The One Rule To Follow And The One To Break During Pregnancy, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Pregnancy is a beautiful and life-changing phase for everyone. For women, they grow and change in beautiful ways as new life is created. Their partners watch, help and interact with that kicking little bump as soon as they can feel the flutters of life inside, waiting impatiently to hold their baby outside the womb. Pregnancy has a lot of pros and cons to it, many of which we’ll wish we could pick and choose from but they are really just shuffled out like a set of playing cards at random.

On the list of cons is the long and ever-changing list of dos and don’ts we are supposed to know about and more or less follow for the health of ourselves and our unborn babies. The obvious include eating well, the use, or lack thereof, of certain substances, and requesting frequent foot rubs. Others can apply to some pregnant women but not to all, thus the list is ever-changing and some of its contents are applicable to some people but not to others, making it a nice source of frustration among friends and relatives.

To help make things easier, here is a rule to follow and a rule to break based on each sign.

16 Keep It Light And Airy

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To breathe is to live and we can’t live without air. The Zodiac signs are divided into four seasons and four elements, one of which is air. The air signs are Libra who is cardinal which means she begins the cycle with fresh new energy and enthusiasm. Change isn’t a new concept to the cardinal sign; they like new beginnings. After Libra comes Aquarius who is fixed. After all the changes brought on by the arrival of the cardinal sign, the fixed sign steadies everything and enjoys the height of the season in all its fullness and glory.

Finally, we have Gemini who is mutable. This means that after we’ve begun and fully enjoyed the season, we’re ready for it to change again and end, transitioning into the next season that awaits us. Mutable signs are able to change their whole lives on a dime if needed. According to Ivy Roses, “While air signs are associated with abstract and original ideas, in some cases accompanied by an idealistic passion for perfection, they also sometimes seem to 'have their heads in the clouds', as if detached from practical matters that others consider barriers to the implementation of some ideas or projects.”

15 Libras Balance Life

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Born between September 23rd and October 22nd, Libras are represented by the balancing scales and strive to find balance in their lives no matter what they are doing. They are best known for being indecisive, inconsistent, excellent communicators and in love with love. Nothing will shake a Libra.

The pregnant Libra may be thrown off by all the sudden changes assorted with pregnancy but will strive to find peace and balance in the midst of them all.

She’ll likely suffer from swollen feet more than other signs.

The solution? Break the rule in your head that says you have to do everything yourself and sit down. The flip side to this is following the rule of asking for help which will be difficult for many of you but will pay off in the long run, especially after you’ve had a break and a nice foot rub.

According to Romper, “Known to be indecisive, Libras may spend the entire pregnancy making and remaking decisions about delivery plans, baby names, and doula decisions. These moms would do well to practice relaxation techniques or prenatal yoga to keep body and mind in balance.”

14 Watery Aquarius

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Born between January 20th and February 18th, Aquarius is represented by the water-bearer and is best known for their intellect and rather unpredictable natures. They love to travel, study anything they find interesting and are always on the move but they don’t always display this emotion.

When Aquarius is pregnant, she’ll likely keep her feelings about the pregnancy to herself and only those closest to her will know how she truly feels about the impending change in her life.

The one rule to really follow for Aquarius is skincare as the summer will scorch her and the freezing winter will dry her out more than usual when pregnant.

All of that research you love to do can go to your head and end up stressing you out over the endless possibilities of what could wrong so a good “rule” to break would be the unspoken one that says you have to actually listen to all those horror stories everyone is ready to tell you.

According to Romper, “Aquarius moms-to-be might have some difficulties adapting to the many changes that pregnancy brings, especially once they find that they definitely reach a limit when it comes to anything from walking to sleeping to eating to everything else.”

13 The Power Of Two Gemini

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Gemini is born between May 21st and June 20th and is represented by the twins. Gemini is best known for being of a dual nature, unpredictable, distracted, adventurous and charming. Pregnant Gemini will handle the mood swings better than other signs as they are already used to mood swings that occur frequently.

Their partner might not know what to do with these new extreme pregnancy mood swings but ice cream and foot rubs are always a safe bet. Their problem will be becoming fixated on the worst case scenario as they dive into the research.

The rule to break in that regard would be to do less research and enjoy the time before baby arrives. The barest minimum of research is usually fine for most pregnancies anyway; we don’t need to know about the one in 1,000 rarities. This is best spent in nesting and preparing the house for the baby.

According to Romper, “This sociable sign will probably have a lovely pregnancy, enjoying the experience of bringing a new person into the world and taking every unexpected news with grace. The nesting instinct may hit this sign especially hard, though, so get ready to prepare the nursery room early.”

12 Earth Signs Keep Us Grounded

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To counterbalance the light airiness of air, there is earth. Earth is steady and sure, always guaranteed to be there and we can always reach out and touch it, unlike air which slips through our fingers like time.

The signs of the earth are Capricorn who is cardinal and known for being a responsible hard worker, Taurus who is fixed and the most rooted of all the signs—often acting as an anchor for the entire calendar. And finally, we have Virgo who is mutable and known for being organized and seeking control of the circumstances around her.

Together, these signs are the tangible reality-seekers of the Zodiac calendar. Without them to anchor us down periodically, we’d all just drift off into space.

As Astrostyle puts it, “Earth signs keep it real. They are the ‘grounded’ people on the planet, the ones who bring us down to earth and remind us to start with a solid foundation. Slow and steady, these ‘builders’ are loyal and stable and stick by their people through hard times. On good days, they’re practical; at worst, they can be materialistic or too focused on the surface of things to dig into the depths.”

11 Responsible Capricorn

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Born between December 22nd and January 19th, Capricorn is represented by the goat and is best known for being responsible, hard-working, pessimistic and snobbish. Capricorns understand the value of hard work and aren’t afraid to put the time and effort in to get the results they want.

The pregnant Capricorn will ace everything related to her pregnancy till pregnant brain sets in and throws her off her balance, creating problems for her as she values her ability to focus and get the job done.

The one rule to break would be the unspoken one in your mind with the endless lists of to-dos, schedules, and tasks to check off before baby arrives.

The important things will be done and everything else can slide. The rule to follow would the relaxed rule. Take time simply to enjoy being pregnant and put your feet up with a nice mocktail. You’ve definitely earned it.

According to Romper, “These moms-to-be will approach pregnancy with determination and wisdom, ready and willing to accept its many challenges. But the loss of concentration that sometimes affects pregnant women will likely hit Capricorns extra-hard, given the sign's tendency to prize organization and pragmatism.”

10 A Taurus With Bull-Headed Strength

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Born between April 20th and May 20th, the Taurus is represented by the bull which is perfectly fitting and best known for being stubborn, down to earth and passionately loyal. Taurus will get the job done and move onto the next task before their first coffee break of the morning.

The pregnant Taurus will physically have a smooth time of it overall till they reach the point where their body is too swollen and tired to keep up. That’s when Taurus will have to sit down and rest, regardless of what they would rather be doing.

The rule to break would then be the exercise regularly rule as you’ll be active enough as it is. The rule to follow is remembering to set a healthy routine of sleep, eating, and activity that is flexible with your growing limitations, as much as you may hate change.

According to Romper, “Taurus moms will do anything to keep their growing baby happy, but they may not react well to any unexpected surprises during the pregnancy. Leaky boobs, changes in shoe size, and other ‘things they don't tell you’ about pregnancy may freak out the Taurus mom if she is not informed in advance.”

9 The Organized Virgo

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Virgos are born between August 23rd and September 22nd, ending summer and greeting autumn with a wave before vanishing quietly. They are represented by the virgin and best known for being highly critical, organized, controlling and hard working. The pregnant Virgo will understand the realities of pregnancy and take everything in stride but have a hard time letting go of tasks that they feel need to be done and done their way.

They also have a tendency to be very hard on themselves and are masters at making themselves feel guilty over the littlest things which the rest of the signs wouldn’t be bothered by.

The rule to break here is the unspoken one about being a perfect mother; you’ll be a great mother, don’t worry so much mama. And the rule to follow is eating healthy, which you are already very likely to do so keep it up!

According to Your Tango, “Virgo’s are hardworking and practical, which make them likely to handle pregnancy with more grace than chaos. The Virgo’s enjoyment of healthy foods and books make them one of the most common of the zodiac signs to read all of the books on pregnancy and motherhood and eat just right for a healthy pregnancy.”

8 Fire Signs Keep Things Hot

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We would all admittedly be pretty cold and listless without a bit of fire in our lives. It keeps us warm, fuels our world, inspires us and cooks our food. When we become inspired by an idea or a notion, we become set on fire in many ways and we burn brightest with enthusiasm and energy.

The fire signs are the people around us who seem to never run out of energy or cheerfulness, going until long after everyone else has passed out or dropped from the race.

The fire signs themselves are Aries who is cardinal and wild, Leo who is fixed and burns steadily like a comforting light, and Sagittarius who is mutable and ever flickering from one idea to another without ceasing.

According to Ivy Roses, “Just like fire itself, people born under the fire signs are sometimes said to be at risk of 'igniting', that is suddenly reacting very strongly in ways that may surprise and overwhelm others.

For this reason, they may be considered emotionally volatile as well as impulsive. Such characteristics might affect individuals only in specific types of situations, or alternatively whenever they feel that their position and authority is being challenged or undermined.”

7 With Ramming Speed Comes Aries

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Aries is born between March 21st and April 19th, with the ram as their representing symbol. They are best known for being energetic, impatient, bold and stubborn. Confined spaces and sharing are some of the struggles this sign has which parenthood will challenge, considering that pregnancy confines the body to limited movements toward the end and then the baby will grow up to be a toddler who won’t share.

A pregnant Aries will likely be the overachiever in the birthing class and will unconsciously compete with her fellow pregnant women for things she can or can’t do, or most horrifying or easy labor story out there.

The rule to break for this sign is the baby-proofing. A lot of the later stage proofing can be done after the baby comes since she won’t crawl for at least six months after birth. The rule to follow would be to rest and relax as the due date approaches, even if it’s not as fun as you’d like it to be.

According to Romper, “So if your doctor says no heavy lifting or puts you on bed rest, suppress your urge to power through and take it easy for the sake of both you and your baby.”

6 Leo The Lion

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Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, Leo is represented by the lion and is best known for being reliable, funny, self-centered and loyal. Once Leo has made up her mind about something, nothing will really be able to change it.

This will prove a parenting challenge as Leo’s baby grows and pushes the parental boundaries but the teen years were designed to make the growing up process easier on parents because by the time they do leave, we’ll be glad of the break.

Pregnant Leo will take everything in stride and likely won’t slow down for anything or anyone unless her own body puts her on bed rest.

The rule to break would be having everything set and decided on, including a rigid birth plan and the ideal birthing method. The rule to follow would be to do more research and have a backup plan or two in case something goes wrong and you need to change something last minute.

Plus the research will give you the edge over everyone’s unsolicited advice. According to Romper, “The lioness mammas will bear any pregnancy with grace, but they might bristle at people who offer too much- unsolicited advice. She knows what she's doing.”

5 Straight And True Sagittarius

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Born between November 22nd and December 21st, during the height of the holiday season. Sagittarius is represented by the bow and arrow and is best known for being undiplomatic, sarcastic, honest and fun to be around. They love a good party and are always on the move from one adventure to another.

They value their freedom more than anything else. Pregnant Sagittarius will likely be thrown by the pregnancy if it is unplanned but will bounce back and make it a goal to have a healthy baby at the end of nine months.

Due to this and their tendency toward anxiety, the one rule to break would be the due date rule. Most first babies don’t arrive on schedule so if you let that go, you’ll enjoy the end of your pregnancy a bit more. The rule to follow is to always keep your sense of humor on hand as this will be your key to surviving the early years of motherhood.

According to Your Tango, “The Sagittarius may struggle with pregnancy more than others due to their dislike of being constrained, which can make pregnancy and motherhood as a whole a bit anxiety-inducing for them (I mean, both of those things are quite constraining to one’s lifestyle).”

4 Water Signs Let It Flow

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As a balance to fire and a source of nurturing to the ever-steady earth, there is water. Water is essential to life just as much as air is but is tangible and always there in some form or another, similar to earth in that regard and a mirror to fire’s ever-changing ways.

Water washes us clean and purifies with enthusiasm. Water will never let us down but water is also fully capable of destroying us and herself if challenged or used wrongly.

The signs of water are Cancer who is cardinal and known for ever-changing mood swings, Scorpio who is fixed and known for being resourceful and dependable.

Finally, Pisces who is mutable and has unfathomable depths that most of us will never reach. Water nurtures life and flows through us all. We’re even born in water sometimes and spend the first nine months of our existence in water.

According to Astrostyle, “Intuitive, emotional and ultra-sensitive, water signs can be as mysterious as the ocean itself. Like water, they can be refreshing, or they can drown you in their depths. These signs often have intense dreams and borderline-psychic intuition. Security is important to them—after all, water needs a container, or it dries up and disappears.”

3 The Crabby Cancer

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Cancer is born between June 21st and July 22nd and is represented by the fierce crab. This symbol suits the Cancer personality better than any other symbol as they use their own hardened exterior to protect their delicate internal feelings much like a crab does.

This results in Cancer being known for secretive tendencies, mood swings, highly nurturing and very tradition-based. They value their home and will make the best kind of stay at home mom.

Pregnant cancer will likely keep everything close and begin nesting and working on their home in the first trimester.

Their rule to break is the one where they don’t tell anyone what’s going on. If there is something wrong or you suspect something is wrong, tell your trusted medical provider or partner.

The rule to follow would be all the baby prep guidelines since you’ll be doing it anyway so why not get credit for it at the same time? You’re gonna be a great mom! As Your Tango puts it, “Cancer’s tendency towards being emotional, sensitive and sentimental make them the most likely of the zodiac signs to take lots of pictures and get sappy about every little cheesy milestone.”

2 The Resourceful Scorpio

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Scorpios arrive between October 23rd and November 21st. They are represented by the scorpion and are best known for being resourceful, suspicious, confident and loyal. The pregnant Scorpio will feel pain more deeply than the other signs which will result in a more miserable pregnancy overall but she’ll be wise enough to alert the proper channels if the pain takes a turn that Scorpio doesn’t trust.

There isn’t really one rule for you to break unless it’s a self-imposed one such as no cake after ten pm. In which case, let yourself go and break it occasionally, along with the social restrictions of how many pins you can pin on Pinterest.

The rule to follow is to remember to delegate tasks to your minions so they can free up more of your time for Pinterest and cake. Always a wise decision on your part. As Your Tango puts it, “The Scorpio’s calm and cool nature makes them one of the best out of the zodiac signs to deal with the stress of pregnancy. This mixed with their brave nature means they are ideal for taking pregnancy, the fear of childbirth and their impending motherhood and saying, ‘bring it on!’”

1 Sleek And Smooth Pisces

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Born between February 19th and March 20th, Pisces is represented by the fish and is best known for trying to escape reality, being fearful and shy, and incredibly gentle. Pisces make excellent mothers who care deeply and passionately about their children. Their gentle nature is perfect for caring for their tiny helpless babies.

But their tendency toward fear and worry can leave a pregnant and new-mom Pisces depressed, searching for an escape. This sign is most likely to develop postpartum depression than the other signs.

The rule to break is listening to every horror story and piece of advice handed you by everyone and their aunt. The rule to follow is meditation, taking time to care for yourself. You need to be healthy and happy for baby. Take some time to yourself for soothing music, a nice bath and maybe indulge in that triple chocolate cake before the baby comes and wants to eat it for you.

As Your Tango puts it, “The Pisces has a bit of a fearful nature, which make them prone to worry during their pregnancies. Something that they will try to escape from by distracting themselves (generally with music or their preferred form of spirituality).”

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