"The Office" Is The Best Cure For Morning Sickness

Morning sickness hits hard and without warning. Most expectant moms go through it at six to eight weeks, but for me? It just so happened that I was nauseated before my positive pregnancy test. Actually, the week before my Big Fat Positive, I was sick watching cooking videos online, and I almost vomited at Aldi while picking out salad.

That nasty feeling leaves you scouring the internet and asking your mommy friends for any remedy you can get your hands on. They say to eat crackers and sip water as soon as you wake up- before you get out of bed even- and try peppermints too. Each of those things worked for a few days. I was told that Sea-bands help morning sickness, so the bracelets became my accessories of choice. Cold grilled cheeses— prepared by my husband the night before— were my go-to, along with French fries and potatoes in any form. Eventually I told my doctor, and he approved a low-dose nausea medication for me, which I chose to cut in half each morning. It definitely helped in dulling my symptoms.

However, I have a secret remedy that isn't found anywhere else on the internet. Are you ready for it? The best cure for morning sickness is...The Office. I say this as a person who couldn't stand the show until my first trimester.

It was perfect for me! The show's development is relatively slow, so I didn't have to think much or at all to follow the plot. (Normally I wouldn't tout this as a positive, but with all-day morning sickness I only focused on not getting sick.) Almost every line is chock-full of dry humor, too. So if I didn't feel like laughing out loud- which was most of the time- I could laugh silently in my head. I also didn't miss much of the story line when I had to mute everything, because...morning sickness.

Don't bother watching Friends when you have morning sickness. The laugh tracks will drive you nuts. Parks and Recreation is a slightly better option, but you'll quickly learn that Ron Swanson is no Michael Scott, aka Prison Mike, aka Date Mike.

Also, there are lots of couples on The Office. There's Dwight and Angela, Ryan and Kelly, Bob Vance and Phyllis to name a few. But none of them can hold a candle to Jim and Pam- two friends who you know will end up together, but you just aren't sure how or when. Their relationship made me laugh, cry, and quietly cheer for them with each episode. My heart was glad when they finally got married. My smile returned when Pam was pregnant— and unfortunately sick at the office— as I was reminded that most moms experience morning sickness and we all survive it. (Thank goodness!)

Facebook friends have whispered for years that The Office would leave Netflix. Well, as it turns out, we are at Threat Level Midnight, people: NBC is pulling the program in 2021. I'm so glad I gave it another chance while our first baby was growing. I'll probably watch it during future pregnancies too, so long as NBC's streaming service is cheap. Otherwise, "I. Declare. Bankruptcy!"

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