The Top 20 Most Expensive Baby Products We've Ever Seen

When a woman becomes pregnant, one of the biggest stressors is how much money the couple will need to dish out in order to take care of their pending bundle of joy. They are about to take care of another human for the next 18 years and that does not come cheap. Although babies are expensive, they are worth every penny.

This list was put together to make new parents aware of some of the most luxurious products out there that are perfect for their babies, but also to make them aware that some things are not as expensive as they might seem compared to the 20 products on this list.

Money can be hard to come by and so are most of these high-end luxury baby items. Some are so popular that they sold out the minute they reached the seller's market. If anything here catches mom's eye and she can’t quite afford it, she may just be something to look forward to when it comes to welcoming a new baby into the world. Most parents will need every single thing on this list, but do they need this exact one? We’ll leave that up to mom and dad.

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20 Chair Babysitter, Anyone? Enter, The Mamaroo


The ability to safely put your baby down and walk away without immediate crying has arrived. The Mamaroo is a small electronic baby chair that mimics the movements and soothing effects of a human—virtually comforting your baby for potentially hours on end.

This product comes with many settings including car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, and ocean. The luxury seat is priced at about $219.99 at its highest and $159 for the simpler version of the chair. Although the price is higher than a normal baby seat, it offers mothers the ability to get the kind of work done that they would not be able to do with a baby on their hip 24/7.

19 Soothe Them To Sleep With A SNOO Smart Sleeper

Via: Life By Lee

Babies sleep the best when they are reminded of the womb—the place where they felt safest and the most comfortable before being forced into this bright world of loud sounds and odd feelings. The SNOO Smart Sleeper helps parents achieve the womb feeling for their newborns by providing a familiar “rumbly sound” and slow rocking.

What makes this product “Smart” is that if the baby starts to fuss or cry, it responds to those cues. It does so by making its rumbly sound louder—not to drown out the infant but as an act to find your babies perfect comfort level. This product clocks in at a high $1160; good care can be pricey.

18 Breathing Is Key With The Owlet Smart Sock

Hush Hush Little Baby

One of the most important products to have before giving birth is a system or device to monitor your baby’s breathing at all times, even if they are just a foot away. It is extremely possible for babies to suddenly stop breathing.

Even if you are right next to them you, might not notice that their breathing has stopped.

The Owlet Smart Sock priced at $299.99 is a device used to monitor an infant's heartbeat while they sleep. The Sock slips onto the baby’s foot at night or while they nap and connects to an alarm device and an app on your phone. Even if the alarm isn’t going off, you are free to open the app just for reassurance that your baby’s oxygen levels are up to par.

17 A Luxury Way To Milk Mom: The Medela Symphony Breastpump

Medela Breastfeeding Blog

For many mothers, they choose to nourish their baby through their natural breastmilk. The biggest problem with this is that these days, many moms are working moms and breastfeeding while juggling a work schedule can get hectic.

Many mommies forfeit breastfeeding their babies because they have to work and the only way to breastfeed while not physically being there all the time is to pump. And of course, we’ve all heard the horror stories of pumps that don’t work well.

This is where the Medela Symphony Breast Pump comes in. It can be frustrating to pump both breasts at once. The Medela Symphony pump is small, unlike some bulky pumps. It works both at full capacity, rather than being split between two milk sources. Producing milk is much quicker with this pump but extremely pricey at $2006.64 on the website. Ouch! Go for the Spectra and spare yourself!

16 Where Should They Sleep?


Cribs don’t always play a big role earlier on in infant days but once infants turn into older babies and toddlers, many start to make the transition into a crib. Going from their comfy perch inside the womb to their mother's side to a big scary crib can be hard for babies, which is oftentimes why babies don’t sleep well or for very long in cribs.

The Hudson 3-in-1 Crib, coming in at $379 from Babyletto, is the best because it isn’t just a crib. It can morph into a toddler bed as well as a daybed for an older child. Although this is a pricey option, being that the bed can turn into three different kinds of beds for three different stages of life, it will last parents a very long time.

15 Playtime Meets Confinement With The I’coo Panama Playard

Via: Varage Sale

A Pack n’ Play is a product every parent usually wants to have. There are going to be times where babies need to sleep and parents are not home where their comfy beds await. This is where the i’coo Panama Playard comes in.

If you need to put your baby down for a nap on the go or even give them a safe place to play while you’re busy, the Playard is perfect. Not only is it a place for them to play but it comes with a built-in changing table all-in-one, rather than searching for another clean place to change your little sprout. The Panama Playard comes in at $507.75 but is well worth it for those with the budget to afford such.

14 No More Stinky Will Cost You With The Million Dollar Gold Diaper Pail

Luxury Launches

The last thing new parents want to do is worry about disposing of diapers and the smell of their new baby’s ‘sposies in the middle of the night or during a busy time in the day. Munchkin, Inc just came out with something we’ve never seen before, a Million Dollar Solid Gold Diaper Pail complete with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.

Not only does this product do the trick, but it gives parents the feeling of luxury when disposing of their child's waste at the same time. Word on the street is this diaper pail comes with a diaper attendant to take the burden of changing diapers so often off of parents. All of that for a cool million. Is it worth it?

13 The Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer And Formula Pros Save Us From 2 AM Feedings

Savvy Sassy Moms

Babies typically do not enjoy drinking cold milk, though there are exceptions. When it comes from the breast, it’s warm and they want that warmth consistently. The problem here is that newborn babies feed almost every two hours, which doesn’t seize in the middle of the night.  It can be extremely hard to warm up a bottle while half asleep.

For that reason, bottle warmers were created. Instead of warming a bottle in boiling water or in the microwave—neither of which are safe—in the wee hours of the night, parents can grab an already warm bottle out of their Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer coming in at $69.99.

In addition to this, the same company manufactured something called, Baby Brezza Formula Pro which runs about, $178.96 that not only warms your baby’s bottle but makes the entire bottle for you from the formula that is stored on the top of this machine. It doesn’t get easier than that!

12 The Bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair Is Out Of This World

Housing Units

When children are young, they have a hard time staying still even when it is time to eat. High chairs are the perfect invention to keep your kid in one spot in order to feed them in a quick manner.

High chairs normally aren’t that pricey but the Bloom Fresco Chrome High Chair (in Gold) breaks the bank at $750. This chair is so expensive because it is known as the “World’s Highest Baby Chair” and because its, well, gold.

The adjustments on this almost $800 chair allow babies of any age to join their family next to any surface no matter the height. Not only that, but the chair can change to accommodate a child of up to 8 years old. We just aren’t sure what kind of 8-year-old needs a high chair?

11 The Gucci Supreme Diaper Bag Should Come Fully Stocked At This Price

Via: Gucci

Diaper Bags are becoming more and more popular throughout recent years. It is essential for parents to have a place to store everything they need for their little ones while they are on the go, such as the obvious diapers, extra clothes, bottles, and so forth.

A pricey option for a diaper bag, the Gucci Supreme Diaper Bag doesn’t lack any style, but it is priced at $1690. The price tag is the biggest one we have ever seen, and it’s undoubtedly due to the designer label plastered all over the bag. This particular tote includes a lot of space in, which is essential when traveling with a baby. But for that price… we could buy baby a full set of luggage.

10 The Hot Rod Baby Stroller Is All The Rage

Dude I Want That

Most babies are born weighing in at below 10 pounds, making them easy to carry around during infancy.

The problem here is that our babies don’t stop growing—not that we want them to.

Eventually, they will be 20 pounds and counting, which can prove to be hard to carry around the mall while Christmas shopping or perusing the produce aisle. The Hot Rod Baby Stroller does everything for you.

This trendy pram comes in handy when parents busy and need a safe place to strap baby in and go. Plus, sometimes we need our hands. This particular stroller is electronically controlled and priced at $4495. Sometimes the price is high for luxury.

9 Binkies With Bling Via The Diamond Pacifier

CNN Money

Sometimes it can be hard to soothe your baby; many parents rely on pacifiers to keep infants calm during the day, or more frequently at nap and bedtime. Although they should not be used for too long since they can impact oral health and tooth development, why not splurge on something that is a godsend in the first year or two?

On aBaby, there is a Diamond Pacifier for sale running at $17,000.

Many may believe this is for decoration, but the nipple is actually made of silicone for real babies to use.

This pacifier is made of 14-carat white gold and 278 diamonds cover this surface of it.

8 The MagicBath Is BluBleu’s Best Friend For Babies


The summer can be a tough time for babies. They can’t dress and undress themselves and they certainly cannot swim. So, it may be hard for them to cool down, or to communicate that they are hot. BluBleu took care of this by inventing The MagicBath jacuzzi—perfect to help both the parent and their baby to relax.

The little baby seat that is built into the jacuzzi even has a massage system for their teeny bodies. This sounds amazing, but the price is hefty at $2185. Hey, babies need to relax too, don’t they?

7 Safe Travels With The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat


Many years ago, babies were held by their mothers whenever they needed to be transported in cars. Nowadays, car seats are absolutely required and a whole lot safer.

There are cheap ones out there but can you really put a price on your baby’s safety?

The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat comes in at $569.99 and ensures your child's safety so you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice. The price may not seem too bad when you realize that this particular seat can be used in infancy and well into toddler years, too.

It even comes in six different colors for those parents who want a wide variety when choosing their baby carrier.

6 Hands-Free Baby Snuggling With The Gucci Baby Carrier


You guessed it, more Gucci! For parents looking for a little bit more luxury to match these other baby products, the Gucci Baby Carrier will fit right in.

Made popular by Kylie Jenner using it to carry her little bundle of joy around, this carrier is priced at just over $800.

The question is, did the popularity come from the brand or the person putting the product to use? Regardless of how many people want this, the product is completely sold out ever since it has been featured on this star's social media page. These types of carriers are the best products ever made to hold babies; they make it so much easier for parents to soothe their babies by holding them—even when they have a ton of work to do.

5 The Ari D. Norman Celebration Rattle Is The Perfect Distraction

Ari D. Norman

Most babies do not need toys right away, but you can never go wrong with a rattle of some sort to keep them entertained for short spurts of time. We all want baby to be calm during that car ride or when we need a quick shower. The Ari D. Norman Sterling Silver Rattle is perfect to entertain your baby. This product comes in at $295 and is made with the most decadent and creative designs.

Although it has intricate carvings etched into it, this rattle is extremely easy to clean if your baby happens to make a mess. Be prepared to pay shipping on top of that steep price tag, though. This puppy is manufactured in England.

4 Moncler’s Infant Fur-Trimmed Down-Quilted Snowsuit For Your Snow Bunny


Just because children are small and have no income doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed to be just as fashionable as everyone else. While you’re shopping at Barney’s for that sterling silver rattle, pick up Moncler’s Fur-Trimmed Down-Quilted Snowsuit for a cool $615.

This suit comes in at least 5 sizes and is perfect to keep your little bundle warm in the winter. You won't want to put your baby in any other kind of snowsuit after they have gotten used to being cozy in this chunk of change. At least it's less expensive than that luxury pacifier or the 8-year old’s high chair.

3 The Krysaliis Sterling Silver Two Ring Baby Teether Rattle Will Make Jaws Drop


Similar to that famed rattle we imagine every celeb mom owns, the Krysaliis Sterling Silver Two Ring Baby Teether Rattle is great for parents who want to indulge and splurge can scoop one up.

This teether is desirable because the material it is made out of is almost always cold the touch, which feels good on baby’s swollen gums while they are preparing to have teeth erupt.

Not only will this help babies through the pain of cutting teeth, it is versatile enough to double as a rattling toy. This little thing is priced at about $149.99 and will benefit your baby—even if your budget hurts from it.

2 Shouldn’t All Babies Eat Via Emporio Armani Bottles?


Breastfeeding is the most natural and sought-after way to nourish a growing baby. But there are quite a few women out there who cannot produce enough milk for their babies and thus, bottle-feeding with donor milk or formula ends up being the next alternative.

Bottles can be relatively cheap but what about a 2-pack of different sized bottles that will grow with your baby, rather than having to switch bottles every time they need a new size?

This pack priced at $126 also comes with a pacifier and clip to help that binkie (which is diamond-less) stay in your baby’s mouth easier. This set is made by Emporio Armani. Those designer labels sure do garner some dough.

1 The Nanit Smart Baby Monitor And Wall Support Is Mom’s Pricey Peace Of Mind

Last but not least, many parents do not put their babies down for naps or to bed at night in separate rooms because they are afraid of what might happen if they are away from their babies for too long or cannot get to them fast enough.

The Nanit Smart Baby Monitor And Wall Support will help ease those fears. This device sits like a shower head on the crib in order to get a birds-eye view of your sleeping wee one.

This kind of surveillance will cost about $270.99 but will ensure that you sleep peacefully at night knowing your baby is safe. Still, there are a lot of video monitors on the market that are far easier on the wallet than this one.

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