2Long Names... Really Long Names

It is time again for William and Kate to choose a name for their third child. In the case of their first and second child, they took more than two days to announce the names. According to the Hello Magazine, "The key consideration when naming a royal baby is the fine balance between tradition and accessibility, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will want the fifth-in-line to the throne to bear a name worthy of such weight, and it's therefore likely they will choose a solid, traditional name with strong links to royalty.

At the same time, they won't want to appear old-fashioned or haughty, so choosing a name the public can embrace is equally important.They are required to have least three or four names for the child. Interestingly, before the 20th century, the British royals did not have a last name. But Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip wanted their line of the family tree to be distinguishable. Their descendants would now carry the last name Mountbatten-Windsor.

So going by that rule, here is Prince William full name - William Arthur Philip Louis Cambridge Mountbatten-Windsor. How's that for length?! And to top it all, for all official purposes, their titles are also added behind their names! Imagine the plight of their class teacher while she takes the attendance everyday...! Thankfully, in school they are just called by their first names- for example, Prince George's full name is George Alexander Louis Cambridge Mountbatten-Windsor, but in his school, he is registered as George Cambridge.

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