The "No-Nonsense" Airplane Goody Bag To Give To Others! LOL

A few months ago, a story came out where a family was taking their first flight with their young twins. They decided to make cute goody bags to give to passengers which included a sorry note, ear plug and other cute things. This dad made a goody bag of his own! 

Since it is the summer, it more likely that the planes will be filled and families will be traveling with their kids. Your odds are high right now to have one or two babies on your flight. This dad decided to use his ingenuity to make the goody bag above. Here is what it contains: 

"- Drink Coupon: For one warm mug of SHUT THE HELL UP if you ever get the urge to b*tch about a 2-year-old.

-Compact mirror: So you can take a good look at yourself and consider what kind of person gets pissed off at parents traveling with a toddler who's making their  lives much more miserable than he's making yours.

-Pill: It's either a sleeping pill or Ecstasy. Either way, your mood will improve.

-The World's Smallest Violin (not photographed): For you to play as you're being whisked through the air at astonishing speeds to someplace far away while watching TV and listening to music through headphones that block out any noise from the toddler a few rows back who has never intentionally annoyed anyone in his entire life (except his parents).

-E.T:  Unfortunately, a DVD was too big to fit in a bag, but here's a few bucks so you can rent the movie when you land and try to remember what it was like to be a kid, you heartless a**hole

-Heartfelt note: In which I challenge you to a fight by the Hudson News closest to our gate.

He also reminds us that if you see a parent taking a flight with their child, trying to calm tantrums or trying their best to keep quiet, remind yourself that they are having a much worse time than you. Maybe you should get that parent a goody-bag! They truly deserve it! 

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