The Top 10 Changes You Will Face in Your 1st Trimester

The first trimester is a time when a pregnant woman's body decides to have a mind of its own, when even her mind starts playing tricks on her and when her soul starts getting extremely spiritual. On the outside she may not look overly pregnant yet, but inside, her body is getting ready to go through a huge change.

Unless a woman is irregular, usually the first month of pregnancy may go by unnoticed until that TOM goes by and she suddenly realizes that something is missing. That's when she connects the dots and realizes what's going on inside. Some women say they know before they mis Aunt Flo's arrival, but others need more proof.

The first trimester is considered the best trimester by some while others swear that the first trimester is the worst. Ever. There are even some who don't even notice any significant changes. It is different for every mother. So whether you're a first timer or an old hand at this pregnancy thingy, there will be changes that you will certainly experience throughout the journey of the first 3 months. And tadaa! Here they are.

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10 Twin Peaks

If you are like me and have an airport runway for a chest then you'd be delighted to know that one of the most significant changes you'll experience would be your breasts. For one thing, your nipples might feel extra sensitive to touch. This is most evident underneath the shower where your nipples will most get a tingling feel and soreness.

And here comes the good part. Your bra size will increase! *Fist pump * Oh yeah, Dolly Parton stand aside! Make way for this new mama! So be prepared to invest in extra bras of at least one cup bigger. But ladies, this celebration will not last. Your breasts will usually return to its pre pregnancy size once your child is born and when you stop breastfeeding. By then you'll have sagging breasts in place of the once perky bouncy sexy (well you get the idea) breasts.

9 Teenage Acne Breakout

For the unfortunate bunch, your body's hormones will go into berserker mode and cause pimples upon pimples which will form on the face, putting even teenage acne to shame. For some women this break out may even be worse than what they experienced in high school. Most women don't get it that bad, it depends on a few things like your skin condition and hormones.

During this time is it important to keep your face clean and moisturized. If possible, sign up for a facial package and let the beautician help you out. If you're lucky your skin might return to its normal state after the first trimester, if you're not then you might have to wait until the baby pops out. Until then, have fun popping zits.

8 The Glowing Pregnancy

For the fortunate (grrr.... this only happens to the minority), your skin will emit a luminous quality, potentially rivaling Snow White's. If you belong to this category then congratulations! (Snickers from behind, secretly hoping that you'll get acne during your second trimester). No seriously, the pregnancy glow is a coveted state of pregnancy where you look and feel amazing.

You can attribute your glowing and silky smooth skin to the hormonal changes as well as the increase in blood circulation in your body. Usually this comes during the second trimester when the hormones usually abate for a few months while your body seems to relax and let the pregnant you shine. You may even feel like you look good during this time as well.

7 Oh the Hormones

Oh my dear, your hormones will mess you up so much you won't even know what hit you in the head. You might be feeling fine at one moment, only to cry your eyes out when your spouse mentions something innocent like, 'Hey, you've put on weight!' Of course your spouse is probably more sensitive than that, but little things like TV commercials or cards can bring on the water works.

While it may be normal to feel more sensitive and emotional during your pregnancy, please try to keep your emotions in check. You don't want to freak people out acting like a looney toon. For some women, this surge in hormones can make them almost unbearable to be around. So if you find people are avoiding you, maybe it's time to take a step back when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed.

6 Constant Need to Pee

The lucky minority will experience very little to no morning sickness, occasionally gracing the water closet once in a blue moon. The majority however will spend most of their time gagging in the bathroom or bawling next to the  toilet bowl.

If you belong to the latter category then you might want to think of your toilet bowl as your new best friend. There was a lady who had this so called 'morning sickness' ( who the heck coined the term morning sickness anyways??? This whole nausea, object stuck in your throat, vomiting thing can last you from morning to night) practically lived on crackers in a tin in one arm and a bowl for gagging in the other. Sounds like fun.

But ladies if you feel like your vomiting is out of control ( read vomiting everyday on an extremely high frequency), then you might want to seem out your doctor. Some mothers suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum ( a condition in which there is so much vomiting that you suffer from dehydration) which will require hospitalization.

5 Friendly Strangers

Photo credit - Cloud Mine Amsterdam / Shutterstock.com

Its funny how the world in general treats pregnant women with more respect and kindness. Almost everyone would feel protective of a pregnant woman. They are after all carrying the blood of the next generation. And that itself is something to be in awe of. Most pregnant women find that people become more chivalrous and caring towards them.

Perhaps you might not feel the need to be treated differently, but there's no harm in having more things work in your favor once in awhile. And perhaps people won't even give a damn, but that's likely because your baby bump isn't showing yet. Once the bump is out there, darn right you'll be looking for some special treatment! And why wouldn't you, you're growing a person!

4 Special Treatment

Go ahead. Wake your spouse in the middle of the night and demand for pecan butterscotch ice cream. Scream bloody murder if your spouse refuses to budge and start rattling about how your poor baby has nothing to eat at night and has been sending you signals on its need to feed on ice cream. They'll probably get out of bed just to get away from you. Jokes, of course they want to get you that ice cream the baby wants!

Or, drag your friends to your favourite sushi restaurant for the 20th time in a month all in the name of your baby. You'll see that while they might grit their teeth and plot their revenge, they will most likely not be able to deny you. Of course, once they begin getting pregnant, they'l better understand the pressure that cravings put on a pregnant woman.

3 The Mane Envy

Your hair will be the envy of many. Your mane will be so healthy you could brush your hair a hundred times a day and still have trouble finding strands of hair that have fallen out. Your hair will be so healthy you wouldn't even know what 'hairloss' means.

While this might not be so evident during your first trimester, your body's estrogen level will increase ( especially during your second trimester) and this will help prolong the growing phase of your hair and therefore less shedding.

But before you rejoice, keep in mind that you'll still need to eat healthy and condition your hair. Once your baby comes out your body's estrogen level will drop and the nightmare of hair shedding will begin.

2 Staying Awake

The nights you spend in the bathroom and craving for food and the fact that you have a little homosapien growing inside of you means that your energy level will drop. In fact, you'll feel quite lethargic most of the time and will fall asleep quite easily, especially during the day when the sun is hot and when you have a mountain of assignments to complete.

During this time try to rest as much as possible and if not, try taking tidbits to keep you awake. The best way to get some sleep during the day at work is to rest during break periods. Bring a pillow for your desk or even sleep in the break room. Another idea is to eat some foods that digest slowly, these should help you feel more awake for longer.

1 View Life Differently

Life as viewed through the eyes of a child is very much different when viewed by a teenager. And through the eyes of an adult, it looks even more different. The same goes for a pregnant woman. Suddenly life might become more beautiful for you. The sound of birds chirping could be extra sweet or the setting of the sun to be more magnificent than before.

You might even view everyday objects in life differently. Suddenly the spiral staircase in your house that you used to adore has become a threat to you. Or the seemingly innocent sashimi that you used to take now makes you cringe. And even that killer heels you used to rock in now seem menacing.

You'll be more sensitive to your surroundings, particularly to things that might be of danger to you and your little one and that my dear is actually a good sign. Being attuned to possible dangers in life can help keep you and your baby safe. Of course, try not to border on being paranoid. Welcome to the world of motherhood.

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