easier to take pictures anytime and anywhere.

Also, with DSLR’s hitting the market, youth are crazy about hanging them around their necks and taking pictures of whatever they like with no concern. It can get very annoying seeing teenagers and youth constantly taking pictures of themselves, what their eating, or pictures of themselves with historical, famous or beautiful people, places and things.

Teens and tweens seem to always have a camera phone on hand

They might capture the moment, but forget to live in the moment. Most annoying of all, they share every single picture on their accounts without giving a thought about embarrassing someone else. Teenagers talk about how embarrassing it is to have their parents on Facebook, but they don’t think about how awkward it is for the parents when they see certain pictures on their children’s Facebook page.

How can we forget the selfie syndrome and the number of deaths that have taken place due to people trying to click their selfies in the most dangerous manner.

On the other hand, we enjoyed our cameras too. Taking them to parties and taking silly pictures of ourselves and our friends, although we spent more time making eye contact with each other and doing real socialization.  

6 Our Idea of Toys and Their Toys

We loved our toys and so does the current generation of kids, but we cherished our toys for a long times, sometimes, so long that our younger siblings got to play with them. These days, the toys sold in stores are so easily breakable that it's a miracle if it even lasts for a complete year. And children get bored of their toys so quickly too!

Most of our toys didn't require batteries, whereas now the toys need at least three to four batteries for them to operate. Playing dolls meant setting up a mini table and chairs for our dolls to sit on, and inviting our friends to come and play. Together we'd decorate the table with tea cups and plates and enjoying a small tea party.

Today the same play takes place, but on computers or gaming consoles. For the boys their play time used to comprise of going out and playing or even visiting the gaming arcades once in a while to play snooker or foosball. Now all that is enjoyed on a screen right in the comfort of their home.

Our toys had great adventures that we controlled

Many of us as children worried about forgetting our beloved dolls and teddy bears at home while travelling. We would make sure while packing that they remained close to our luggage so we could carry them with us all the time and talk to them whenever we wanted. We treated them like living beings and sometimes much better than how we would treat our younger siblings.

We can find the same kind of nature in our children today, but the only difference is, that these dolls and teddy bears have been replaced with gadgets. Though some girls and little boys are still seen carrying their dolls or soft toys when going outside their.

It feels like we were more creative with our toys than the children today. We just needed to have a place where we could play for hours. Today's children have no idea how much fun it is to build forts using pillows and blankets. It was like our own version of camping right at home. Our parents always had those times for themselves while we were engrossed in our play.

Nowadays, children start bugging us as soon as their favorite TV show ends or they get bored with a game on the computer. 

5 Organizing Parties, Playdates and Sleep Overs

Back in the day when emailing and text messages weren't so common, we took pride in designing cards by ourselves and giving them out to each of our friends. Designing birthday party, Christmas party or Halloween party invites were the most fascinating, because we got to design colorful cards and use lots of craft materials for them.

The shopping involved collecting the materials first and then sitting with our parents or siblings to make them and this can never be close to sending e-cards. As we grew up and entered middle school, we would then call each of the guests in order to invite them to the party.

This one goes to this generation of kids

Now, inviting friends over for parties has become simple and convenient. The children don’t get the fun of designing cards, instead they send a text message to all their friends at once. This is an advantage because it allows them and us as well to be able to throw parties at a very short notice. The time saved can be utilized to decorate the house, arrange food and get into a pretty outfit.

As parents, we're busy with work and home, event planners have entered the market to help us organize parties in the blink of an eye without us doing much work. Although hiring event planners cost a lot of money, if you can afford them, you can enjoy your own party. 

4 We Have More Patience for Everything in Life

It feels like the people of our generation are calm and have lots of patience. We can wait patiently and know that work is mor esuccessful when it isn't performed in a rush. We were also patient with our parents, we listened to their thoughts without any judgment. Our parents were more strict and traditional than we are with our children, but still, our kids can't take even a little disagreement.

They just don’t want to accept no for an answer, whereas, we always respected our parents no matter how much we disagreed with their decision. It never meant that we always did what our parents wanted, but we knew that advice from parents was how they showed us they loved us.

Partially I blame the technology for this kind of behavior by the current generation. Our children are used to having things done for them in the shortest possible time, so they lose their cool quickly. For instance, waiting for a took a lot of time. Though this was a lengthy process, it instilled patience within us.

Whereas the kids today can instantly send a text message or email to someone living anywhere in the world and receive a prompt reply as well. So you can see the difference.

Another reason this generation has little patience is that everything is available instantly. We provide them with every little thing they desire. If they're hungry, there's a restaurant on every street corner. They can simply drive or have their meals delivered right to their home. Even online stores have made shopping more convenient and quick.

So you see, this is a generation who has everything available at the their finger tips, which is why anything that takes their time becomes irritating for them. 

3 Reading Meant Flipping Through the Pages of a Real Book

We read more and we enjoyed it a lot. For us, reading meant flipping through newspapers, magazines, highlighting with actual highlighters on our textbooks while studying and even reading novels. It was fun to turn the pages, to feel the paper dust, and to inhale the scent of old books and novels.

Lately, traditional reading is on the verge of extinction. We may still prefer reading from actual books, but our kids read on tablets and smart phones. In addition to that, reading is becoming a thing of the past because children enjoy playing games and using social networks to read about other people’s lives. They don't find the pleasure in reading which we got.

Kids don't have the same love of books that we had

They don’t have patience for reading a story and creating a picture of it on their mind. They are losing the gift of imagination and we can thank the game developers of for it. This generation is fascinated by watching 3D movies in the theatres rather than picking up a novel and reading it for the weekend. Although technology is beneficial for us, its constant usage can have side effects on your health.

Constantly staring at screens leads to weak eyesight from a very young age. With no physical activity, this generation has a high risk for obesity. Obesity is not just about getting overweight, but rather, obesity is the root of type II diabetes and coronary heart disease. Moreover, children are more prone to illness and diseases when they don't interact or play physical sports.

It would be better to help your children get back into traditional reading and physical activity to make them see the fun involved in it. 

2 We Were More Independent Youngsters

Anyone could deny this fact, especially the younger generation who think they're more independent than us. Maybe when it comes to making decisions, since they don't like to take advice from their elders, they're turning into an individualistic culture. But when I say we were independent, I mean the way we were able to do things on our own.

We were able to cook and clean, do our work by ourselves. In fact, we even helped our parents around the house. The children of this generation want everything to be done for them, even when it comes to cleaning their room.

They don't realize how much we actually do for them every day

As a parent, how many times do you have to tell your children and remind them that their room is a mess. When guests are coming over we have to plead with our kids to help us prepare the food. Furthermore, they don't even think about serving food to guests when they're over.

The instant availability of everything has made them lazy. Some kids expect to get the highest paying job as soon as they're out of school, others get bored doing the same part-time job and start looking for another in a short span of time.

We ought to teach them the necessity of being independent and what it truly meanings. They should know how to cook their own meals and not simply how to order from a restaurant. We should show them the health benefits of working around the house and how it keeps us physically fit, even at an older age. 

1 Assignments Meant Homework and Spending Time in the Library

During our school and college years when we got assignments, we spent a lot of time in the libraries going from one book to another. Getting an assignment meant spending hours in the library and searching for the right kind of information. It also meant writing down the information in our own words. No matter how time consuming and lengthy the work was, we still down to work.

Now completing assignments has become much easier and simpler than what it was for us. They have Google, access to the internet right on their smart devices, and along with all that, a whole bunch of websites filled with information they require for their assignments. Authenticity has become a big issue, but that can only be achieved with some more research here and there.

Home work can be easily researched from anywhere

The ease of having information available makes some of this generation copy paste the material into their assignment without writing in their own words. Thus, they lose the whole purpose of the assignment activity. But if they honestly make use of the technology to complete their assignments, they will go a long way and will even do much better than what we did back then. 

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