The Top 15 Lies Doctors Tell ALL Expectant Mothers

Being a doctor is not easy. These smart professionals put themselves in the line of fire (not literally) every day in order to save lives. In their line of work, a little oversight could end a life, so there is a lot of pressure on them. Sometimes, they need to ease off and tell a little white lie so as not to upset the patient further. (It’s assumed that patients are already upset, hence the need to see a doctor).

At first, doctors may go into the profession because of their drive to better humanity and save lives. But sooner or later, somewhere in there, they might have to do some things they probably don’t like. For some, it quickly progresses to a lot of things.

Since they might not know the emotional response framework of their patients, it is important to drop the bad news with a pinch of sugar; although sometimes, there is so much sugar one might find themselves saying ‘thanks’ to a doctor who just diagnosed them with cancer.

Then there is the pregnant woman. At the time of pregnancy, the hormones in the woman’s body are outta control (literally) and the last thing her husband or friend wants to do is upset her. At that time, she needs reassurance every minute of the day because there is no telling what she would do if she is upset.

So, if there is a group of people doctors lie to the most, it is pregnant women. Illustrated here are 15 top shelf lies doctors tell pregnant women.

15 It’ll Be Over Very Quickly

A pregnancy lasts nine months and two weeks--give or take a week or so. That is a lot of downtime for a woman. In this period, they don’t even understand their bodies and emotions anymore, if a woman is a biatch during her period, this gets worse. So, what is up with doctors and this particular lie?

This is just something they say in order not to face the reality that they will be tending to pregnant women’s questions till after the baby is born. Perhaps even longer. Because imagine yourself being inundated with stupid questions hour after hour, day after day, right? So, this is more of a reassurance to the doctor than the pregnant woman they are lying to. The truth is, it will not be over very quickly; it is an arduous nine-month ordeal.

14 We Need To Examine Ya A Little Longer

A little longer? That sounds more like they need the pregnant woman to stay longer so that she can spend just a tad more money. Most times, doctors know it is not necessary to keep these women, but pregnant women are willing to do anything to protect their unborn child. Seeing this need, a doctor would suggest all sorts of scans and tests.

They even go as far as running the same tests three times just to have the same result. And all of this while the woman is, of course, paying for the same things over and over again. Or her husband or friends or family. You get the picture. Another scenario is where a woman would be told she needs to stay overnight for observation just so she would pay an extra day’s bill in the hospital.

13 These Prescription Meds Will Help

Really, doc? Perhaps there is nothing wrong with a little supplement every now and again, but prescription meds should be kept away from pregnant women. Xanax and Valium are meds usually used in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks which, being realistic, is a major phase for pregnant women. It should be noted that it is also common for doctors to prescribe these meds during pregnancy.

Valium is highly addictive and a shocking 65 percent of users are women. So, even if Valium will help her calm her nerves, who will be there for her when abuse begins and we have to check her into rehab? Even for a person whose hormones are not volatile, a prescription med can be a challenge to get off from, let alone a woman who is not in full control of her hormones.

12 This Might Affect The Baby Negatively

Sometimes, doctors discourage pregnant women from taking walks during pregnancy because--get this--it will harm the baby. Can you believe it? While standing for long hours may slow an unborn child’s growth (this is a form of stress), everybody knows that walking (as a form of exercise, of course) for 30-45 minutes every day or every two days is just what a pregnant woman needs to balance her fitness level.

A healthy, expecting mother should remain active throughout her pregnancy if she is to improve her stamina when the B-day comes. Advising the pregnant women on the right things will actually make the doctors' work easier when the time comes, but no, that doesn’t put money in the account, does it? And so women are handed pill after pill just to 'improve' their non-existent conditions

11 There Is Absolutely Nothing To Worry About

Every woman has a right to know exactly what they are going in for when they are pregnant. Sugar coating it makes the panic much worse when the pregnancy gets intense. A woman should always be told that there will be morning sickness episodes, there will be mood swings, there will be new and unusual disgusting behavior such as enjoying the smell of fecal matter. This is a fact--sad but true.

Let’s not go into the fact that some ladies begin to hate their favorite food while other eat like lions. Some women exhibit aggressiveness towards their husbands when they are pregnant and they need to know this beforehand so they can handle it better. Only after telling them all of these things is a doctor allowed to say "there is nothing to worry about."

10 That’s A Beautiful Glow!

There is a slight ‘glow’ women have at the beginning of a pregnancy. But after that, however, they may start to look like Bella from the unforgivable bad Twilight series. Of course, saying to their face that they look like they are carrying what might be a ‘human-vampire’ cross breed is not appropriate either, but doctors give the compliment as though they are reciting a script.

Or sometimes, it's kinda like they're going through the motions, repeating the same things over and over to pregnant ladies every time.

It is so bad, in fact, that even the pregnant woman in question knows the doctor is lying. So, why do it? Perhaps they throw in the compliment so they can better sell this lie to the next pregnant lady. Did we say ‘lie’? We totally meant ‘line’.

9 Two Different Doctors = Not Good For ‘You’

This lie is said because most doctors don’t want the patient seeking consultation from another professional. Do you know why? Because if this doctor isn’t able to give you the relief you’re looking for, the second doctor just might. And that’s a loss of quite a lot of money!

Sometimes, just sometimes, doctors aren't as smart or knowledgeable as we'd like them to be. And to be honest, they themselves tend to be more comfortable with clueless pregnant women.

As mentioned earlier, they (the pregnant women--not the doctors) will do anything to see that their pregnancy and delivery goes well, and who better to seek consult from than the one health professional that the woman has already visited? The physician, by the way, must have gone out of his way to assure how truly good and experienced a doctor he is.

8 I Have Seen This Hundreds Of Times

And by ‘hundreds’ the doctor here means three. Okay, maybe not three--four, to be exact. This is supposed to automatically and subconsciously reassure the patient that they are in the best hands. Because who'd want to visit a doctor who's seen a case three times, when there's a doctor next door who's seen the same case one hundred times?

To be honest, pregnant women don’t go seeking opinion and advice from someone else, so when they do, they begin by asking "How many times have you seen this case?"

But, doctors know who has been ‘washed’ by another doctor, so once they hear this question, they know one of them has already used the ‘I’ve seen this a lot’ line on the pregnant women. The only way out of this is by stating the exact number of years they have been practicing, this--most times--is also another lie.

7 The World Health Organization Says

This one is too good. The fetus produces stem cells to repair the mother when she has any internet issues during the pregnancy. Ever heard of stem cell research? Look it up. It is truly magnificent what the fetus in the stomach is capable of. With them around, there is really no need for meds. The baby and mother are as immune as they could be. But that doesn’t bring money to the hospital’s account, does it?

So, these immunity shots come around, are promoted by the medical bodies and pharmaceutical conglomerates, then doctors are forced (but mostly agree happily in exchange for a commission) to market them. And these meds actually make the mother more susceptible to some minor ailments. Thus she is in need of more meds, and bringing more funds into the system.

6 I Know This From Experience

This is another lie which is supposed to play on the psychology of the patient. It is a real issue when every doctor steals from the second-hand experience of another in order to make a patient either stay longer or spend more money at the hospital. Yeah, it happens, and it happens a lot more than one would care to admit.

In Nigeria, it is a common thing where every doctor has a horrific experience to share with pregnant women, with those wild stories always highlighting how the pregnant woman was wrong or misinformed. These experiences always end with the doctor, of course, saving the day.

The only thing is that almost every doctor has the same experience to scare--scratch that--share with the patients. This was discovered by a group of undercover journalists who posed as pregnant women and visited multiple doctors in different hospitals.

5 I’ve Been Practicing For 20 Years

Again, 20 here generally means three or five. And these doctors would do anything to gain and retain the confidence of their patients, pregnant women even more so. Naturally, the more time one has been on something, the better and more professional they become. So, it is only 'natural' that a doctor who has been practicing for 20 years is better than one who has been practicing for 19 years and 11 months.

And doctors who have all taken classes in psychology know this loophole and use it, too. As stated earlier, this is how some physicians gain and retain the confidence of their patients. Where it becomes funny is when the pregnant women wind up finding out that their doctors, who have been at it for 20 years, aren’t more than 31 years old. OUCH!

4 The Last Woman Who Didn’t Listen To Me Had A Bad Experience

There is always that one patient who hasn’t listened to a doctor. And that poor patient always ended up horribly who lived to regret the decision she made against the doctor's wishes. Let’s face it; doctors can be a nag. But, when a doctor uses this line, it is an attempt to guilt-trip a patient. These lies make it harder to question the competence of the doctor. They are, after all, health care professionals.

These are kind of like the lie where they use someone else’s experiences, but in this case, most of the stories are 100 percent made up. So, what they are stooping down to make up stories now? Just to scare pregnant women? It is far more than that. It is not about the women. It is about the system they have to maintain.

3 Every Pregnancy Is Different

Every doctor has a different way of dealing with clients. Some can be friendly, some can be very professional and some can be outright arrogant douchebags. If a pregnant woman knows that she can live healthy enough to go through a smooth nine months, they may not be going to the doctor as much, and the doctors can’t have that.

So, by saying each pregnancy is different, the woman--even after having a child--would still find herself with the same anxiety and panic attacks when another pregnancy comes.

Yes, they never get used to the morning sickness episodes, but added here to that discomfort is that it may be worse this time, or different somehow. This freaks women out for life; and it is a profitable business for the doctors who love nothing more than having scared women in their offices seeking that counsel.

2 As A Professional, I Must Insist That….

Again, this is another ploy to make the patient second-guess her intentions. Most of the time, a pregnant woman’s instincts are very right and spot on. She is already feeling her body changing, and as strange as it may be at times, she kinda already knows things concerning her pregnancy which she didn’t learn from anywhere.

It’s kind of how the body knows to start producing milk just at the right time. These things cannot be explained per se, but they happen. So, this reverse psychology technique employed by our friends in the white coats and stethoscopes is perfect in its aim to reduce the rate at which women listen to their instincts.

Because if they started listening to their instincts and stayed away from half the things doctors advised, how will those smart people make money? The horror!

1 Trust Me

Should pregnant women really trust doctors? After all we have read in this article, should they really? Even though docs may care for their patients, that is what they are--patients. There is a whole book of code on how to deal with ‘patients’. So, when they see a patient, the person is no longer a human being; he/she is a patient. No emotions are involved, no matter how much you'd like to believe otherwise.

Think about it. Why are doctors not allowed to carry out operations on a relative? Ever asked that question? Because at that point there is a conflict of interest. Emotions cloud their judgment. So, there we have it--a doctor would say "trust me" but they would not be trusted to attend to their own family member. We really don't have to say much more.

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