The Truth About Collin Gosselin: 15 Things Kate Has Been Hiding

There is one word that can sum up what the Gosselin family means to most of the world - DRAMA! There was drama surrounding Kate Gosselin giving birth to sextuplets and even if she truly needed fertility treatment.

Rumor has it that she was plenty fertile as she became pregnant in high school, but was forced to abort the baby by her father (which makes her mother to eight rainbow babies!) She claims to have struggled with polycystic ovary syndrome, which left it difficult to conceive. Some conspiracy theories run rampant that Kate only wanted to copy another popular mother of multiples and did it for the fame.

The happenings inside the Gosselin house during the reality shows Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus 8 are top-notch TV drama, as well. Kate is known as a tyrant and nothing less than a serious control freak. While taping the earlier shows, she and her then husband Jon went through as many as 40 nannies. Most of her former employees only have negative things to say about Kate.

The huge bomb-drop of a divorce that Jon and Kate threw in our faces was drama with a big D. She claimed Jon was a cheater, a drug dealer, and has called the cops on him multiple times for seemingly insignificant things.

Like mentioned before, there is drama surrounding this family at all times. Most of it is brought on by the matriarch Kate Gosselin herself. So, what about this business with Jon and Kate's son Collin?

We know bits and pieces about this 13-year-old, but we do know that he's been pinpointed as trouble in the Gosselin family. In the world of reality TV, trouble means ratings, so this is great news for fame-hungry Kate. But what is really going on with Collin?

Here are 15 things Kate has been hiding from us about her son. Enjoy!

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15 He Got Expelled As A Toddler


We all know that kids can be quite the handful. Let's just keep it real here and admit that they can be little devils! This young age is not called "terrible twos" for no reason at all and news flash, the behavior doesn't always magically disappear on their third birthday.

While no parent wants to confess that their kids are trouble makers, we parents all deal with bad choices made by our children at one point or another.

Apparently Kate was incredibly ashamed that her two little ones got kicked out of their school. Both Alexis and Collin were expelled from the ritzy Pennsylvania school in which they were enrolled. She finally admitted five years later that the school wasn't "meeting their needs" and decided to tutor them at home.

14 She's Been Frustrated With Him Since Day One


Jon and Kate have eight children together. Their two oldest are a set of twins named Cara and Mady. Then there are the sextuplets. It's no wonder that Kate gets stressed running a household primarily made up of youngsters, but to have six of them the same age sounds like a difficult challenge.

While each child has given Kate a run for her money, Collin seems to be the one to frustrate her the most. As you already know, Kate Gosselin likes things a very certain way. She doesn't exemplify a vast amount of flexibility, to put it nicely. To put it not so nicely, the women is a grade-A control freak.

Even from the beginning, Collin has been the one who defied his mother's authority the most. He is bold and she can't stand it. Most times the other children cower away but Collin fought back in his own way.

13 He Eats And Sleeps Separately


Knowing that Kate has always struggled with managing Collin, it comes as no surprise that she treats him differently than the other children. Some argue that this special treatment is because she favors him while others try to peg a title of abuser on her.

Whichever side of the fence you fall, it is evident that he has been plucked from the Gosselin patch and assigned a different life, per se.

He is reported to having his own mealtime separate from the others. Also, he sleeps in different quarters than the rest of the kids. For the longest time, they all slept in the same room until the parents could afford a bigger house.

As the children got older and the bigger house came, Collin became more and more separate from the rest of the gang.

12 He Takes The Blunt Of Kate's Rage


Nowadays, most parents are very cautious about how they handle their children in public. In years past, a swat to the backside or a pop on the mouth was no big deal. In fact, this treatment was the standard. If we go even further back in time, children were treated much differently and often more harshly than we'd like to imagine.

Still, parents in this century are cautious. Not Kate Gosselin. She has no qualms about smacking her kids or spanking them in public. Of course, what is public to you and me is not the same as what's public to Kate. EVERYTHING is public when you're a reality TV star.

If you watch the show, you have probably already been exposed to her putting her hands on her kids - Collin especially.

11 It Bugs Kate She Can't Control Him


Like mentioned before, Kate like things handled in a very specific way. If things are not done according to Kate-law then she throws a fit. While her little...er, big fits are great for TV ratings and magazine covers, they aren't so great for building self-confidence in children.

Kate has figured out a way to control most of her kids most of the time. I mean, the recent TV appearance with her twins daughters sort of backfired in her face when they didn't perform as she wanted. For the most part, she gets her way when it comes to her children.

She's admitted that Collin has frustrated her the most. Perhaps her frustration is because she can't always figure out the best way to help him. Who knows? From the outside looking in it really just appears that it bugs her that she can't control him like she can the rest of his siblings.

10 She Was Accused Of Abusing Him

Kate on spank attack!

Nothing about Kate Gosselin is shy. She is loud and opinionated, forceful and blunt, and she comes out swinging when you back her into a corner (or do whatever this kid did in the picture).

It wasn't only the hitting and the portrayed violence that Kate was called out on, though. She was reportedly investigated by the Berks County Pennsylvania Department of Children and Youth Services earlier this year after “someone called and told them Kate had been both physically and psychologically abusive” to the boy.

After the incident, the investigators found no prove of the allegations. On one hand, maybe Kate really hasn't hurt her children. On the other hand, she's a reality TV star and knows how to cover her tracks.

9 He Resents Kate And Isn't Shy About It


Having a mom like Kate Gosselin is probably not the easiest thing in the world. I'm sure there are much more difficult situations kids are enduring around the globe and even here in America. Still, Kate is high-stress and incredibly high maintenance kind of human being. People of this nature don't tend to create a tranquil environment for children or other adults.

It's no wonder that Collin openly rents his mom. He's not the only one who does either. His two older sister are known for trying to calm their mom down. They've pleaded with her to just chill out and not freak out so much.

Their pleas fall on deaf ears...or maybe not deaf ears, maybe just an unwillingness to change on Kate's part. No matter, as the matriarch, she's established her anxious personality and her kids are starting to resent her one by one.

8 Their Divorce Affected Him More Than The Others


Anytime divorce happens, children are undoubtedly affected. The emotions with which a child may react to divorce could be as simple as sadness or as complicated as major depression. Each person is different, so how a child will react to divorce isn'r exactly predictable.

In the case of Collin Gosselin, he acted out his feelings in fits of anger and frustration. He evidently had trouble expression his emotions and would just display them physically. Not only did this cause Kate a lot of issues at home, but it caused problems at school, too.

For instance, he would often take his homework, crumple it up, and throw it on the floor. Both him and Alexis verbalized that they missed their dad, even more so than the other children.

7 Kate Spanked Him The Most


It's already been established that Kate is "swat happy." What this means is that she likes to swat her kids on the bottom or pop them in the mouth as a form of discipline. In Kate's house, if you act up then you're getting swatted some way, shape, or form.

Essentially, the kid who acts up the most is getting the most swats, In Kate's opinion, that kid was Collin. He has notoriously taken the blunt of Kate physical expressions of discipline.

Now  that he and the other sextuplets are 13 years old, Kate probably doesn't have that swatting hand ready for action quite as much, though.

Still, it had to stink growing up knowing you were destined to get swatted before the day was over.

6 She Claims Sending Him Away Wasn't A Choice


Collin Gosselin is now away at a special school for his "social and educational" problems. Apparently these issues were no news to his mother, but she was being no help to him in his time of need.

She claims that sending him away to this special center wasn't a choice, it was a necessity. There, he can receive the social attention he needs as well as the special educational needs that he requires.

Kate also says that his problems were exacerbated by her and Jon's divorce. He struggled with a lot of post-divorce anger. These strong feelings only compounded the real issue. Kate got to the point where she was too frustrated and so was Collin, so away he went.

5  She Won't Tell What's "Wrong" With Him

As you may know, there is a name for just about every problem, syndrome, or hang nail out there. One of the issues that people have in terms of Collin's "problem" is that Kate consistently leaves it unnamed.

Maybe it's that she truly doesn't know or that she doesn't want to divulge that bit of information just yet. Who knows? The only thing that she's said is that he has both "social and educational" problems.

She has described him in social situations where he can't always express himself the way that he wants. He tends to get frustrated and act out in anger. Where does it all stem from, though? Jon and Kate's divorce didn't cause this because she claims to have known about it for much longer than that.

4 He's Kept Out Of Photos For Promotional Purposes

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If you're like most avid Gosselin family observers, you might not have noticed that Collin is often left out of photos. Whether it's a photo for the show or just a paparazzi photo, but especially photos taken for promotional purposes - people are always asking where Collin is.

It's smart marketing, really. Let's face it, Kate is no dummy when it comes to getting attention. She's knows exactly what to do to turn the right heads to have all eyes on her.

This seems to be another ploy that she uses to attract attention for the show. Knowing that Collin has had issues in the past, people will watch the show just to learn why he wasn't in the promo pic. Stealthy, but effective.

Honestly, it's a shame that she uses a weak area of his life to draw more attention to her and the show, but it seems like that's what's happening.

3 Jon Doesn't Know Where Collin Is


When Kate made the decision to send Collin away to a special school to help him with his social and educational problems, she apparently did not include Collin's father in the decision.

She said, "Throughout this last year he has really continued struggling. It just became obvious to me that I was not able, with my own resources here, to meet his needs."

Kate went on to say that, "He needs to be in an environment to help him learn the skills and gain the insight that he needs to be the best Collin that he can be."

She won't tell Jon where he is and she hasn't divulged that information to anyone else either. Jon has begun legal action to force Kate to tell him where his own son is. Until Jon wins some legal allies, he's going to remain clueless to the whereabouts of his son.

2 He Wasn't At His Own Birthday Party


The sextuplets turned 13 years old this year. They celebrated their birthdays at their home and even threw a "glamping" party. For those of you unfamiliar with the term glamping it is a made up word for glamorous camping.

The girls got mani/pedis in a mobile spa that was set up for the occasion. The boys (minus Collin) had an archery tournament, set up tents, and went for a scavenger hunt.

Much like the year before, Collin wasn't in attendance. This year, he was away at a special school. Kate described the birthday as bittersweet in that he wasn't with the other kids.

Why he couldn't come home for his special day seems to be the question of the hour. So far, there is no answer. Kate seems to get everything she wants, so maybe she just didn't want to deal with him. We can't be sure.

1 He Hasn't Seen His Dad In Nearly 2 Years


Like in many nasty divorces, one parent tries to control the situation by removing the other parent from the picture. When the situation was abusive or violent, this strategy is justified. Often, it happens unfairly and for no reason at all.

Kate seems to be notorious for fabricating information about her ex-husband Jon. He's been anything from negligent to a drug dealer in Kate's eyes. More than anything else, he's pretty much just an ex and the father of her eight kids.

According to Jon, he has no idea which of his kids will be coming to visit him during the week. He pulls up to Kate's drive and whoever comes down the drive is who he gets. Sadly, Collin hasn't been sent down the drive for almost two years.

There really isn't a reason for this other than this is the way Kate wants it.

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