The One Way To Calm A Crying Baby, Based On Their Zodiac

The alignment of the stars and planets when the baby is born can work to influence his wants and desires. Mom and dad will love to learn what can help to soothe their little one.

Some babies will want to go for a walk while others will love a warm bath. Routines will keep certain babies happy while they can drive others nuts. Don't make the mistake of picking the wrong battles and having a fussy baby day and night.

A few simple tricks can keep baby happy and content. Their zodiac signs give incredible insight into what makes them tick. Simple headaches can be avoided by reading the tips in this list. Keep in mind that some zodiac signs are known for being emotional while others are dramatic. Some are ruled by fire while others are ruled by water. These differences may make a difference in baby's preferences and temperament.

Learning about baby's zodiac sign now will help for years to come. Understanding that a child may hate being dirty or need to be around people can do wonders for their well-being. Keep reading to find the best ways to soothe baby based on his or her zodiac sign.

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16 Aries: Being Close To Mom


The Aries baby is all Ram. A baby born under this sign is likely to be headstrong. Don't worry mom and dad...that's not all bad. Sure you may hit some rough patches here and there with their iron will, but there will be a time that you appreciate their strong-willed nature. Keep in mind that it only benefits you to have a weak-willed child for the first few years of their life when you expect them to follow your every command. By the time they start school, you'll be happy to know that they stand up for themselves. You'll have to worry a little less about the Aries child because they won't be following anyone down the wrong path.

This child will be energetic and unstoppable. As a baby, that means that he or she will want to be where the action is.

Being alone will make this baby upset. Don't plan on leaving an Aries baby in the swing while you bounce around tidying up the house. This baby will want to be a part of the action. A baby carrier will be your best friend.

The movement and physical closeness will keep baby happy, engaged and comforted.

15 Taurus: Routine And Organization


Taurus is the bull of the Zodiac calendar. This type of person can be strong-willed and determined. Taurus is known for having two speeds, laid back and relaxed or charging ahead at full speed. A Taurus is an organized worker. They like to accomplish things by breaking them down into small steps then following the steps one at a time. They love the consistent routine that helps to accomplish larger goals.

A Taurus baby will thrive with a consistent routine in the home. Even as a small baby, the Taurus will like to anticipate what comes next. Sure, at first the routine will be the same. Sleep, eat, repeat. But mom and dad can help to make this a reliable routine for baby. Waking up in the morning should start with milk followed by getting dressed, a little wake-up time then nap again. A Taurus hates being dirty. That's why bath time will be mom's saving grace.

A nightly bathtime routine will soothe a cranky baby and add a great routine to the day.

This will likely be the type of child who can't fall asleep for the night without having a bath first. They'll come to expect a lavender scented tub with relaxing warm water before bed.

14 Gemini: Freedom

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The twins are the sign of Gemini and this Zodiac sign comes with a fast-paced, sometimes frenzied energy. People with this sign love to communicate and create. They always want to be in the presence of other people and they thrive on it. They tend to be very interesting, adventurous and charming.

The Gemini baby might be sensitive to itchy or ill-fitting clothes. This baby will want to be free as much as possible. Mom's secret trick to soothe baby will be to remove all of his clothes and even his diaper and give him some time without any clothes at all. The Gemini baby will appreciate some time without clothes or routines. A super soft blanket will feel luxurious and soothing to this baby.

He'll enjoy some naked tummy time in the evening when he'll have more grouchy feelings to handle. A little upbeat music will also help during this time.

It could be anything from classical music to mom's favorite feel-good music. Any music with good vibes will help to raise the mood in the house and baby will definitely feel this. But stay away from downer songs or hard rock. This type of music will make baby feel down and on edge.

13 Spring Babies: Nice And Snug

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Spring babies are naturally in tune with nature. They are born at the time of year when the earth is awakening. Mom and baby will feel this oneness with nature as they see baby bunnies, chicks, and birds. Babies born in springtime come with a natural peace and quietness. Mom and dad can help to cultivate this peaceful feeling within a spring baby by having a soul at peace themselves. Babies are very sensitive to mom and dad's feelings and will quickly pick up on the emotional energy in a room. If mom is on edge or upset about something, baby will become harder to please and will fight going to sleep.

Mom and dad can also help to cultivate a peaceful springtime baby by keeping them snuggly wrapped in a baby wrap or carrier.

Spring babies love the feeling of movement and closeness. Walking with baby in a carrier is a great way to release any negative energy. Mom and baby can take in the changing sights and sounds of the season. They can watch spring unfold together and feel their spirits lifted by the songs of birds and the greening of the landscape. A springtime baby will continue with grace throughout its life.

12 Cancer: Nurturing And Being Nurtured

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The Crab is the sign of the Cancer Zodiac. For a Cancer, comfort and safety are most important. The crab has a built-in home and protection under the shell and someone born under the Cancer sign must find this protection and security before doing anything else. Cancers tend to be sensitive, caring homebodies. They like to nurture and be nurtured.

For the Cancer baby, the most soothing time of the day will be nursing or feeding time.

Cancer babies strive with breastfeeding because of the close physical contact they get while they receive vital nutrition. This helps them to deal with their most basic and driving needs so their hearts and bodies can thrive. Not planning on breastfeeding your Cancer baby? Make sure to make feedings very special. Use a slow drip nipple to extend the experience for baby. Take the time to snuggle in during each feeding. Gazing into baby's eyes will help to form a connection and make baby feel nurtured. Using a pacifier with lots of snuggle in between feedings will be helpful for the Cancer baby. Skin to skin contact under a warm and cozy blanket will also help to soothe an upset Cancer and make her feel connected and nurtured.

11 Leo: Being Mom's Focus

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Just as the lion makes a bold entrance that no one will miss, so does a Leo. Leos like to be the center of attention with flash and flair. They enjoy the arts and being entertaining. Self-expression takes center stage for a Leo. A person born under the Leo zodiac will be courageous, kind, generous and above all else loyal.

The Leo baby will want to be the center of attention. He will become upset by being left alone.

Don't even think about leaving this baby in a playpen while you go to finish the dishes. Wherever you go, he'll want to be there too. When this baby gets upset, singing can quickly change his mood. Keep the songs light, happy and positive. Even better, make the songs about him. If mom can come up with a snappy tune that features the baby Leo, he will be a happy camper. The Leo baby will enjoy having the song sang directly to him with lots of eye contact. He'll also love to be picked up and danced around during the song. He'll feel like he's the star of his own show which is exactly what he wants. Playing music in the background throughout the day can also help to keep a Leo's mood light and happy.

10 Virgo: Everything In Its Right Place

Via: http://www.ecobabysteps.com/2013/06/15/7-ideas-for-outdoor-summer-fun-with-baby/

Virgos, the Virgins, like to keep things pure and healthy. They are rulers of health, wellness, fitness and purifying the body and earth. Organization is a critical element of the Virgo persona. They like their environments to be tidy and clean. Maintaining control of the things around them help a Virgo to feel at ease. This control needs to be balanced though, or it can ruin relationships and the psyche of the Virgo herself.

The Virgo baby will thrive in a clean and tidy house. This baby will want to look around and see that everything has a place and that everything is actually in its place.

Mom and dad can prepare for a Virgo baby by taking time to declutter before the baby comes. The baby will sense the energy in the house and could seem extra fussy in a messy and disorganized house. Long walks will help to soothe a fussy Virgo. They'll enjoy connecting with nature and breathing in fresh air. Quiet walks through nature will be especially soothing to this baby. A nice, warm bath will also soothe a cranky Virgo. Being clean will help the Virgo baby to feel at peace. Feeling dirty will put this baby on edge and make the day challenging for everyone.

9 Summer Babies: Getting Outside


Summer babies enter the world with a certain intensity and beauty. They will become fiery on one issue or another whether that is who is getting attention or who is in control. Either way, they want it to be them. They are born in the heat of the year and this shows in their passions. The firery hearts of summer can be difficult to handle at times but can also be extraordinarily loving. When they turn their fiery hearts toward loving you, you'll never again complain about dealing with their passionate personalities.

Having a newborn baby in the summer can be difficult because of their sensitive skin. You'll find that you can't spend long hours at the pool unless you're staying in the shade. Even the shade will be too warm for a newborn sometimes. Parents of newborns born in summer might be disheartened by the fact that they have to spend so much time indoors in the air conditioning. Make use of the cooler times of the day. Take walks in the early morning or late evening to help the family connect with nature. Enjoy the early sunrise and melody of bird songs. Walking through the woods is another excellent way to get outside with the benefit of the shady trees.

8 Libra: Harmony And Calm


Like their sign, the scales of justice, Libras seek to keep things in balance. They love peace and harmony in both their relationships and environment. Libra's have a wide array of interests and are successful and almost anything they persue with gusto. Libras tend to be charming, lovable, fair and sincere. They thrive on social interactions and love to discuss any number of interesting topics.

The Libra baby will be very sensitive to the relationships in the house.

They will want harmony among all members of the family. Arguments and disagreements will be unsettling to the Libra baby. Don't think that this is only limited to the people living in the house. Intense TV shows with fighting and violence will be upsetting to the Libra baby too. To soothe a Libra baby, read her a book that has a lot of rhythm and rhyming. The sound of the story will be soothing to a bored or fussy Libra. A good supply of stories will help to keep a Libra baby from becoming discontent. Too much time alone or in silence can also be upsetting to the Libra baby. This baby will thrive on loving attention and social interactions in a peaceful and engaging environment.

7 Scorpio: An Energy Outlet


The Scorpion is the sign of Scorpio and can be somewhat elusive and secretive. These quiet people will turn into the bravest and most loyal people you'll encounter. They can have a dark side about them that can keep them from other people and also help to heal other people.

You might find your Scorpio baby to be somewhat moody. One day he'll seem totally content and happy and nothing will please him the next. Sometimes this is due to excess energy. Scorpios are full of physical energy and need a way to express it.

Since babies can't fully use their bodies yet, it can be difficult for them to express this excess energy. A Scorpio baby will be soothed by a baby swing.

They'll love the movement and excitement of it. This will be one of their favorite places to be. Another added benefit is that they'll get a little alone time. These somewhat dark and moody people love to have time all by themselves. But don't leave the Scorpio baby in the swing for too long. Although they crave alone time, they desperately need to feel loved and secure too. They will bond deeply with those around them and because of their loyal nature, they bond for life.

6 Sagittarius: Exploration And Flexibility

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The Archer, Sagittarius, is adventuresome and fun. A Sagittarius loves to explore new cities, hike and travel the globe. This sign is known for knowledge and truth-seeking too. Many people with this sign end up spending years in college and becoming deans and professors because of their unquenchable thirst to learn more and teach. They love to have the freedom to explore new ideas and the world around them.

The Sagittarius baby will also love exploring. This will be a happy, easy going baby as long as the days are light and not rigid.

Keeping this baby in a strict routine is a bad idea. A flexible routine is vital. Nap time and lunchtime should be delayed if the two of you become engrossed in discovering ladybugs or a perfect walk through the woods. A little delay to a schedule when the time arises will help to keep the flow of the daylight. If mom is a master schedule, don't fret. This doesn't mean that baby would benefit from a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants sort of style. Some consistency is key. When baby begins to get fussy, give her some tummy time. A little time to explore the world around her will help to soothe her heart.

5 Fall Babies: Perfect Time For Outings

Via: http://babynames.allparenting.com/babynames/Ideas/Names_for_Autumn_babies/

Fall is a great time to have a baby. The weather is still lovely but starts to get a little cooler. Mom and baby can use a warm wrap or baby carrier to explore the world around them. Mom will have a short time to get her muscles back in working order while the weather is cooperating. Using a baby carrier under a coat will help to extend the walking season for a newborn baby. At this point, baby will be so docile and portable that he can even take in a local football game without causing a fuss for mom and dad.

The cooler times will be a relief as mom and dad don't have to worry about baby getting too warm. The family will easily snuggle into a warm house and take it easy for the winter ahead. By the time spring rolls around, baby will be much more alert and getting somewhat mobile. He will giggle and laugh at all the new sights and sounds of spring.

Mom and dad will have settled into their new roles with a little one by the holidays. This will help to ease the stress of the season a little and they'll be excited to show off the newest member of the family.

4 Capricorn: Stretching Their Legs

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The mountain goat, Capricorn, is dedicated and devoted. Family is vital to this sign. A Capricorn likes a solid plan without shortcuts. This sign is ambitious, willful and determined. If a Capricorn is on a mission, its best to join their team or get out of the way. They won't let anyone or anything stand in the way of accomplishing a goal.

The Capricorn baby will be soothed by using her legs. Since a newborn or infant can't yet crawl or walk, a jumper, saucer or walker will be essential.

Be careful with walkers since they can be dangerous near stairs. Babies in walkers can also get around much faster than parents anticipate and they can quickly find themselves in dangerous areas like the kitchen near the hot stove or oven. Mom and dad better believe that a Capricorn baby will be on the move. They'll find an object that they desire and will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. Distraction techniques might work on other babies but will be difficult to use on a Capricorn. A precise and reliable daily routine will help a Capricorn baby to feel at ease. They like to know what will happen next. Keeping nap times at just about the same time each day will be a lifesaver for mom and dad.

3 Aquarius: Being Life Of The Party


Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. Like a flowing river picking up stones and soil along the way, this sign often brings groups of people together. An Aquarius tends to be forward thinking. They like to explore topics like alien life, zombies, alternate realities and other sci-fi heavy topics. This makes them perfect book and movie writers that make people go gaga. They love to focus on the needs of others and can quickly rally people around a worthy cause.

The Aquarius baby will thrive on social interaction. They will want to interact with mom and dad and the other adults in their lives.

An Aquarius baby will draw those around him in with an infectious laugh and smile. Siblings won't be able to get enough of this child. They'll swarm him at every opportunity. Finding a local playgroup will be essential to this baby's ongoing happiness. They'll want to see and interact with other children and adults. This baby won't be content on his blanket during playgroup; he'll roll, wiggle, or crawl to get close to the other babies. When this child gets older, team sports will be essential to their wellbeing. They love to be a part of a group and will thrive on a team that encourages each other.

2 Pisces: Need A Personal Connection


As the last sign of the Zodiac calendar, Pisces - the fish, is said to be the wisest. It is thought to have swum through all the other signs before arriving at its own. That makes a Pisces soul deep and healing. It rules over the subconscious which is in charge of our most profound thoughts and feelings, dreams, and aspirations. A Pisces is known to be thoughtful, romantic, imaginative and wise. They love activities that give way to emotions too like dancing and long walks on the beach - the types of things you can get to know another person while doing.

A Pisces baby will appreciate mom and dad making time in their schedule to connect with them.

They'll enjoy extended, slow-paced activities that have plenty of time for emotional roller coasters. Don't try to rush this baby from experiencing the first taste of cake or a good cry. They'll want to take the time to explore each emotion as it comes up. Plus, they won't view crying as a "bad" emotion but just another feeling that helps them to connect to life. Dancing will be an excellent way to communicate with and soothe a Pisces baby. Keeping a good supply of music around the house is essential as dancing with mom and dad will be one of his favorite things to do.

1 Winter Baby: Cozy Cuddling

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A baby born in winter will soon become used to being bundled up and cuddled. Mom and dad will enjoy snuggly days at home with a hot cup of coffee and a happy and content baby. The family will quickly settle into a slow routine during winter.

The long, cold winter months will create perfect opportunities to take it easy with a new baby. Mom and dad may spend days sheltered in the house and might not even get out of bed with a newborn. Keeping twinkling lights on in the dark evening hours will help to paint the house in a cozy cocoon and chase away winter blues. Limited sunlight hours along with the rolling tides of postpartum emotions can make having a baby in winter more difficult. Mom will need to focus on making the house warm and welcoming to help handle these emotions. Finding cozy spots to visit in the winter will be essential. Walking in the mall might become a favorite activity just to get out of the house and stretch the legs. Baby will love to take in the sights and sounds of the mall too. A simple trip out of the house can help to raise everyone's spirits during the long, dark months of winter.

Source: AstroStyle.com

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