Santa's Naughty And Nice List Of Baby Names Revealed!

Naming babies is probably one of the most emotionally fraught efforts parents make as they prepare for the birth and homecoming of their precious bundles of joy. (Or should that be "mischievous little imps'?) Why is this? Simply put, some names just stimulate a more positive reaction from teachers, relatives and people in general. The same goes for other names—for several reasons, they carry negative connotations.

Mary, Emily and Hannah may sound old-fashioned, but they are viewed as "good" names. Gertrude and Millicent may also be viewed positively, but they are also dated. That is, they sound old-fashioned and may cause people to have mental images that the person with that name is more old-fashioned than they may really be.

Boys' and girls' names may also make parents, caregivers and teachers think that the children with these names are either nice or naughty. Kiddos with "naughty" names may be near-perfect angels. Yet, no matter how golden their behavior may be, they are perceived as naughty. On the other hand, kids with "nice" names may be little stinkers. Yet, because they have names that are seen as nice, their misbehaviors may be overlooked. Let's look at Santa's list of those "nice" and naughty" names.

40 Nice: Jacob

The name "Jacob" seems to communicate a steady, helpful boy, one who loves having fun, but, at his core is a nice person. As a boy, he may have worked hard in school. Depending on his whole personality, he may also have a bit of a mischievous side.

Here's a few famous Jacobs: Jacob DeGrom, Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, Jacob Green, Jacob Dalton, American gymnast, Jacob Davis, Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, Jacob Willekens, Dutch admiral, Jacob Haish, inventor of barbed wire, Jacob Tamme, American football player, Jacob Reitan, LGTB activists, Jacob Underwood, Jacob Wallenberg, Swedish industrialist and banker, Jacob Collaert, Flemish admiral, Jacob S. Coxey, Sr., American politician from Ohio, Jacob Pitts, American actor, Jacob Smith, American actor, Jacob Frank, 19th-century religious leader, Jacob Turner, American baseball player, Jacob de la Rose, Swedish hockey player and Jacob Miller, American reggae musician.

39 Naughty: Leo

Leo has so many possibilities! As a naughty boys' name, it's kind of hard to envision. Unless someone is thinking of a villain with the long, thin mustache that lends itself so easily to being twirled! Look into the eyes of someone named Leo. You may see impish qualities twinkling there. Or his reputation may precede him, making you aware of just how naughty he can truly be! A few men named Leo include:

Leonardo (Leo) DiCaprio, of "Titanic" fame. Just look into those blue eyes and you'll find it too easy to forgive him for the things he does! Other Leos include:

Leo Tolstoy, Russian author, playwright and essayist, Leo Lomellini, American football player born in Italy, Leo Sayer, British songwriter, entertainer and musician, (Thomas) Leo McCarey, Academy-Award winning movie director, Leonardo (Leo) Bonucci, Italian footballer, Leonid (Leo) Komarov, Finish-Russian hockey player, Leo G. Carroll, English actor, Leo Kottke, acoustic guitarist, Leo Strauss, American philosopher and classicist.

38 Nice: Isabella

Isabella is a girl's name that sounds full and royal. After all, it was Queen Isabella of Spain who gave Christopher Columbus permission to search for the Americas, right? She made Santa's nice girls list this year and she fits well in this list of names. The name sounds old-fashioned, but it has a timeless appeal that has many parents choosing to name their baby girls Isabella. Here's a few famous women named Isabella:

Isabella of Aragon, Queen of France (self explanatory), Isabella of England, Holy Roman Empress, Isabella II of Spain, queen regent of Spain, Isabella of Mar, wife of Robert the Bruce, Isabella MacDonald Alden, American author, Isabella Gerasole, chef, Isabella of Portugal, infanta of Portugal, Holy Roman Empress, Isabella Acres, American actress, Isabella Hoffman, American actress, Isabella of France, Queen of England and She-wolf of France, Isabella Ferrari, (Foglizza), Italian television actress, Isabella 1 of Castile, Queen of Castile, Isabella of Aragon, Queen of Portugal (not the same as the Queen of France!), Isabella Caltorpe, English actress, Isabella Leong, Hong Kong-based Macanese actress, Isabella Beeton, English author of Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management and Isabella Rossellini, Italian actress.

37 Naughty: Faye

First on Santa's naughty girls' names list is Faye. There was a Fay (no e) (Morgan le Fay, who was a sorceress of Arthurian legend. Hmmm. . . Do you think that's where the "naughty" came from? It's likely. Still, Faye became popular once again in 2014, with parents choosing to name their infant daughters with this name. Let's look at famous women named Faye:

(Dorothy) Faye Dunaway, American actress, Faye Yu (Yu Feihong), Chinese actress, Faye Elizabeth Grant, American actress, Alice Faye, American actress and singer, Faye Marsay, English actress, Faye Katherine Dancer, All-American Girls Baseball League player, Faye Reagan, American porn actress, Faye Wong (Wong Fei), actress and singer-songwriter from Hong Kong, Faye Tozer, pop singer, Faye Gulini, snowboarder, Faye Chrisley, reality star, Faye Montana, YouTube star, Faye Colebourn, Musical.ly star, Faye Singleton, YouTube star and Faye Brookes, soap actress.

36 Nice: Owen

Our next nice boys' name is Owen. Owen isn't as common a name as say, Jake or Michael. A boy or man named Owen is seen as someone who respects laws, but isn't afraid of having a little bit of fun (just look at the mischievous twinkle in the eyes). Men named Owen are listed in a big variety of professions, from acting to music and sports. They are also scientists, writers and poets. Here's a list of famous men named Owen:

Owen Wilson, American actor, Owen Dodson, American writer, poet and playwright, Owen Teale, Welsh actor, Owen Wister, American author specializing in Western fiction, Owen Pallett, Canadian composer, keyboard player, violinist and vocalist, Owen Hart, Canadian professional wrestler, Owen Daniels, American football player, Owen Nolan, Canadian hockey player, Owen Moore, Irish actor in American movies, Owen Roe, actor, Owen Hargreaves, English footballer, Owen Chamberlain, American physicist, playwright and Nobel laureate in physics, Owen D. Young, American industrialist, lawyer and diplomat, and Owen Farrell, former English union rugby player.

35 Naughty: Taylor

Here's another name that both girls and boys can use. For now, we're thinking only of the naughty boys on Santa's list. Taylor sounds like a popular, but slightly mysterious popular boy. He's one of the most popular boys in his class and he takes full advantage of that. If he's really good-looking, that adds to his charm as well. Let's get looking at the boys named Taylor (Whew!):

Taylor Lautner, actor of Twilight fame (he fought Robert Pattinson's character in the movies, competing for Robert's movie girlfriend), Taylor Kitsch, Canadian model and actor, Taylor Hall, Canadian hockey player, Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire) again, my beating heart! Taylor Kinney is the personification of that slight bad-boy vibe with his sparkling eyes and that shy, almost-not-there grin that promises he's up to no good. (Oliver) Taylor Hawkins, drummer for the Foo Fighters, (Jordan) Taylor Hanson, of the band Hanson, Taylor Lewan, American football player, Taylor Hicks, winner of the fifth season of American Idol, Taylor Martinez, American football player and Taylor Negron, who was an American actor, playwright, comedian and painter.

34 Nice: Sophia

Sophia is just as she sounds: sophisticated. She is passionate and enjoys the finer things in life. She may be a classical beauty or one who is more down-to-earth, but still beautiful. Here's a list of some famous women named Sophia:

Sophia Myles, English actress, Sophia Aliberti, Greek talk show and game show host, Sophia Knight, makeup artist, Sophia A. Nelson, American political strategist (wow!), opinion writer and attorney (again, WOW!), Sophia Crawford, stuntwoman, martial artist and actress, Sophia Adella Luke, actress, Sophia Lamar, American model, former Club Kid, transexuual nightlife celebrity, actress and model, Sophia Elisabet Brenner, Swedish women's rights activist, salon hostess, writer and poet, Sophia Parnok, Russian poet and translator, Sophia Montecarlo, formerly known as Swirty Mae Nibley, former contestant on Born Diva, Sophia Takal, actress, film director, producer, and film editor, Sophia Loren, Italian actress and Sophia Bush, American actress formerly on Chicago P.D.

33 Naughty: Lilly

Ow, this one actually hurts! Think of Lilly Potter, of the Harry Potter movie franchise. His mother was Lily Potter and she was definitely a good girl and woman, up until her too-early death. Let's see what famous woman (and girls?) are also named Lilly.

Lilly Collins, British-American actress, Lily (one "l") Tomlin, American comedienne, actress, writer and producer, Lillian Gish, famous silent movies actress, Lily Donaldson, British model, Lily Evans Potter, Muggle-born witch, mother of Harry Potter, the "Boy Who Lived," sister of Petunia Evans Dursley, Lily Rabe, American actress, Lillian Mueller, Norwegian model, Lily Afshar, Iranian-American classical guitarist, Lillian Hellman, American dramatist and screenwriter blacklisted during the Committee on Un-American Activities during the Red Scare of the 40s and 50s, Lily Parr, English professional women's football player, Lily Pons, American operatic soprano and actress of the 1920s, Lily James, English actress, Lillian Moller Gilbreath, American psychologist, industrial engineer, Lily Mariye, American filmmaker and actress, Lily Elsie, English actress and singer of the Edwardian era, Lillian Roth, American singer and actress, Lily Luna Potter, daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter, of the Deathly Hallows epilogue, Lily Kim, Korean-American media personality located in Chicago and Lillian Greuze, French model and motion picture actress.

32 Nice: Ryan

Ryan? As in Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds. (Now, just looking at that open, friendly face, I'm thinking "nice" and good-looking.)

Ryan sounds like the kind of boy who loves a few tricks, but is also really helpful. It must have been a doozy to have lasted this long! Because "Ryan" connotes a boy who sounds approachable, but on the serious side. Someone with a slow, shy smile who cares about his auntie or pet dog.

Some famous people named Ryan: Ryan Gosling (sigh), Ryan Seacrest (Now, here's a bad-boy Ryan), Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Lochte (yep, there's that bad boy coming out), Ryan Adams, Ryan Phillippe, Ryan Anderson, Ryan Braun, Ryan Tannehille, Ryan Giggs, Ryan Kwanten, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Spooner, Ryan Getzlaf, Ryan O'Neal (actor), Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Howard, Ryan Suter, Ryan Leaf, Ryan Miller, Ryan Mathews, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Ryan Eigenmann, Ryan Kesler, Ryan Kalil and Ryan Callahan, among others.

31 Naughty: Logan

Santa has decided that "Logan" is a naughty boy's name. Even though the name conjures images of tall, hunky football players, actors or even authors, it also speaks of privilege and getting things easily.

Not only is "Logan" a bad-boy name, it's actually a unisex name given both boys and girls. Let's focus on the boys for now and see the famous men named Logan:

Logan Mankins, American football player, Logan Couture, Canadian hockey player, Logan Forsythe, American baseball player, Logan McCree, German DJ (named Logan?), Logan Carter, American model and entertainer (ah, that's more like it), This Logan has modeled as male and female; in his female modeling persona, he is Roxanne Russell, Logan Henderson, American actor and singer, Logan Kensing, American baseball player, Logan Miller, American actor, Logan Bailly, Belgian footballer (soccer), Logan Ramsey, American actor, Logan Ondrusek, American baseball player and Logan Brill, American singer/songwriter.

30 Nice: Alice

Alice made it onto Santa's nice-girl names list, and it's no wonder! She is almost always seen as a girl or woman who is loving and giving. While one Alice is male (Alice Cooper), this section focuses only on girls and women:

Alice Goodwin, British glamour model from Stoke-on-Trent, England, Alice Eve, English actress (she has two first names, it seems), Alice Malsenior Walker, American author (The Color Purple), Alice Greczyn, American model and actress, Alice Braga, Brazilian actress, Alice Munro, short-story author, Alice White, American actress, Alice Marble, former #1 American tennis player, Alice Coltrane, American jazz pianist and composer, Alice McDermott, American author and professor, Alice Krige, South African actress and producer, Alice Evans, American-born British actress, Alice Glass, Canadian singer and Alice Stokes Paul, American suffragist, women's rights activist and feminist, Alice Guy-Blache, early French filmmaker, Alice Ghostley, American actress, Alice Bailey, theosophist in occult teachings and writer, and Alice Ripley, American actor, songwriter and singer.

29 Naughty : Rose

Rose, on the "naughty girls' list? How can this be? Not that I'm doubting Santa or anything. It's just that, well, Rose is usually such a good girl. But. . . let's see how many famous women have been named Rose:

Rose Byrne, Australian actress, Rose McGowan, American singer and actress who was also sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, per her allegations, Rose Leslie, Scottish actress, Rose Marie, American actress, Rose McIver, actress from New Zealand, Rose Namajunas, American mixed martial artist, Rose Abdoo, American comedian and actress, Rose Wilder Lane, author, Rose Stone, African-American keyboardist and singer, Rose Aguilar, progressive American journalist, Rose Keegan, English actress, Rose Coyle, 1936 Miss America, Rose Sutro, one-half of the American piano duo; her sister Ottilie played with her, Rose Gregorio, American actress, Rose Tremain, English author, current Chancellor of University of East Anglia, Rose Friedman, professor at University of Chicago Law School, Rose Ann Scamardella, former anchorwoman of WABC-TV News in New York City (inspiration for Gilda Radner's Roseanne Roseannadanna, Saturday Night Live, and Rose Hill, English operatic soprano and actress.

28 Nice: Lewis

Oooh, there's lots to work with here. Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland comes to mind. How about Lewis Black, the comedian? Babies and boys with the name Lewis are, whether rightly or wrongly, perceived as nice. Looking at Lewis Black, the comedian, may have "naughty" routines, but they may also have a few serious messages in there as well. And who could forget about Lewis F. Powell, the former U.S. Supreme Court justice?

Here's a few names of people with the first name of Lewis: Lewis Smith (look at that cocked eyebrow), Lewis Hamilton, Lewis Carroll, Lewis Arquette, Lewis Stone, Lewis Johnson, Lewis Bloor, Lewis Dix, Jr., Lewis J. Boies, Lewis Blount Jones, Lewis Alsamari, Lewis J. Selznick, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Lewis Milestone, Lewis Fall, Lewis Wright (Baron Wright of Ashton-under-Lyne), Lewis (Scooter) Libby (serving time in U.S. prison for helping reveal name of CIA operative), Lewis Van Bergen, Lewis Abernathy, Lewis Abernathy, Lewis B. Grant, Lewis Arlt, Lewis Taylor, Lewis Dunk, Lewis Caine, Lewis Hobby, Lew (Lewis) Carpenter, Lewis Nixon (U.S. Army officer) and Lewis A. Coser.

27 Naughty: Noah

"Noah" sounds so stately and noble, so why did Santa put this beautiful boys' name on the naughty list? After all, we have Noah from Noah's Ark, right? And he saved all those humans and animals from the Great Flood. Maybe we'll just have to agree to disagree, especially when we talk about some of the famous Noahs we may know and love (or hate):

Noah Wyle, American actor. He has such an open, innocent face! Noah Emmerich, American actor, Noah Baumbach, American author, Noah Taylor, English-born, Australian musician and actor, Noah Grey-Cabay, American youth actor, Noah Jackson, American football player, Noah Hathaway, American actor and former heartthrob, Noah Beery, Jr., former American actor, Noah Webster, American "father of American scholarship and education," Noah Ringer, American martial arts practitioner and actor, Noah Beery, Sr., father of Noah Jr., and American actor, Noah Hoffman, American cross-country star, Noah Mills, Canadian actor and model, Noah Huntley, English actor, Noah Howard, American jazz alto saxophonist, Noah C. Crawford, American actor and Noah Segan, American actor.

26 Nice: Caitlin

Caitlin is Irish in origin. It seems to communicate a strong, gentle woman who isn't afraid of asserting herself whenever she needs to do so. No matter how her name is spelled (Caitlin, Kaitlin, Caitlyn, Kaitlyn, along with other spellings) we have a good list of accomplished women who bear this beautiful name:

Caitlin Stasey, Australian actress, Caitlin McClatchey, British swimmer, Caitlin Fitzgerald, American actress, filmmaker, Caitlin R.. Kiernan, science fiction and dark fantasy author, (Lauren) Caitlin Upton, American model and beauty queen, Caitlin O'Connor, model and actress, Caitlin Cahow, American ice hockey player, Caitlin Gold, American actress, Caitlin Blackwood, young American actress, Caitlin Clarke, American film and theater actress, Caitlin Van Zandt, American actress, Caitlin Kinney, American stuntwoman and actress, Caitlin Leverenz, competition swimmer, Caitlin Compton, American cross-country skier, Caitlin Davies, English author, teacher and journalist, Caitlin McKenna Wilkinson, actress, Caitlin Carmichael, American child actress and Caitlin Hale, American singer, actress and writer.

25 Naughty: Annabel

Annabel is a Gaelic name that means "joy." Its Latin meaning is "beautiful, loving, lovable." Hmmm. How can a name with these meanings be naughty? Santa? Do you have answers? Even the Scottish meaning is good: Beautiful grace. It's also described as a "spirited" name, reflecting "quirky British gentility." Let's look at the celebrities named Annabel:

Annabel Leah Van Der Beck, young daughter of actor James Van Der Beck, Annabel Lucy Veronica Jones, Viscountess Astor, English CEO and socialite, Annabel Clare Daldry, daughter of director Stephen Daldry, Annabel Claire Giles, English presenter on TV and radio, Annabel Charlotte Jones, daughter of singer Davy Jones (The Monkees), Annabel Chong (originally Grace Quek), Singaporean-American actress, Annabel Lucy Clark, daughter of John Clark and Lynn Redgrave, Annabel Croft, English TV commentator and tennis player, Annabel Beam, fictional subject of book Miracles from Heaven, Annabel Langbein, New Zealand celebrity chef, Annabel Clare Mullion, Anglo-Irish actress, Annabel Shand Elliot, sister of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and antiques dealer, Annabel Lyon, Canadian novelist/author, Annabel Goldsmith, English socialite and Annabel Lamb, English singer-songwriter.

24 Nice: Michael

Archangel Michael comes to mind. Now, if he isn't a nice boy, who could ever hope? "Michael" makes it onto our Santa's list of nice boys' names. He is a gentle, slightly absentminded and kind soul, one who really tries to make others feel welcome. Michael's biggest goal is to make others feel loved, whether they're family or not. While he may argue with siblings, he deeply loves them and will do anything to make sure they stay healthy and safe.

A few famous men named Michael (or Mike, a common nickname): Michael Jackson (who could forget him or those huge, brown eyes when he sang "A-B-C, 1-2-3?" While he had his issues and troubles toward the end of his life, he did have a giving soul. Michael Jordan, famous basketball player, Michael Fassbender, Michael J. Fox, of "Back to the Future" movies (He's so cute!), Mike Myers, Michael J. Douglas, actor, Mike Hoffman, Canadian hockey player, Michael Phelps, the winningest Olympic swimmer in history and Michael Caine, actor. Other Michaels/Mikes: Michael Keaton, actor/producer, Michael Strahan, retired American football player, Michael Irvin, another American football player, Michael Moore, movie director and activist and Michael Singletary, former American football player and now, football coach.

23 Naughty: Jay

"Jay" sounds like a carefree little boy. He may be mischievous and happy-go-lucky. While he may be the the sweetest boy in his classroom, the teacher's perception of him may be influenced by the moniker he wears.

Jay is seen as more carefree than, say, John or Jacob. Maybe the boy who wears this name will be a little imp, one who pulls tricks on his friends and classmates. A few famous men named Jay include:

Jay Leno, Jay Baruchel, Jay Cutler, Jay Bruce, Jay Jay Mohr, Jay Park, Jay Pharoah (Jay Farrow), Jay Bunyan, Jay Rockefeller (former U.S. Senator of West Virginia), Jay Chou, Jay Hernandez (American actor), Jay Sean, Jay Buhner, Jay Bouwmeester, Jay Lethal (see what I mean?), Jay Chandrasekhar, Jay Bell, Jay Rock, Jay Bilas, Jay Novacek, Jay Reatard, Jay Manuel, Jay Carney, Jay Williams, Jay O. Sanders, Jay McGuinness, Jay Electronica, Jay Silverheels (beautiful name!), Jay Hilgenberg, Jay Fiedler, Jay Thomas, Jay Roach, Jay Berwanger, Jay Howell, Jay Gruden and Jay Brazeau, just to name some of them. These guys all sound like great, productive men, but the perception of their commonly held name is that they are "naughty."

22 Nice: Evie

Eve became the mother of Cain and Abel, so she was the first mother in history. Her name (Eve) means "life." And Santa Claus included a variation, Evie, in his nice girls' list. Let's see who was named Evie:

Evie Lowery, young daughter of Clint Lowery, drummer for band Sevendust, Evie Rose Valentine, young daughter of actor Steve Valentine and actress Inna Korobkina, Evelyn (Evie) Bentley, young daughter of country singer Dierks Bentley, Evie Walker, young daughter of TV personalities Carrie Bickmore and Chris Walker, Evie Baxter, young daughter of Victoria Smurfit and Douglas Baxter, Evoe Bean, daughter of Sean Bean and Abigail Cruttenden, Evie Dolan, American youth actress and guitarist, Evie Green, English singer and stage actress, Evie Hone, Irish painter, Evie Sands, American singer-songwriter, Evie Wyld, Australian Anglo-Australian novelist and Evie Dominikovik, Australian tennis player.

21 Naughty: Mollie

As a naughty girls' name, Mollie is of Irish origin. In the Gaelic, it's spelled Maili, which is a variation of Mary. Its Irish meaning is "bitter." Hmmm. Maybe Santa categorized this name correctly! Other origins may be Latin, meaning "star of the sea." And, while there are women named Mollie who are truly good, spreading love among their friends, there may be other women named Mollie who just want to have fun.

A few famous women named Mollie include: Mollie McConnell, American silent film actress, Isobel Mary "Mollie" Sugden, English comedienne and actress, Mollie Steimer, Russian-American revolutionary anarchist, Mollie Elizabeth King, singer for the English group, The Saturdays, Mollie Greenhalgh Hardwick, English novelist/author, Mollie Doreen Phillips, English Olympic figure skater, Mollie Katzen, American author and chef, (Maureen) Mollie Hunter, Scottish novelist and Mollie O'Brien, American singer.

20 Nice: Jamie

While Jamie may sound like a jokester, he's actually quite a nice boy. Jamie Foxx comes to mind. How about Jamie Lee Curtis? While she's female, her parents gave her the name Jamie. An accomplished actor, she is also a children's author. It seems that "Jamie" has been given to more than one female: Jamie Chung, a former reality star and an actress was also named Jamie. Then, there's Jamie Oliver, a British chef.

The name Jamie is perceived as a nice name. As a nickname of "James," male children may be seen as a good person, just like the Biblical James. Although, just like other children the world over, Jamie gets him or herself into numerous situations.

Some famous (male) Jamies include: Jamie Foxx, Jamie Oliver, Jamie Dornan, Jamie Farr of Mash fame, Jamie Carragher, Jamie Campbell Bower, Jamie Bamber, Jamie Benn, Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Langenbrunner, Jamie Cullum, Jamie Madrox (X-Men), Jamie Hyneman (Mythbusters!), Jamie xx, Jamie Jones, Jamie Noble (American wrestler), Jamie Gold, Jamie Roberts, Jamie Sives, Jamie Heaslip, Jamie Lyon, Jamie Theakston, Jamie Lidell and Jamie Sharper.

19 Naughty: Oscar

It could be with good reason that "Oscar" made it on Santa's bad boy names list. There's Oscar the Grouch, though he's a truly grouchy puppet on Sesame Street. There is one really sweet-looking Oscar on this list: Oscar de la Hoya, the American boxer. His personality is the opposite of Oscar the Grouch's lousy personality. Looking at other Oscars, let's list them:

Oscar Robertson, retired American basketball player, Oscar de la Hoya, retired boxer in the U.S., Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde (Oscar Wilde), Irish author, poet and playwright, Oscar Gutierrez, Mexican-American wrestler, Oscar (dos Santos Emboaba Junior), better known as just "Oscar," Brazilian footballer, Oscar Pistorius, South African sprint runner who is serving a 15-year sentence for the murder of his girlfriend.

Also, Oscar Wendt, Swedish footballer, Oscar Isaac, Guatemalan-born actor living in the U.S., Oscar Niemeyer, or Oscar Ribeiro de Almeida Niemeyer, Soares Filho, a Brazilian architect and Oscar Rugierro, Argentinian footballer known as "El Cabezon."

18 Nice: Bethany

A Bethany is a good girl, one who wants to do as she's told. Oh, she's not perfect, but she does try her best. She's generous with her time and belongings, helping people out. She also has her dreams and hopes they'll work out. Let's look at some famous Bethanys:

Bethany Joy Lenz, American actress, Bethany Muir, actress, Bethany Rooney, director, Bethany Ashton Wolf, writer, Bethany Hartman, actress, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Bethany Sloan, editorial department, A Christmas Star, Bethany Joy Galeotti, actress, Bethany Adelsberger, Christian singer, Bethany Dillon, contemporary Christian musician, Bethany Meilani Hamilton, American surfer, Bethany Joy Lenz, actress, Bethany Gaskin, YouTube star, Bethany Cosentino, singer, Bethany Dillon, rock singer, Bethany Woodruff, actress, Bethany Whitmore, actress, Bethany Beardsley, opera singer, Bethany Fae, makeup artist, Bethany Meyers, fitness instructor, Bethany Black, comedian, Bethany Ciotoia, blogger, Bethany Radloff, animator, Bethany Whitmore, actress and Bethany Watson, radio host.

17 Naughty: Lara

This Greek name is a variant of Laraine, Laura and Larissa. It means happy and cheerful, while its Latin meaning is shining, famous. Another meaning of Lara is "citadel." Roman mythology reveals that Lara was a nymph who betrayed Jupiter and Juturna, who were lovers. (Yeah, Santa chose well here.)

One famous woman named Lara is Lara Flynn Boyle. Actor Bob Saget's daughter is named Lara. Lara Yunaska Trump, daughter-in-law of Donald Trump, Lara Catherina Stone, Dutch-English supermodel, Lara Spencer (born Lara Christine Von Seelen), American TV news anchor, Lara Vernonin, also known as Lara Lian, lead singer of Taiwanese band Nan Quan Mama, Lara Bingle, Australian reality TV personality and model, Lara St. John, Canadian violinist, Lara Parker (originally Mary Lamar Rickey), American actress, Lara Logan, American TV journalist, Lara Wollington, English actress, Lara Fabian, Belgo-Canadian singer, Lara Cardella, Italian novelist/author, Lara Pulver, English actress and Lara Dutta (Bupathi), Indian Miss Universe 2000 and actress.

16 Nice: Adam

Adam and Eve, anyone? As the ancestor to end all ancestors, "Adam" can't help but make the nice boys' list. Adam communicates "created from the earth." Well, that fits, considering that Adam was created from Earth, according to the Bible. The name Adam seems to imply that a boy with this name will be gentle, helpful and strong. Adam is a survivor. He doesn't quit, even when everyone else around him is ready to give up. Here's a list of men who were named Adam at birth (or who adopted the name legally):

Adam West, the first Batman, Adam Sandler, American comedian and actor, Adam Levine, singer, frontman for Maroon 5 and coach for "The Voice," Adam Lambert, singer, Adam Carolla, American comedian, Adam Ashley-Cooper, Australian rugby player, Adam Lallana, English footballer (soccer player), Adam Scott, American actor (television and movies), Adam McQuaid, Canadian hockey player, Adam Wainright, American professional baseball player, Adam Dunn, American actor, Adam Yauch, American rapper and musician, Adam Ant, English musician and Adam Savage, American industrial design and special effects designer, educator and one-half of the "Mythbusters" team.

15 Naughty: Morgan

Sob! Morgan Freeman can't be a bad boy! But he can definitely be a trickster. Boys named Morgan fall onto Santa's naughty list. While they are "naughty," they aren't "bad," per se. Instead, they pull tricks and pranks on friends and loved ones. Going back to Morgan Freeman, look at that teasing look on his face. Look into those gorgeous brown eyes—they are full of mischief (of which I know from my own sons).

Let's look at some famous Morgans:

The first HAS to be Morgan Freeman, the American actor. Known for his rich, deep voice, Freeman has become famous for the variety of movie roles he's taken on. Morgan Pressel is an American golfer who has achieved fame through his sport, Morgan Page, American musician, Morgan Spurlock, American documentary filmmaker, Morgan Reilly, Canadian hockey player, Morgan Schneiderlin, French footballer (soccer player), Morgan Rose, American record producer and drummer, Morgan DeSanctis, Italian footballer, Morgan Woodward, Morgan Smith, Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwean politician and former prime minister, Morgan Gendel, Morgan Alling, Morgan Bulkley, American politician, Morgan Robertson, American author, Morgan Murphy, American baseball player, Morgan Daniel Nichols, English musician and Morgan Taylor, 1932 Olympian and first man to win three medals in the 400 meter race. This list rounds out with Morgan Hamm, the brother duo of gymnasts who dominated the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics.

14 Nice: Leah

The meanings of the name "Leah" vary. Some sources say it originated from the Hebrew while others have a more salacious definition: the Chaldean meaning is "mistress." Oh-ho! Santa has designated Leah as a nice girls' name, so let's explore a little further:

Leah Remini has to be first on our list: American actress and former Scientologist, Leah Shapiro, drummer for rock group, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Leah Dizon, former singer, Leah Lail, real estate broker and American actress, Leah Cudmore, Canadian actress, Leah Baird, actress in silent films, screenwriter, Leah Goldberg, Hebrew-language poet, Leah Cairns, Canadian actress, Leah Pinsent, Canadian TV and movie actress, Leah Purcell, indigenous Australian actress, writer and director, Leah Chase, author, television personality and New Orleans chef, Leah LaBelle, Canadian R&B singer, Leah Pipes, American actress, Leah Clark, American voice actress, Leah Rabin, actor, Leah Meyerhoff, student Academy-award nominated director, screenwriter and producer, Lean Poulos-Mueller, former speed skater and Leah Laiman, romance novelist and American soap writer.

13 Naughty: Maddie

Maddie is English in origin. It means "woman from Madgala." Its French meaning is the same. "Maddie" comes from the girl's name, Madison or Madeline. In Biblical history, Mary of Magdalene was the inspiration for this name. Famous women named Maddie include:

Maddie Zeigler, dancer, Maddie Marlow, country singer, Maddie Wellborn, Musical.ly star, Maddie Caes, dancer, Maddie Zeig Dallas, dancer, Maddie Baillio, stage actress, Maddie Gorman, actress, Maddie Hasson, actress, Maddie Wilson, country singer, Maddie Gardner, cheerleader, Maddie Walker, pop singer, Maddie Larson, gymnast, Maddie Phillips, actress, Maddie McCormick, actress, Maddie Blaustein, voice actress, Maddie Peterson, surfer, Maddie Jones, rock singer, Maddie Bowman, American Olympic skier, Maddie Briann Aldridge, daughter of Jamie Lyn Spears (niece of Brittney Spears), Maddie Cyrus, Maddie Bisanz, singer, Maddie Bright, Maddie Fitzpatrick, Maddie Lomax, Maddie Eisler, Maddie Kulicka, Maddie Day and Maddie Addicks.

12 Nice: Alfie

Alfie, short for Alfred, seems to be one of those boys' names that gives you mental images of a nice man who wouldn't harm a spider (well, except if the spider is poisonous). Alfie is a helpful boy, one who looks out for the needs of his siblings and parents. He'll marry a girl who's equally nice, generous and loving. "Alfie" seems to be used more in the U.K. than in the U.S. It's an affectionate nickname, one that says its bearer is well-regarded and loved. Here's a few famous men who were named Alfred (Alfie):

Alfie Deyes, YouTube star, Alfie Boe, opera singer (hmmm!), Alfie Allen, actor, Alfie Sheard, singer (he looks like a complete charmer), Alfie Kohn, author, Alfie Arcuri, the late Alfie Bass, Alfie Hudson-Taylor, a folk singer, Alfie Alfandy, actor (try saying his name three times really quickly), Alfie Goddard, Instagram star and Alfie Hawkins, YouNow star.

11 Naughty: Riley

While Riley sounds like it should be the name of a "good" boy, for some reason Santa has decided otherwise. Riley sounds like the kind of boy his parents might be able to rely. . . hmmm. Maybe not: "Riley, get over here and clean your room!" This is the kind of boy who would, like Eddie Haskell in Leave it to Beaver, charm his friends' parents into giving him what he wanted. Let's get a look at some of these famous Rileys:

(All of these men are celebrities.) Riley Smith, Riley Harper, Riley Stearns, Riley Martin, Riley Griffiths, Riley John Wagner-Lewis, Riley Giles, Riley Schmidt, Riley Baxter, Riley McDonough, Riley Cooper, Riley McCormick, Riley Armstrong, Riley Nash, Riley Odoms, Riley B. Smith, Riley Martin, Riley Reiff, Riley Griffin, Riley Emmerson, Riley Costello, Riley Salmon, Riley Gardner, Riley J. Wilson, Riley Cote, Riley Biers and Riley Baugus.

10 Nice: Isabelle

Well, this is a nice girl's name! Santa chose well—"Isabelle" means "pledged to God." In fact, the name comes from "Elizabeth." We can't get much better than that, so why don't we look at famous women named Isabelle?

Isabelle Anne Madeleine Huppert, French actress, Isabelle Coley (infant daughter of Jamie Coley and TV presenter Jennie Gow, Isabelle Demongeot, French tennis player, Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha, daughter of American actress Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha, Isabelle, Yasmina Adjani, French actress, Isabelle Wright, daughter of pro wrestler Mr. Scott Wright, Isabelle Garrot Fuhrman, American actress, Isabelle Annie Bridges, daughter of American actor Jeff Bridges, Isabelle Delobel, French ice dancer, Isabelle Brasseur, Canadian pair skater, Isabelle Lucy Allen, English actress, Isabelle de l'Arbre, de Malandre, Princess of Liechtenstein, Isabelle Boulay, French-Canadian singer, Isabelle Donola, contestant on Under the Gunn and fashion designer, Isabelle Caro, French model and Isabelle Duchesnay, French pairs figure skater.

9 Naughty : Milly

This naughty girls' name actually means "mild of strength," which seems to say that the girl or woman named Milly will be strong without being, well, bitchy. It also means "servant of the temple." The name comes from Amelia or, in the English spelling, Aemelia. It's also short for Millicent and Mildred. Oddly, the name Milly isn't very popular in the U.S. Let's talk about famous females named Milly:

(Beatrice) Milly McCartney, daughter of Sir Paul McCartney, one of the four original Beatles, Camilla "Milly" Rosso, English actress, Camilla "Milly" Durrant, female Welsh footballer (soccer player), Milly Shapiro, Broadway star, Milagros "Milly" Quezada, Dominican merengue singer (Milagros is Spanish for "miracles."), Milly J. Johnson, British romance author (a woman right up my alley!), Milly Zero, TV actress, Milly Carlucci, television host, Milly Smith, Instagram star, Milly Vitale, actress, Milly D'Abraccio, actress, porn star, Milly Scott, singer, Milly Santiago, Chicago City Council and Milly Childers. Jacques de Milly has this name, though it's a surname.

8 Nice: Jake

"Jake" is a nickname for "Jacob." While "Jacob" may appear to be more serious, "Jake" is a little less formal and more of a fun-lover, one who enjoys playing a good, innocent joke on those he cares for. Jake reaches for the stars when he sets goals. He also reaches them! Here's a few men named Jake:

Jake T. Austin, Jake Locker, Jake LaMotta, Jake Lloyd, Jake Peavy, Jake Long, Jake Matthews, Jake Cuenca, Spanish-Filipino actor, Jake Pavelka, Jake E. Lee, Jake Scott, Jake Delhomme, Jake Owen, Jacob (Jake) Roberts, Jacob (Jake) Gyllenhaal, Jake Abel, Jake Plummer, Jake Gardiner, Jake Shields, Jake Tapper, CNN anchor, Jake Beckley, Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs baseball player, Jake Short, Jake Bugg and Jake Wood.

Jake Tapper is a well-known anchor for CNN in the U.S. He's tenacious and refuses to give up, even when confronted with a solid line of resistance. Jake Gyllenhaal is a very handsome and accomplished American actor. Other men named (or nicknamed) Jake have reached success in their fields.

7 Naughty: Robert

Oh, the possibilities with this name! The connotations of the name are only aided by the fame of the celebrities who carry this name. Actors, singers and even a very famous politician were given this name by their parents. Let's look at who they are:

Robert DeNiro, American actor (be still, my fluttering heart!), Robert Downey, Jr., who has had his own struggles with drugs and the law, Robert Mitchum, actor, author, composer and singer, Robert Plant, English songwriter, musician and singer, Robert Griffin III, (RB3) American football player, Robert Duvall, American director and actor , Robert Redford, American director and actor, Robert Pattinson, English actor of Twilight and Harry Potter movies, Robert Carlyle OBE, Scottish actor, Robert Parrish, American retired basketball player, Robert Johnson, American singer-songwriter and musician. Also, Robert Mugabe, recently deposed (retired) president of Zimbabwe and Robert F. Kennedy, senator from Massachusetts and Democratic presidential candidate who was assassinated by Sirhan B. Sirhan in 1968.

6 Nice: Freya

Freya (Fray-oh) is an um, unusual girl's or woman's name. It's unusual enough that we can't find a good list of famous women (or girls) with this unique name. That said, let's talk about the meaning of this name.

Freya means "noble woman." Small wonder that Santa included it on his "nice girls'" list for this year's Christmas!

In Norse mythology, Freya was the goddess of beauty, fertility and love. . . hmmm. There's a pattern developing here. While this name has long been popular in the U.K., it's only just now beginning to take off in the U.S. It could be similar to Frieda, which is more German in nature.

One possible famous woman named Freya is Freya Stark, who was the writer and explorer. Other women named Freya include Freya Mavor, the Scottish actress, Freya Tingley, the Australian actress, Freya Hoffmeister, the German kayaker, Freya Barry, the child of actors Nicola Charles and Jason Barry and, the youngest, Freya McLaughlin, born in 2017 to actor Jake McLaughlin.

5 Naughty: Jennifer

Jennifer, oh, Jennifer. What will we do with you? Santa has declared that your name be put onto the "naughty girls'" list for 2017. Whatever did you do? Jennifer sounds like a girl-next-door, someone that almost everyone knows. She's someone's little sister and someone else's close friend. That said, let's see which famous people we can list here:

Jennifer Simpson, mother of basketball player Mike Simpson, Jennifer Rubin, American model and actress, Jennifer Arnold, television producer, director and screenwriter, Jennifer Dale, Canadian television actress, former dancer, Jennifer Laura Thompson, singer and American stage actress, Jennifer Lien, former American actress, most famous for her role as Kes on Star Trek: Voyager, Jennifer Lothrop, actress, Jennifer Finnigan, Canadian actress most known for her role as Bridget Forrester in American soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, Jennifer Gibney, actress, wife of Brendan O'Carroll, Jennifer (Kendal) Kapoor, British actress, married to Shashi Kapoor of Kapoor family, Jennifer Crystal Foley, American actress, Jennifer Knapp, American-Australian folk rock singer, formerly sang Christian rock, and Jennifer Marie (Shakeshaft) Sipes.

4 Nice: Harvey

Harvey makes it to Santa's Nice Boys Names list. Harvey is serious and has big goals. While he may aspire to go into business, acting or politics, he has made up his mind what he's going to do. No matter where he's from, the name "Harvey" will be respected (unless he has the last name "Weinstein"). That said, let's look for some famous men named Harvey:

Harvey Keitel, American actor/producer, Harvey Korman, American comedic actor, Harvey Milk, first openly gay politician elected to office in California. Harvey Fierstein, actor and voice actor, Harvey Kuenn, American baseball player, coach and manager, Harvey Levin, American lawyer, celebrity reporter and television producer, Harvey Mandel, American guitarist, Harvey Martin, former American football player, Harvey Dahl, American free agent football player (not connected to a specific team), Harvey Pekar, American underground comic book writer, media personality and music critic and Harvey Fletcher, American physicist. Finally, we should add Harvey Weinstein even though he's lost pretty much everything after being accused of such horrible sexual assaults.

3 Naughty: Freddie

Freddie, a diminutive of Frederick, has a light-hearted sound and feel to it. This name is suitable for impish young boys who love to stick toads or frogs into the desks of the girls they like. Although. . . some pretty famous people have this moniker and they are pretty successful.

With The Good Doctor making such a splash in the U.S., the lead actor is a natural for the role. Freddie Highmore, the English actor, plays Dr. Sean Murphy, who suffers from a form of high-functioning autism. Highmore appeared in a remake of the Psycho movie. The remake, named The Bates Motel, had Freddie in the role of the younger Norman Bates. (What is it about Highmore that makes him so eerily perfect for these roles?)

Freddie Mercury, British rock singer, Freddie Wong, entrepreneur, Freddie Prinze, Jr., American actor, Freddie Freeman, American baseball player, Freddie Stroma, movie actor, the late Freddie Prinze, actor (father of Freddie, Jr.), Freddie Gibbs, rapper, Freddie Jackson, R&B singer, Freddie Smith, actor on soap opera, Freddie Hart, Freddie Aguilar, Freddie Fender, Freddie Boath, Freddie McGregor and Freddie Stevenson.

2 Nice: Georgia

Georgia is an unusual name for a girl, but it communicates sophistication, glamour and individuality. Georgia is daring, but she doesn't try to hurt herself or others. Let's look at a few well-known women named Georgia:

Georgia Bonora, former Australian gymnast, Georgia Schwab, production film designer, director and set decorator, Georgia Middleman, American country singer, Georgia Schmidt, German-American actress, Georgia Douglas Johnson, American poet, Georgia Gibbs, popular jazz singer and entertainer, Georgia Neese Clark, first American Treasurer of the United States, Georgia Gould, American professional mountain biker, Olympian and cyclocross competitor, Georgia Lee Lusk, first female Congresswoman from New Mexico, educator, Georgia Vasileiadou, actress, Georgia Brown, Italian-Brazilian singer, Georgia Harkness, Methodist Christian theologian, Georgia Caine, American actress with a long career, Georgia Hale, silent-movies actress, Georgia Henshaw, English actress, Georgia Slowe, English actress, Georgia Taylor, English actress best known for her role as Toyah Battersby of the ITV soap Coronation Street, Georgia Lock, English teen actress, Georgia Coleman, American diver in 1928 Summer Olympics and 1932 Summer Olympics and Georgia Croome, English actress (London to Brighton and Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging).

1 Naughty: Mariam

Mariam and Miriam are variations of each other, with the name having Greek origins (some say Hebrew and Latin). "Mariam" means "star of the sea" and "grace." It's also a variant of "Marian." Santa chose it as a naughty girls' name.

Mariam is also a variant of Maria and Mary, do who would'a thunk? In fact, other related names include Maia, Miren, Mariya, Marija, Mara, Maja, Marica, Mare, Marijeta, Majken, Marianne, Mia, Mairwen and Mirele.

With that, let's look at the famous women named Mariam:

Mariam Mohamed Fakhr Edinne, Egyptian actress, Mariam-uz-Zamani, consort of Akhbar of the Mughal Empire, Mariam Aladji Boni Diallo, Beninese foreign minister, Marian of Vaspurakan, Queen-Consort of George I of Georgia, Mariam Baouardy, Syrian beatified nun, Mariam Tsitsishvili, Queen-Consort of George XII of Georgia, Mariam Arshaki Aslamazian, Armenian painter, Mariam Doumbia, singer of duo Amadou & Mariam.

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