The Most Trendy and Unique Italian Names

Naming your child is a difficult and important task that all parents go through. Families choose names based on tradition, their heritage, current trends, because they like the sound of a particular name, the names meaning is important to them, or because the name is unique and they don’t want their child to share a name with five of their classmates. If you’re in that situation right now, and you want to name your child something that’s both trendy and unique, here are some names that are popular in Italy but will still be a unique moniker here.

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20 Giulia

Giulia, which is pronounced the same way as Julia, is a graceful name for a girl that means “youthful.” This popular Italian name would give your daughter a unique name because of its spelling, which is far less common than the original Latin spelling of the name.

19 Francesco

Francesco, which is the Italian version of Francis, is becoming more and more popular in Italy thanks to Pope Francis. The name means “Frenchman or free man.”

18 Chiara

Chiara, which means “light and clear,” is currently ranked 8 in Italy. If you give your child this name they would share it with Santa Chiara or Saint Clare as she’s more commonly known in English, and Keira Knightly (although clearly not with the same spelling.)

17 Riccardo

This Italian name means “dominant ruler.” If you want your son to be a strong leader, than Riccardo is definitely a name that will help set him up for success.

16 Martina

This fierce feminine name originally comes from Latin. It means “warlike” so if you want your daughter to be someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and what she believes in then this name is one you should seriously consider.

15 Gabriele

This name is the Italian version of Gabriel, the archangel who told the world about the birth of Jesus in Christian, Jewish and Muslim texts. The name means “God is my strength.”

14 Sofia

If you’re the kind of person who believes that the name your child has will influence your baby’s personality, then calling her Sofia, which means “wisdom” is a good way to help her avoid all sorts of foolish or dangerous situations in the future. Sofia is currently #1 in Italy, which is where it has been enjoying its reign for about six years now.

13 Leonardo

Leonardo, which means “brave lion” is an Italian name that is associated with Leonardo da Vinci and Leonardo DiCaprio. If you’re hoping your child has some talent in the arts, this name might be a good one for you to pick.

There you have it, 10 different Italian names for your son or daughter that will give your child the benefit of having a name that is both trendy and unique.

12 Sara

Sara is a highly popular variation of the name Sarah. This name, which means “princess” is perfect for your dainty daughter when she’s decked out in those adorable frilly infant tutus. She also won’t have to worry about people struggling to pronounce her name because of its spelling.

11 Tommaso

Tommaso, which means “twin,” is the Italian version of Thomas. This name, which is trending in Italy, will still be a unique moniker on this side of the ocean, and, should your son ever decide that he wants to have a more normal name he can always go by the short form Tom.

10 Aurora

Aurora means “dawn.” This colorful name is often associated with the magical Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Ironically, the Northern Lights are generally not seen at dawn, but rather the most common time to see them is between 9:30 pm and 1 am.

9 Lorenzo

Lorenzo, along with Francesco and Alessandro rounds out the top three popular names in Italy for boys. This name means “laurel” which is a shrub found in the area. When the name first came about, laurels were (and still are) associated with honor and glory and laurel wreaths were given to famous poets and heroes.

8 Giorgia

Giorgia is the Italian version of the feminine form of George. This name, although it means “farmer,” has graced many royals including the adorable Prince George.

7 Mattia

Like Matteo, Mattia is an Italian version of the name Matthew. So if you like names that remind you your child is a gift, but prefer names that end in an “a” sound, then Mattia is perfect for your son.

6 Alessia

If you don’t want to give your daughter a name that means delicate or beautiful, Alessia is another popular Italian name for you to consider. This name, which is the Italian for of Alexia, means “defending warrior.”

5 Matteo

Matteo, which means “gift of God,” is also one of the top 10 names for boys in Italy. This name is a great way to show your son that he’s treasured and to remind you that you think of him as a gift on those days when he’s acting less gift-like than normal.

4 Greta

Greta also graces the top 10 popular names in Italy; it’s currently sitting in seventh place. This name, which means “pearl,” is a perfect name for your delicate bundle of joy.

3 Alessandro

Alessandro is chilling in the number 2 spot for popular names in Italy. This name which means “defending men” will help ensure your tiny bundle of joy grows up into someone who is concerned with the wellbeing and safety of others.

2 Gaia

If you and your family are nature lovers and you enjoy being in tune with the world around you than Gaia is the perfect name for your daughter. This name, which means “earth mother,” pays homage to the Grecian Earth Goddess Gaia.

1 Andrea

Andrea is also topping the charts in Italy. This name, which means “strong and manly,” is sure to be a unique name for your son over here.

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