The Top 20 Labor Concerns (And Why They Are Not Worth The Worry)

Being pregnant is truly an amazing thing to be able to experience. Though it is hard and sometimes there are unpleasant things that can be a bit of an annoyance, having the ability to carry a new little person and give birth to them is a very wonderful and unique experience. There is nothing quite like this type of feeling.

From hearing the first heartbeat to purchasing the first baby related items for the new little one in the family, pregnancy can be a very exciting time. But, it is also a time during which many expecting mothers and fathers become quite nervous, and worry a lot about what the future holds for them and their baby girl or boy. Being a bit nervous when a new baby is on the way is perfectly normal and expected. Bringing a new person into the world can make some expecting parents quite nervous, as there are a lot of concerns that may pop into their minds.

Being nervous is fine, as it is all just a part of becoming a parent, or adding one more to the bunch for those who already have babies. However, a lot of the worries expecting moms have about labor and delivery are not as likely to happen as they might think.

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20 A Lot Of Moms Are Concerned About The Pain

Pain can be a bit bothersome to say the least. However, those who are expecting a new baby, especially if they have never had one before, dread the pain quite a bit. Perhaps, though, this is because they are afraid of the unknown, and not the actual pain itself.

No one will ever say birth is not a very painful experience. But, the good news is that there are things that can be done to help the pain seem less severe. There are pain medications for moms who are giving birth.

Additionally, those who do not want to take medicine can go another route. There are midwives and doulas who are able to help a woman deal with her physical pain while she is having her baby.

19 She May Be Worried About Going Number Two

A very common worry amongst expecting mothers is about whether or not they will go number two when their baby is being born. Saying it won’t happen would be a lie, because it actually is quite likely.

However, there is a silver lining here. Firstly, when a woman is pushing a baby out, there is usually so much going on that she will not even notice it has happened. Furthermore, any medical professionals that are present during the birth are not going to be bothered by this at all.

Also, this is kind of a good thing. If woman goes number two during labor, that is a sign that her body is pushing just as it is supposed to.

18 Lack Of Privacy Might Be An Issue


Something that is on the minds of many pregnant women before they give birth to their baby is whether or not there will be a lack of privacy. There are times when delivery rooms have been pretty crowded, but that is not always what the mother desires.

But, expecting moms do not need to worry about this too much. Part of the way they can make sure to have as few people as possible in the room during birth is to have a written birth plan. These plans can include details about who is welcome in the room, and who is not.

17 Mom Will Likely Think Her Wishes May Not Happen

One thing that a lot of pregnant women worry about is how the labor process will go. But, they may also have some ideas of their own that they believe would make the process easier for them. In cases like this, the expecting mom and her partner will usually come up with a birth plan.

Something to keep in mind is, while birth plans definitely are a good idea, they are not a legally binding contract. Should the mom or baby’s health require a change in the plan, the healthcare provider will stray from it just a bit.

However, this is certainly not always the case. Many births are fine, and therefore there are a lot of times when everything happens just as the mother wanted it to. If any changes are made, it is only because the health of the baby and his or her mother requires it to be done.

16 She May Have Concerns About Whether She Is Capable Of Giving Birth

There are a lot of things women hear a great deal about when it comes to pregnancy. One of them is how hard giving birth is, and there are a lot of stories about women not being able to birth their babies. Therefore, some ladies are now worried that their bodies will not be able to give birth.

However, that is simply not true, and worrying about it just makes the woman’s anxiety and stress levels go up, which is good for no one. Our bodies are actually designed to do things like have children, so that is what we are built for. If there are any problems, our medical care providers will be there to help us.

15 Moms May Not Like The Idea Of A C-Section

Sometimes, there are parts of being pregnant, as well as giving birth, that can be very worrisome. One of the things that many pregnant women do not want to take part in is having a cesarean section.

However, this is usually only a big concern for women who have not done it before. There are a lot of mothers who have had c-sections before, and seem to prefer it over a natural birth.

It is natural and normal to be worried about this type of thing, especially when it is something the mother has not already been through. But, if an expecting mother’s healthcare provider knows that a c-section might be in her near future, they will do all they can to make sure it goes well. This includes pre-surgery education a few days ahead of time for the mother, and she can tour the hospital and talk about her concerns with her doctor as well.

14 Not Making It To The Hospital In Time Is A Big Concern

We have all seen this scenario in the movies, and often times it is made out to be a pretty funny scene. But in reality, the thought of not making to the hospital in time can be a little stressful for the expecting mother.

It is always best to have some sort of medical professional close by when a baby is being born. But, there are a few important things to remember. One is that this does not happen very often. In 2009, only 40,000 births happened outside of a hospital, and that number includes unplanned births, as well as planned ones. Furthermore, only 2,400 of those births did not happen at a birth centre, or at home.

Second, having a doula can be helpful. The doula can help to coach the mother and her partner through the birth, as well as making the mom as comfortable as possible.

13 Some Mothers Are Concerned About The Dangers

Throughout history, there have many cases of women passing away when they were giving birth to their little boys and girls. Furthermore, it seems that there are always mothers out there who are more than willing to tell their pregnant friends and family members what a painful experience they had when they were in labor, so that does not exactly help those that are already afraid of expiring when they have their baby.

But, there are some key facts to keep in mind here. In the past, society did not have the great medical advancements we have today. That is not to say that the worst outcome while giving birth is not possible, it just means it is much less likely to happen than it used to be.

12 The Epidural Can Be Concerning To Some

While many women spend a great deal of time worrying about whether or not they will be able handle the pain during labor and birth, others might be worrying about something else entirely. Some expecting moms tend to get freaked out over the thought of getting the epidural, which is a shot that is given during labor in order to make the pain seem less severe.

Some people are afraid of needles, so this is a perfectly natural thing to feel anxious about. However, there is not much of a need to worry about it. Healthcare providers are trained to give this kind of pain relief, so it is very unlikely that anything bad will happen when the patient is getting an epidural.

11 She Might Worry About Premature Labor

Practically all expecting mothers have some serious concerns when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and the health of them and their babies. One concern that seems to be extremely common is that the mother will go into labor early.

One comforting thing to know is that a full term pregnancy is one that goes until 40 weeks, but if a baby is born during the 37th week of gestation they are very likely to be fine. Furthermore, there are a lot of different types of physical pain that can convince a mother she is going into labor early, such as Braxton Hicks, and round ligament discomfort, which are both quite normal.

10 Tearing Is A Worry For Some

One thing that seems particularly alarming, especially for first-time mothers, is the fact that there is a possibility that parts of her lower body may tear during birth. Considering what will be going on down there during birth, it seems fairly likely that there will be minor tears of some sort.

But the good news is that mothers who have had this happen have given some tips on how it can possibly be avoided. Controlling your breathing, relaxing the muscles, listening to your body, and being in an upright position are great ways to avoid tearing. Additionally, mothers need to make sure they are breathing correctly during labor, and not holding their breath.

9 Some Mothers Worry About Unexpected Problems During The Delivery

One fact about giving birth that is a very unpleasant one to think about is that there can be problems that arise when the big day comes. Furthermore, some of these issues can be unexpected, and therefore there are times when things can put the mother or baby’s health at risk.

But, something that is highly important to remember when giving birth is that healthcare providers are trained to handle situations like these. Furthermore, surprises during birth are not as likely as they once were because society has made a lot of wonderful advancements when it comes to medical technology, so many possible issues will likely be spotted beforehand, and the expecting parents, as well as their doctor or midwife, can make a plan on how to handle the situation.

8 Pregnant Women Don’t Want To Be In Labor For Long


Just the thought of going into labor in general can make some women nervous, but others tend to worry about how long the process will last. When one is trying to mentally prepare for the big event, they might imagine that labor and giving birth is going to last for a very long time.

But the truth is, how long the labor will last usually depends on certain factors, like whether or not this is the first time the mother has given birth, for example.

The first time a woman is in labor is usually the longest. But, the first-time moms will likely be in labor for around sixteen hours, give or take a few. Labor is split up into three stages, with the first part being the longest, and the last part (which is the most painful) is the shortest. That is because this is the time when the baby is born.

7 Swearing While Giving Birth Is Something Some Moms Hope Not To Do

Labor and birth can be a very interesting process to go through. There are some parts of it that are very cool, such as hearing the baby cry when he or she is coming out, and seeing them in person for the first time. Having skin-to-skin contact right away is amazing, as well.

However, there are also some parts of giving birth that are not so great. The pain, for example, can make some ladies swear a lot, even if that is not something they did much in the past. This is a worry for some women, but the truth is that no doctor or midwife is going to judge them for it or get offended. This is something they have all been through before, and it is not unexpected for them, so mothers don’t need to worry about their vocabulary during labor.

6 A Lot Of Mothers Are Concerned About Whether Or Not They Will Pass Gas

There are a lot of things one may worry about while preparing for the birth of her baby. Some of these worries are very warranted, as they may be about something serious. But on the other hand, there are also mothers out there who are worried about some of the smaller things, such as passing gas.

This is another thing that happens to fall under the category of things medical care professionals are used to. Sure, this is not something anyone desires, but it is a normal bodily function, and those who work in healthcare are prepared to handle it. Also, since there is a lot going on during labor, this is something the mother may not even notice, if it does happen.

5 Some Women Are Concerned About Being Mean To Their Partner

Along with worrying about the things their body may due during labor and what they may say in general, many women also tend to be worried about how they will treat their partners. How a mother is going to behave during labor is a bit unpredictable for her, especially if she is totally new to it.

But, this is not something to be worried over. Usually at this point, there has been some preparation for the birth of the baby, so the mother’s partner may have an idea as to what she will act like during labor.

Also, this is not just the pain talking. Hormones can also be to blame for some of the things that may be said in the delivery room.

4 Mothers Do Not Like The Idea Of Being Judged

There are a lot of things that happen during and after birth, and sometimes being judged is one of those things. There are always people out there who may think that whatever type of birth a mother chooses to have is not the right one, or that she should or should not have pain medication to make things a bit easier, etc.

But, being judged really is not worth the worry. In the end, all that matters is that the mother and the baby are both healthy and happy. The opinions of others do not matter when it comes to labor and delivery, because the process is different for each woman and baby that is involved.

3 Mom Might Be Concerned About Being Anxious And Unable To Relax

No matter how much expecting moms prepare for birth, they might always worry about whether their bodies will be able to relax when the time comes. Relaxation is a key part of labor, because if the muscles are tense, it can make things even more difficult.

But, there is no need to worry about this because there are ways pregnant mothers can try to ensure that they will be able to relax during labor, as they can practice certain techniques throughout their pregnancy.

One tip that can be useful here is for the mother to pay attention to her body, as well as how she breathes in certain situations. Moms can practice tensing up the muscles in their body for a few seconds, and then releasing them. This will help when it is time to relax the muscles when the baby is coming.

2 She Does Not Want To Be Separated From Her Baby

There are many pregnancy and birth related worries mothers have that are very serious, and this can be one of them. After a baby is born, it is very important that the mother and baby not be separated, or at least not for a long period of time.

Being separated from her baby is something a lot of mothers do not want, as they have spent the previous nine months being with the child every second. But, the mother can make her wishes known to the doctor beforehand, when she discusses her birth plan with him. Some things, such as the first bath the baby has after being born, can be altered to fit in with the mom’s wishes. In this case, the only time the baby may be separated from her is if something is wrong.

1 Moms Are Concerned About The Baby's Health

Many expecting parents, no matter whether they are having their first baby or their third, tend to be extremely worried about something unexpected being wrong with the baby when he or she is born. There are times when that does happen, but it is not as often as one might think it is.

That is because, under usual cases, medical professionals are able to tell if there is something wrong with the child long before he or she is born, which also allows for the parents and doctor to come up with a plan for handling the issue.

Though there are a lot of issues that can arise at birth that may be out of the mother’s control, there are some great ways to minimize the risk of these problems popping up. Following these tips can greatly reduce the risk of a newborn having health problems.

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