The Reason Why Fans Are Convinced Actress Jessica Biel Is An 'Anti-Vaxxer'

The Reason Why Fans Are Convinced Actress Jessica Biel Is An 'Anti-Vaxxer'

Jessica Biel has sparked quite the controversy after photos of her appeared online that has left fans convinced she is an 'anti-vaxxer'. The actress appeared in photos posted by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, who is lobbying against SB-276. The bill aims to make it more difficult for people to skip out on vaccinations with a paper slip from their physician, as it suggests adding the requirement that the State Department of Public Health would have to approve every medical exemption form. The stricter rules for vaccination programs are being questioned by so-called 'anti-vaxxers', and after seeing the photos, fans now believe Jessica Biel is one of them.

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. uploaded a series of nine photos to his Instagram account with a caption thanking the 'courageous' Jessica Biel for a "busy and productive day at the California State House". In every single one of the photos, the 7th Heaven star can be seen attending meetings and posing with California lawmakers such as Autumn Burke at the California State House. Fans are now slamming the actress, calling her 'cancelled', although Jessica has not publically commented on the events or her actual stand in the question.

The Reason Why Fans Are Convinced Actress Jessica Biel Is An 'Anti-Vaxxer'
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As reported by Hollywood Life, there has been an alarming increase in measles since it was initially declared eliminated in 2002. With 1,022 individual cases reported as of this month, it marks the highest number since 1992, which, of course, many people find terrifying.

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While Jessica has not decried vaccinations publically, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said that the actress is for safe vaccines and medical freedom, when asked about her involvement in the issue. According to the lobbyist, his, and Jessica's, primary concern with the SB-276 is that the bill can overrule physician's recommendations on individual cases. Essentially that would mean that children who might have been deemed too fragile to receive a vaccination would then be forced to be vaccinated anyway.

With fans suggesting that Jessica wants to 'bring measles back', referencing her famous husband Justin Timberlake's hit song Sexy Back from 2006, it might be time for the Valentine's Day star to make a statement. The couple shares a son, four-year-old Silas, but whether or not he has been vaccinated is not clear.

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