7I Won’t Keep Saying “Don’t” and “No” to My Kids

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions that mothers make involves reducing how often they use the words “don’t” and “no.” What this means is that they will probably say things like, “Please be kind to your younger sister” instead of “Don’t talk to her that way.” The

best part about this resolution is that it will go a long way in terms of enhancing the relationship you share with your kids – with this resolution in mind; you’ll no longer be the source of negative reminders for your kids. 

You'll only say ‘don’t’ and ‘no’ for important reasons, which will make it stick more considering that you’ll stop barraging them with don’ts all the time. Saying a straight ‘no’ or ‘don’t’ is rather harsh for your precious angel. Most importantly, if they continue to hear no and don’t all the time from you, there’s a good chance that he will lose confidence and faith in you as a parent. 

Even if you don’t approve your child’s action, it’s better to give them options. For instance, instead of saying “No shouting,” say something more polite like “Talk softly, please.”

There are better ways of doing things

Yes, there are better ways to deny or discipline your child other than saying “don’t” and “no.” Saying these words all the time can breed resentment and may even plant seeds for future rebellion. Instead of using these words, say something more polite and make sure that you add in a “please” so your child can learn using it too by example.

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