The Reality Of Bouncing Back: 15 Moms Who Say They Were Never The Same

With the mounting pressure for celebrities to "bounce back" after giving birth, there's a strong possibility that same pressure is being deferred onto us everyday Joes. Of course, we as women don't want to surrender our appearance for any reason. However, this desire is problematic because childbearing does want a trade-off most of the time.

Maybe you have a "best feature." It could be your cute bum or your perky girls or simply the way your curves outline your body. Whatever your best feature is, it might be exactly what changes when you have kids. It's not a guarantee, but there is a chance.

Of course, many of us moms proudly wear our "tiger stripes" and joke about how breastfeeding did the girls in. But, in all reality, it can be difficult accepting these new parts of our post-pregnancy body.

Here are 15 women who experienced the opposite of bouncing back. We are not at all saying that pregnancy ruins you as a beautiful woman or that you have to be happy about the changes. But, we are saying that your body will likely never be the same and you have the right to feel however you want about it. Take it from these 15 brave women, pregnancy isn't for the faint of heart.

15 Emily And Her Cellulite

The word cellulite is on the notorious list of things that most women strongly dislike. In fact, most of us absolutely loathe the "cottage cheese" look on our bottoms, thighs, legs, or any where else it happens to show up. And, it's sooooo hard to get rid of it if you can get rid of it at all. Most of the time, it's just a matter of dry brushing, lotions, and meticulously placed clothing to make us feel better about it.

Well, Instagram fitness star Emily Skye had the same initial reaction to cellulite when at 16 weeks pregnant she noticed it developing. For her, it was starting to form on her bottom and her thighs. Still, she took photo after photo to post to her Instagram account proudly displaying her changing body. All in all, she said that she learned to embrace it.

14 Anna Makes Peace With Her Empties

One of Anna's best features, in her opinion, was her perky little lady bumps. She wasn't the curviest of women, but she did enjoy her 32C cup. As you know, no matter how big you are before pregnancy, if you're breastfeeding, the girls are likely to double in size. A few days after birth is when a new mother's milk typically comes in. It's during this time that the most growth happens. And in such a short time span, too!

Anna's experience was no different. She steadily grew during her entire pregnancy. She didn't experience any stretch marks on her chest or on her sides. In fact, after her milk production leveled out to accommodate her baby, she felt pretty normal. It wasn't until after she was finished breastfeeding that nature let the air out of the balloon, per se. It took her a long time to accept her newly deflated girls and love them for what they gave her - the opportunity to breastfeed and bond with her new baby.

13 Ronie’s Love/Hate Relationship With C-Section Pooch


If you're like most women then you've probably heard that some people say having a C-section is easier than having a traditional birth. Whether you're on board with this theory or not isn't exactly the point of this particular post. The point is that a C-section leaves a woman with the epic chore of healing much differently than a traditional birth does. After all, it is major surgery.

And, there aren't many major surgeries we humans walk away from unscarred. In short, a surgery tends to leave a person with proof that he or she had that experience. Ronie was no different. After her C-section, she had a hard time healing and she had an even harder time accepting it. What the C-section left her with was a huge scar and a pooch that she just couldn't get rid of. Little by little, she grew less self-conscious of her pooch until one day she just sort of accepted it as part of the journey.

12 Tiffany Fell In Love With Her Softer Belly


Naturally, the part of a woman that has it the toughest during pregnancy is unquestionably the belly area. It gets stretched and stretched and just when you think it can't be stretched anymore, baby has a last-minute growth spurt and you stretch more. So, if there is a part of you that's going to change, there's a good chance it's going to be your belly.

At least, that was the case with Tiffany. Only she was totally okay with her new belly. More than okay, she actually liked how soft it was. She felt like it was a nice place for her baby to lay and feel comfortable. While it definitely wasn't the fit and trim belly she once had, for some reasons she was crazy about her new feminine figure.

11 Laura Felt Like A Fertility Goddess

Laura is a happy mother of two. As well as taking care of her two kiddos, she also blogs all about her motherly adventures. One topic that she often writes about is her weight gain. Before pregnancy, she was wearing a size 0 or size 2. After pregnancy, she was sporting a size 12-14. It felt like everything had changed for her.

She couldn't keep off the love handles or trim down her arms and legs. She was more concerned with running her household and staying on top of everything than staying fit. More than anything, she just wasn't obsessed with her looks anymore. Having babies just changed all that for her. In fact, rather than seeing herself as "overweight," she looked in the mirror and saw a fertility goddess, voluptuous and able to give life.

10 Abby Embraced The Pink To Plum Rainbow


As you likely already know, there are parts of your body that change shape during pregnancy. But, there are also parts of your body that change color, too. Abby came to know this color change very well. She is very blonde, which means that her girls' headlights were typically a light pink color.

The further her pregnancy progressed, the darker they became. The color went from a light pink to a dark shade of plum. Although she knew it was going to happen, it was such a significant change that she wasn't sure if she liked it. She'd always embraced her pink color and thought she was different than most other women. After breastfeeding her daughter for over a year, she'd gotten used to the color change. Even though they were so much darker, she really didn't miss them being that lighter shade.

9 Dina’s Unending Milk Supply


Dina ran into a rather unique problem after she gave birth to her daughter. Like all expecting moms, her body prepared itself to breastfeed and nurture the little life growing inside. Due to circumstances, Dina wasn't able to breastfeed her baby.

Still, this didn't stop the girls from making enough milk for twelve small tribes. She leaked for three years after her daughter was born. From drenched bras to shirts stained with milk, Dina had a terrible time shutting off the milk faucets.

It wasn't until she tried a few home remedies that she finally stopped the leaking. Of course, by then she had to invest in a few new bras as well as some tops.

8 Pamela’s Teeth Suffered Consequences

When you're pregnant, not only are your gums more susceptible to gum disease but your teeth are more prone to tooth decay, as well. It's really unfair, to say the least. One mom proudly displayed her four crowns - one for each of her children. Pregnancy did not bode well for her mouth.

It didn't bode well for Pamela's either. After her pregnancy ended, she went to the dentist to discover her mouth was filled with cavities. She had filling after filling put in her mouth and racked up a hefty dentist bill. It wasn't that she'd inhaled sugar during her pregnancy, the dentist simply told her that pregnancy was no friend to her teeth. It had weakened them considerably.

7 Ingrid Was Pleasantly Surprised With Her Boldness


Pregnancy, for some women, is a rite of passage, per se. It's tough and only us women have the goods to get the job done. Once you've gone through pregnancy and been barfed on a few hundred times by a helpless little infant, you just approach life a little differently.

For Ingrid, pregnancy made her so much more confident. Although her hips were a little wider and she had sleep bags under her eyes most days, she still felt like a queen. More than she ever had before. For whatever reason, she had the inner fortitude to be more assertive with pushy people. She was finally standing up for herself and requiring respect from others. We've all heard that pregnancy can change a woman. It just seems that sometimes it changes you in ways you never imagined.

6 Deb’s Midwife Said They Were The Worst She’d Ever Seen


There's not a women alive who wants to hear that whatever her body has been afflicted with, is the worst case that anyone has ever seen. Sadly, that's exactly what Deb heard from her midwife. And to make matters worse, the comment made by the midwife was in reference to Deb's apparently horrid stretch marks.

As it goes, Deb was seven months pregnant with her twins when she went to visit her midwife. Because she was a small woman and was carrying two babies, it was only natural for her to start showing very soon. By five months, she had lost visual of her toes and was showing bright red stretch marks. And at seven months, she looked like a red and white tiger. Although the lines never fully disappeared, they did fade considerably. To some extent, Deb is self-conscious about them. On the other hand, the whole world doesn't need to be looking at her belly and she's totally cool with that.

5 Rachel Happy About New Wardrobe


It's the famous scene we women often experience. We go to our closet, most likely packed with clothes, and can't find anything to wear. Rachel was no different. She had struggled with losing those last 15 lbs. for almost a year now and felt comfortable in nothing. Finding an outfit to wear was a huge hassle and she was frustrated. Then, she got pregnant.

Expecting to feel even more self-conscious about her body, she was surprised that her body actually received pregnancy very well. Even though she wasn't nauseous, she lost weight without even really trying. After it was all said and done and her son was nearing his first birthday, she ended up throwing out most of her pre-pregnancy closet. Because it was too BIG! Forced to get an entire new wardrobe to dress her new post-pregnancy body, Rachel was one happy mama.

4 Carla Had To Buy All New Shoes


It's not uncommon for the feet of expecting mothers to expand, especially later on in the pregnancy. After all, there is so much more fluid your body at that point. Plus, the extra weight gain unquestionably puts added pressure on your tootsies.

Much like Rachel, Carla's body also changed forever during pregnancy. It happened early on in the pregnancy, too. For some reason, Carla's feet were swollen for most of her pregnancy (starting in the first trimester). Not only did this widen her feet, but it increased  them in length, as well. Admitting to it being an annoying pregnancy symptom, Carla got a little revenge on it all by buying all new shoes.

3 Candace Is Ready To Connect The Dots


Moles and skin tags aren't as famous as other pregnancy symptoms even though they are fairly common. For Candace, the amount of "new dots" she got during pregnancy amazed her. But not in the happy-go-lucky kind of way. More than anything, she wondered what in the world her body was doing to her. Was the universe trying to send her a secret message on her skin and all she had to do was connect the dots?

By the time she was full-term, she had lost count of the amount of new moles and skin tags  that had appeared on her. Because they were so small and she could hide most of them, she didn't feel super self-conscious. After all, she figured that she came out of pregnancy with a brand new healthy baby. What were a few new dots anyway...

2 Fran Wanted To Share Diapers With Her Newborn


Between moms and babies, it's the smaller of the two who are supposed to be wearing diapers, right? While diapers might be reserved for babies, some moms feel the need to wear them, too. Fran was one of these moms. After giving birth to three children, she was experiencing bladder issues.

When she would laugh, sneeze, or cough, she would notice that her bladder would release some fluid. In other words, having babies had made Fran pee a little when really didn't want to. More than being annoying or uncomfortable, it was embarrassing. She found herself laughing more quietly and always wearing dark colors. Not that she regretted having her kids, but she wished her body would have been more kind to her in the process.

1 Erin’s Sciatica Changed Her Forever


When Erin's son was four months old, she gently laid down on the bedroom floor so that she could throw on a pair of jeans for the day. Sadly, she found herself unable to get back up. Pain like electricity shot from her lower back through her bottom all the way to her toes. She could feel numbness and intense pain all at once.

Upon arriving at the ER, they discovered that her sciatic nerve was pinched. She'd dealt with it a little during pregnancy, so she wasn't surprised. They told her there wasn't much they could do except offer her pain killers, which barely touched the pain anyway. It took six months for her to regain full mobility. Even now, she often has numbness in her calf and outer toes, which she claims to make exercising a little off balance.

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