The Truth About Marijuana Smoking During Pregnancy

The biggest joy in becoming a woman is having confidence in who you are and finding freedom in that. Next to this, finding that someone special to share yourself with, and when the time is right, becoming a mother are the most cherished milestones in a woman's life.

After finding out you're pregnant one of the many questions that we all have is "what can I do the make my baby's life healthier"? "What do I need to stop doing so that my baby is okay and is receiving the best that he or she can receive from me." 

Everything we eat and do is either passed on to or felt by the baby, so it's important that we take care of ourselves as much as we take care of them.

Because marijuana is a natural plant that comes from the earth, many people have the misconception that it is natural enough that it can be used every day and can be used in moderation when they're pregnant.

The truth is any drug and alcohol that is not prescribed by a doctor can be doing your baby harm. 

As a woman, regardless if we planned a family or not, the moment we see a positive pregnancy test, we turn into "mama bear." The claws come out and we're ready to do whatever it takes to take care of our new found love.

So it makes sense that you know what Marijuana can do to your baby during pregnancy. 

3 Smoking Before Realizing You're Pregnant

Pizza with hot sauce, macaroni salad with ketchup, tuna fish with peanut butter. Many of the popular pregnancy cravings that many of us have experienced, and our baby has enjoyed every second of it. Everything you eat, you drink, you feel your baby feels as well.

There are some women who really have no idea that they have conceived a child, sometimes some women will not know that they're pregnant until they are 3 months along. 

For many this sounds crazy but it is true 25% of women will not know they have conceived until they are 3+ months pregnant.

If you are an active smoker and don't realize that you are pregnant, do not panic. The best thing you can do is speak to your doctor and let him know that you are an active smoker.

The more specific you are about your lifestyle, the better it will be for you and your baby.

Your doctor is there to help you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. If you need help cutting back be honest and ask for help.

Once you learn how to put your baby first, you won't have any problem making the changes and choices you need to make in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

This is the reason why many doctors suggest pregnant women should be exposed to as little stress as possible.When you are pregnant and stressed, your baby becomes stressed as well, which you do not want. 

3. Affects the Baby's Vital Organs

When you  smoke Marijuana while being pregnant you are having toxins enter your body. Many people believe that because marijuana is grown in the ground that it's a "healthier drug."

This is False, you don't know if your Marijuana cigar is laced with PCP or another unknown substance, any of which can cause bigger problems for your baby. These toxins can cause birth defects and even affect the development of your baby's vital organs; heart, liver, kidneys, lungs are all important for healthy development.

When a baby is developing inside of you, its organs are being formed, If toxins enter your body it can affect the growth of your baby's organs. This alone should be reason enough why living a healthy lifestyle is so important for you to have a successful pregnancy to be able to deliver a healthy baby.

Should marijuana affect your baby's vital organs. Your baby will need to take special medicine for their health complications or possibly even need an organ transplant if the organ is too damaged to do its job.

Should your baby's organs be under developed or damaged, once it is born it will need to stay in the hospital for weeks at a time, until the organs fully develop or the doctors say it's okay for your baby to return home with you.

For any mother this would be terrible news. As a mother, all you want to do is take your baby home as soon as you lay eyes on them.

2 Marijuana Can Affect the Baby's Growth

When you become pregnant you become the protector of your baby, so it makes sense that you check and see if there's something in your daily routine that can do your baby more harm than good. Like smoking Marijuana.

Smoking Marijuana during pregnancy may affect your baby's growth. When you're pregnant, your baby's main source of food, air, and energy is YOU. You are that baby's only life line, so when you consume Marijuana while being pregnant, you are putting poison in your body  affects your baby's growth.

It has been shown that 70% of women who consume marijuana while being pregnant have smaller babies. Smaller babies are more at risk for complications and health issues because they don't have the weight or strength to fight off infections and diseases.

When your baby is born under developed or less than 6 pounds plus, the normal size of newborns, complications can arise because he or she might not have fully developed vital organs.

This means the baby's lungs might be smaller than the average baby, which would cause him or her to need help breathing with a tracheotomy. This is when the nurse puts a tube down the baby's throat to help them breath. Your baby could even end up in an incubator plugged up to machines! If you're a marijuana smoker, you'll have to decide to adjust your habits to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

1 Higher Risk of Leukemia

A mother's job is to keep their baby safe, always. A baby isn't aware that it's connected to their mother by the umbilical cord until it is 18 weeks old. How incredible is that! Your new born still thinks it is connected to you even after they're born. This is the reason why babies become so upset when they are far from their moms. It is amazing how attached a baby becomes to their first love, their mother.

As mother's we would give anything to keep our children from developing cancer or any other life threatening diseases, but by smoking marijuana you are causing your child harm and increasing their risk for developing cancer. Leukemia is a serious problem that you can help prevent.

Studies have found that children who were exposed to marijuana during pregnancy have a higher risk of developing leukemia than those who weren't exposed. Leukemia is blood cancer, it can hinder your body's ability to fight infections. When your body cannot fight infections you are prone to catching illnesses and developing complications more often than someone who does not have leukemia.

Leukemia is cancer that is treated with chemotherapy, which we all know how painful the chemotherapy procedures are and how sick these treatments can make cancer patients. So why put your baby at risk to be in pain at such a small age?

It can be deadly, the survival rate for children is 5 years. If the child doesn't go into remission in 5 years their prognosis isn't good. Take care of yourself while being pregnant and that will help take care of your baby as well.

6. Women Who Smoke Through Pregnancy

The average baby birth weight is 5-7 pounds, this is considered to be a healthy normal baby weight. Anything less is considered underweight. When a baby is underweight the baby is at a higher risk for complications. Low birth weight babies may not have received all the nutrients that it needed during pregnancy to reach their birth weight potential.

A common problem with babies born to women who  smoked pot during their pregnancy is a lack of sufficient carbohydrates and fats to help him or her develop. This lack of carbohydrates causes low birth weight and under developed organs. This is commonly seen in babies born to women who smoked Marijuana late into their pregnancies, such has 6+ months.

With every pregnancy there's the risk for complications. But why put you and your baby at a higher risk by smoking pot throughout your pregnancy? There might seem to be conflicting messages and information, but that's because so little is known about the many different ways drugs and pregnancy can affect a child. Which is why abstaining from drugs and alcohol is the only way to be sure your child will be born healthy.

Life is truly one of the best gifts anyone can give, so why not cherish this beautiful gift? Why put it in jeopardy by consuming substances that can harm you and your baby? Many women want to have babies and to be a mother, but some struggle with infertility and go through many fertility treatments trying to conceive.

Take the gift of being a mother and worship it every day, because not all women get to feel the joy of carrying another human being inside of them. Of hearing another heartbeat inside of them, or having another human being love them with all they have without having even having met them yet.

If you are an active Marijuana smoker and want to become a parent, give yourself some time and STOP smoking. Smoking can cause infertility in men and women, so if your husband smokes and you're trying to conceive, this can be the complication stopping you from conceiving. The best way to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy is by cutting the marijuana smoking to a minimal.

Once you become pregnant you'll want to cut smoking fully out of your life, at least till your baby is born.

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