The Starlight Children's Foundation Canada Celebrates 30 Years!

Starlight Children's Foundation Canada is celebrating their 30th year of fun and caring this September. The non-profit is selflessly dedicated to "Making Children Smile" and "Helping Families Cope" by supporting seriously ill children and teens. They sponsor fun activities and events as children and families deal with having a possibly terminal disease, or enduring cancer treatments.

Starlight selflessly provides well put together programs offered in-hospital or out of the hospital.  In the hospital, they offer multiple programs to provide entertainment kids need as they deal with the boredom and emotional toll of sitting in a hospital room. Starlight Hospital Happenings are when they'll come in and throw a theme party with snacks and crafts. Their Comfort Kits are personalized by age and are available for babies through teens. They also have a traveling fun center featuring a flat-screen, video games and movies for all ages for entertainment purposes.

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In Starlight Sites, they'll come in and design a personalized playroom made to feel like a special place to escape. Starlight Treasure Chests are filled with puzzles, games, and books for all age groups and delivered to rooms. The newest program is for teens only and has been a huge hit. Ward & Robes provides stylish and designer hospital gowns for those struggling with always having to be in one and giving them a chance to express themselves.

Activities that take place outside of the hospital help the young patients forget about their illness, relax, and enjoy being a kid. These gatherings also allow families to meet and form their own supportive relationships. Starlight Day Brightener Wishes are half-day field trips to museums, concerts, sporting events and more.

Families are invited for Starlight Great Escape Wishes get-togethers at movie screenings, harbor cruises, parties, and picnics. These events are often held on holidays or for annual celebrations.

Via Starlight Foundation

The ultimate Starlight Once in a Lifetime Wish is quoted as being "an empowering moment for a child or teen who has had so much of their life controlled by illness." These excursions are rewarded to a child who has been through many treatments and has had their life uprooted by illness.

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The Starlight Foundation exists solely on donations. Without donors, all of these programs would cease to exist. The work that Starlight does is vitally important and they have supported thousands of Canadian children and their families in the last 30 years.

To celebrate their anniversary, Starlight has been hosting multiple fundraisers and is asking for donations to keep their good work going for another 30 years. Some suggestions the group is looking for are: Donating $30 or becoming a $30 a month donor; Helping to send 30 kids on a Great Escape Wish Day and Donating $135 for one trip; Follow Starlight Children's Foundation Canada on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with the events, happenings, and fundraisers; When hosting an event, ask for a donations to Starlight in lieu of presents.

You can also spread the word to family and friends who may be interested in helping as well.

Great Escape Via Starlight Foundation

September is wrapping up but there is still time to donate in honor of this 30th anniversary. The Starlight Children's Foundation Canada is an amazing organization working to brighten the days of those who really need it most. Check out their website to view any upcoming events and see how you can help. We wish Starlight many more years of spreading joy!




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