The Qualities He Looks For In His Baby Mama Based On His Zodiac

Valentine’s Day is coming around fast. You’ve picked out a flattering red dress for your date at that romantic Italian restaurant. You’ve even looked up your sign to get a deeper insight into what’s on the horizon for your lovelife for the month. Yet, we hope you didn’t forget to brush up on his sign? It takes two to tango and if you want to know whether or not your relationship or first date will actually lead to something serious, you might want to brush up on the qualities that he seeks out for his long-term mate.

His sign can tell you a lot about where your relationship might be headed. It could even help you plan the perfect first date or answer a few questions that you might have in the bedroom.

Knowing your signs can clue you into just how compatible the two of you could really be. Some signs will just never work because they’ll always be apart working; literally. Others are like peanut butter and jelly. They work well together, can revel in one another’s success, and share a similar love language. Take Taurus and Libras for instance who both have a strong love for affection. Do you know that married couple that still packs on the PDA? Yep, that Taurus male was seeking an overly affectionate woman to put a ring on her finger. Test your knowledge of the stars and see if you can figure out where your relationship is headed this Valentine’s Day.

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15 Aries - #GirlBoss

If you have your eyes set on an Aires man, just know that that the ancient god this sign is named after was more than just the god of war. He was also a passionate lover. Men born under this sign have vibrant personalities that come with a lot of strong leadership skills and they look for those same qualities in their women. Are you an independent businesswoman? Then, an Aires man might just catch your eye.

They want women who are equally passionate about their lives and careers and have the same drive to succeed.

So, while he might be attracted to your beauty at first, an Aires man needs more to keep him interested. They’re confident men who seek partners who are their equal. Women who are independent, follow their dreams and have created their own path will hold their heart.

14 Taurus - Graceful And Feminine

Men born under this sign tend to come off as a little too macho. Although, don’t be fooled. They love to love and the type of women that they’re looking to dote over are usually uber feminine. If you’re romantic, sweet, and enjoy being dolled up you’ll appreciate the strong shoulder that the Taurus man is offering for you to lean on. He’ll pull out the chair for you to sit down, he’ll hold the door for you, and treat you like a delicate rose.

So, a woman has to be prepared for the Taurus man to take the lead.

He’ll look for his sweet flower by going after women who look as sweet as a rose, or maybe just smell like one. Besides, who doesn't like being taken care of and doted on once in a while?

13 Taurus - An Animal Lover

As we’ve stated, Taurus men love ‘sweet’ women. They desire a woman with whom they can lather on the affection and stand next to playing the role of the dashing ‘prince’. When they notice how adorable you are cuddling a puppy, they’ll naturally be attracted to your sweet, nurturing nature. Their mushy side and desire to find a partner who loves to love and be loved offsets their macho-man nature. He’ll treasure the woman who is a cuddler (even if it is with animals). So, if you’re an animal lover you’ll find that this sign will bond with you over a mutual love for animals. You two might even just move in together and own a few pets.

12 Gemini - She's A Genius

It’s all about the brain with the Gemini man. They seek depth and intelligence. A woman who can talk about important matters and has truly interesting things to say will always get their attention. They enjoy deep conversations and want a woman who can keep up.

With Gemini males, it’s literally true when we say that a man is interested in a woman’s brain.

Bland chatter won’t do much for these males. Sure, they do love to talk, but it’s a quality conversation that they seek. Have you read up on current events? Do you have strong opinions about the arthouse film that he took you out to see? Scientists or women in academia will be more interesting to them than models. You’ll need eloquent speaking skills and a wealth of knowledge to keep up with this man.

11 Gemini - They Also Look For Independence

Hey ladies, if you appreciate your space and enjoy time alone, then the Gemini male might be just right for you. This sign not only needs intelligence but a woman who isn’t clingy and doesn’t need a man in her life. She merely wants a man by her side. She’s basically the princess who can take care of herself. Sure, he won’t mind helping from time-to-time, but he’s not the type of male you should look for to rescue you. He loves his freedom and seeks a woman who appreciates freedom as much as he does. That translates to quiet time alone (and apart). So, the Gemini male seeks a woman who won’t be worried when he needs time to himself. In fact, she should seek the same ‘me time’.

10 Cancer - ‘Mommy Qualities’

Cancers are born nurturers. Women born under this sign love to cook, clean, and look after those that they love. The same is true for males. And, they seek that same type of ‘mommying’ affection from their partners. They have a deep-rooted fear of rejection, so they seek women who will make the first move and show them affection. It’s not as difficult as that might sound. Ask the Cancer male how his day is going. Get him talking about himself. You’ll score bonus points if you ask about his mother.

This sign has a deep respect and bond with his family, so he’ll look for women who value and share strong family values.

It makes sense, that when it comes to building a relationship this sign seeks loyalty, nurturing, and a partner who is in it for the long haul.

9 Leo - Powerful And Strong

Similar to other signs, Leos look for more than just a pretty face and body. Sure, that’s important too as the type of woman that catches their eye must be top-of-the-line. Men born under this sign seek the best and when it comes to romance, he’s more of a hunter seeking the best mate. Class, diplomacy, and warmth are qualities that they notice. Women who are power players in their industry and carry themselves with poise are their ideal type of woman. Loudness, rudeness, or a controlling nature will always turn him off. These men also hate feeling used, so women who don’t have their lives (and finances) together will find these men ghosting them sooner rather than later. You should be a powerful lady who has a life together to be a worthy ‘catch’ for this sign.

8 Virgo - The Perfectionist

These are the hardest men to attract as they take romance slowly and choose their dates carefully. Not only that, but you’ll have to prove that you’re a pretty outstanding woman to even attract their attention in the first place. These types seek perfectionists. When it comes to looks, they’ll go after the Kate Middletons over Miley Cyruses any day.

They prefer their women to look neat, tasteful, and to have the best manners.

Oh, and when you set up a date, you must always be punctual. When it comes to character traits that attract the Virgo eye, these types prefer for a woman to ‘unravel’ her personality slowly. Yet, ensure that you’re being honest as tact and quality manners are important to them. Loud displays of emotion turn them off as do women who aren’t willing to work on their weaknesses. Perfection is truly the name of the game.

7 Libra - The Hopeless Romantic

Beware ladies; men born under this sign are natural charmers. And, they’re constantly using their magnetic personality to aid them in their search for the perfect partner. If you’re looking to nab the affection of a man born under this sign, most likely you’ll have to have to be a hopeless romantic willing to woo them again and again.

These men need to be reassured of their partner’s affection.

Find ways to make him feel admired and special. Cook dinner for him. Take him out to a jazz show. Generally, you’ll find that he’ll have a love for music as well. So, a small gift where you share your love for music with him will keep his passions for you on the rise.

6 Scorpio - Keeping It Interesting

Scorpio men are all about the bedroom. They can’t help it. They’re an extremely sensual sign and they’ll need a woman with enough energy to keep up. Although, getting this sign into the bedroom is its own challenge. He’s focused on his career and surrounded by many admirers. So, you’ll have quite a few obstacles when it comes to getting him alone. Yet, once you do, just know that it’ll take a great lover to keep his attention longterm. It’s his love language. More than any other sign, he sees intimacy as a passionate and fun way of expressing his feelings for himself. His ideal baby-mamma won’t be intimidated in the bedroom. In fact, she’ll prefer a man who enjoys fun in the bedroom as much as she does.

5 Sagittarius - Wanderlust

This sign is not generally seeking to settle down. He’s the guy who seeks out jobs where he can converse, goof off a little, and leave for his next adventure. Yes, he’s the zodiac’s nomad. And, he looks for the same in his partner. Clingy women who desire a white picket fence might feel let down and insecure with this sign.

A woman who is well traveled and seeking to run off with him to exotic new locations is more in-line to be his longterm bae.

If you notice that you’re Sagittarius man doesn’t seem to have that thirst for traveling, then he’ll most likely be a ‘mental traveler’ constantly seeking new thoughts and looking to push mental boundaries. So, ask him out on a date to a place that he normally wouldn’t find himself at. He’ll appreciate the new adventure in the long run.

4 Capricorn - A Lady

STOKE ON TRENT, UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 18: (EMBARGOED FOR PUBLICATION IN UK NEWSPAPERS UNTIL 48 HOURS AFTER CREATE DATE AND TIME) Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the Emma Bridgewater pottery factory to view the production of a mug that the company has launched in support of East Anglia's Children's Hospices on February 18, 2015 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Capricorn might seem hard to build a serious relationship with at first. They can come off as a little cold and serious. Don’t get too discouraged. They’re just not the one-night stand type of guy. They’re in it for the long haul and require a little patience to get them to a place where they feel comfortable enough to be affectionate towards you. The type of woman who will land a date and eventually become the only object of affection for this sign tends to be very ladylike. Sure, they might want a woman who get’s a little naughty between the sheets, but as they saying goes, she has a to be a lady in the streets. Flirting doesn’t always work well with this sign, so it’s best to get to know them first. Show them that you’re focused on your career and have your own hobbies. They’ll respect you and want to get ot know you in the long run.

3 Aquarius - The Creative Type

Bright smiles and creative minds get this sign going. The Aquarius male is attracted to all types of women, but more than anything seeks that ‘special something’ that he hasn’t seen before.

It’s the woman who beats to her own drum and doesn’t care what others think of her that will catch his eye.

He likes women who are a little wild and carefree. The nomadic painter will arouse his attention just as much as the innovative architect. This is a sign that is interested in a woman that stands out from the crowd with intelligent thoughts and who will expand his mind. Conservative types might bore him stiff, but a woman who is truly interesting, unique, and constantly broadening her ideas will win his heart in the long run.

2 Aquarius - The Social Butterfly

This is a sign that enjoys social situations where there are a lot of people around. The Aquarius man is bound to consistently be surrounded by friends whether at work or when at social events. It can make it a little intimidating to get him alone, so you’ll most likely have to meet him in his natural territory- surrounded by a hoard of people. It takes a woman who knows how to work a room at a party with her lively smile and conversation skills to charm the Aquarius man into noticing her. Once you’ve caught his attention, he’ll still seek out social events to avoid the ‘tied down’ feeling. He’s not a stay at home type of guy. So, a woman who enjoys partying well into the night, say like Kate Moss, will the type of woman that he’ll want to have stick around the most.

1 Pisces - The Artistic Type

You don’t necessarily have to be the next Frida Khalo to win the heart of men born under this sign. Although, it wouldn’t hurt. You do have to have an appreciation for art to win this sign over and win a ring on your finger. He’s an art lover himself and will expect his companion to be one as well.

Even if the Pisces male is a lawyer, he’ll have his office decorated with art.

Once you’re in a relationship with a Pisces male expect date night to new exhibition openings or spending weekends searching for the perfect painting for your dining room. Sharing in his hobby is one way to build a strong and stable relationship with this sign. And, you’ll need that stability as this is a sign that is constantly convinced that he’s found the love of his life.

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