The Two Main Things A Newborn Needs, Based On Their Sign

Women who are expecting babies tend to do a lot of research about pregnancy and baby care...but what about astrology? Expectant moms know their due dates, which means that they have pretty good ideas of which Astro signs their babies will be. Sometimes, though, there can be surprises.

Learning about the traits of each of the twelve Sun Signs is fun, especially as they relate to newborns. This list is meant to be a lighthearted break from reading about the serious aspects of preparing for a new arrival, such as how often newborns should be fed and how they should be bathed.

While the list is lighthearted, it's full of information about each Sun Sign. Moms-to-be may use this info to get the inside scoop on the personalities of their brand-new babies. Newborns come equipped with so many innate traits and characteristics. When a Mom nurtures her newborn as best she can, she'll bring out her baby's good side.

Moms are powerful people (so are Dads, of course). They have the power to give their babies joy, security, and comfort, right from day one. With astrology in the mix, it's possible to give newborns exactly what they need.

24 Aries Newborns Need To Be Number One


Aries like to lead. While a newborn won't be leading anyone, wait awhile and you'll find that your little baby becomes a headstrong pioneer who blazes trails like nobody's business.

When it comes to you, your newborn Aries is going to want to be the most important person in your life. Aries loves to be numero uno. When you spend quiet time bonding with your Aries baby, he or she will feel important.

This is a sign that desperately wants to be liked. However, Aries can be brash and this sometimes causes problems. Be gentle to your baby to bring out the gentleness in your newborn's personality. Source: Astrology.com

23 Aries Babies Need Room to Move Around


Some newborns may do well with swaddling that restricts their movements, but an Aries newborn might really dislike the feeling of being unable to move freely. Aries is an athletic sign. This Sun Sign thrives on physical activity. Active and dynamic Aries newborns will be testing the boundaries of their cribs and playpens as soon as they are able to.

To please your newborn, let the baby wiggle his or her arms and legs as much as possible. Ensure there are safe spaces for the baby to explore through physical movement. Source: Cafeastrology.com

22 Taurus Babies Love Feedings

There's just a special connection between Taurus and food. This is an earthy sign which appreciates the simple pleasures in life, such as food, naps and nature....and cuddles, too. Source: Astrology.com

21 Taurus Babies Need Comfortable Baby Clothes

Natural fibers, such as organic cotton, will be great choices for Taurus newborns, who are very sensitive to how their baby clothes feel. In general, Tauruses of all ages tend to reject synthetic fabrics. They like things to be natural. So, invest in a wonderfully soft wardrobe for your newborn. Source: Astrologyweekly.com

20 A Gemini Newborn Needs To Hear Your Voice

If you can't think of anything to say, just say, "I love you." Keep the chatter going, because the sound of your voice is going to make your Gemini newborn feel fantastic. This sign adores great communication. Source: Astrology.com

19 Gemini Babies Like To See New Things


Right at first, newborns don't see too well, but that changes fairly fast. By the end of the first month, a newborn should be able to see objects up to a foot away and make eye contact with people, such as an adoring mommy! Keep this in mind and plan to change the scenery sometimes for your Gemini baby.

This is a sign that loves a little variety. Moving the baby to different rooms sometimes should give the baby a little taste of something new which he or she appreciates. This sign will always crave novelty and newness. Source: Astrology.com

18 Cancer Newborns Need Cuddles

17 Cancer Babies Need Frequent Eye Contact With Their Moms


Cancer babies turn into Cancer children who adore their moms. In fact, most Cancer grown-ups adore their moms, too. Cancers who have great relationships with their mothers tend to be the happiest Cancers. When there is trouble with this important relationship, the Cancer may have a tougher time of it.

When you make frequent eye contact with your baby while you're holding him or her, you'll create a bond that makes your baby so happy. Sure, your baby won't have perfect vision at the start, but you'll be very close to the baby's face as you hold him/her. Your eye contact will soothe your baby. Source: Astrology.com

16 Leo Babies Need To Be Treated Like Royalty


Leo babies are the future kings and queens of the jungle. If you've seen The Lion King, consider the fact that your baby will feel like that little lion cub who was proudly held up by his dad...and act accordingly. Give your newborn the royal treatment and watch your Leo baby bloom.

Attention, the sound of your laughter and your playful spirit are what your Leo newborn needs the most, aside from proper baby care. Have fun with your baby. Make sure that your newborn sees so many of your smiles. Source: Astrology.com

15 Leo Babies Need Big-time Attention

14 Virgo Babies Need Daily Routines


Virgo newborns need routine. They need the very best of baby care. They respond very well to order, cleanliness and calm, peaceful environments. Make sure the nursery is tidy, keep noise minimal and basically create a safe and inviting place for your baby. Spending time on the nursery before your newborn arrives will pay off later. These babies are watchful, intelligent and a little bit nervous.

A good, solid routine will help your baby to feel calmer. As he or she grows, the baby will have a sense of what's going to happen each day and this will be soothing. Source: Astrologyzone.com

13 Virgo Newborns May Have Sensitive Tummies


Virgo babies usually turn into modest, helpful adults, who are awesome at taking care of the small details. Virgos are hard workers, but they tend to internalize stress and they do often have sensitive tummies. If you're nursing, you'll be giving your baby the right food for his sensitive tummy.

If you plan to give formula, look for the purest brand available and then watch out for adverse reactions. Later on, when it's time for solid food, go pure and organic. It's not uncommon for this sign to be very sensitive to food. Source: Astrology.com

12 Your Libra Newborn Needs You To Be Calm

Libra babies are cherubic. They look like the babies in diaper commercials. They are adorable, with beautiful smiles. Libra is ruled by Venus, so this sign is generally very attractive (unusually so) right from day one. Famous Libras, such as Matt Damon and Hilary Duff, definitely have amazing smiles and plenty of charm.

Your charming baby will be happiest when you are charming, too, so focus on presenting a calm and happy demeanor as much as you can. Your Libra newborn will feel your vibes - make sure that they are positive ones. Source: Astrology.com

11 Libra Babies May Seem Easy To Care For


Sometimes, Libra babies seem so "easy", in terms of being well-behaved, that they don't get as much attention as noisier, more emotional babies. This doesn't mean that they don't need you 24/7. Reward your "easy" baby by giving him or her plenty of attention and love.

Libra babies may not all be well-behaved, good babies, but most are. This peaceful sign tends to be well-balanced emotionally most of the time, even at a very young age. Nurture your Libra baby's easy-going nature by being there for your newborn as much as you can. You will be a very important person in your baby's life. Source: Astrology.com

10 Scorpio Babies Need To Bond Deeply


Scorpio babies may give you many sleepless nights. These intense little creatures want your full attention and will screech and cry if they don't get it. These babies tend to appear wise beyond their age when they are babies, but they do have their moments. Expect some highs and lows.

This baby will be one of the more demanding ones, but so hypnotically charismatic during calmer moments. Your captivating baby will want a deep bond with you. This takes time to build. Give your Scorpio baby your undivided attention whenever possible. Source: Astrology.com

9 Scorpio Babies Need Patient Mommies


When you're a calm and patient force in your very emotional Scorpio baby's life, that'll be great for your newborn. Your Scorpio baby will be a smart baby. He or she will pick up on how you're feeling. When you radiate patience and love, you'll make your Scorpio infant feel safe and secure.

This is a sign that tends to have trust issues. Build trust early, by showing your baby that you'll always be a safe person who is always there. This will make it easier for your baby to trust others later on. Source: Astrology.com

8 Prepare To Take Your Sagittarius Baby Outside When It's Appropriate


Your Sagittarius baby is going to love the great outdoors someday, as well as animals and socializing. Sag people love adventure. They see the big picture in life, they are optimists and they tend to bring their big dreams to fruition. Plant the seeds for future success by getting your baby out there in the world as soon as it's appropriate.

Experts recommend keeping newborns away from crowded, poorly-ventilated spaces for 6 to 8 weeks. Once this time period passes, you'll be able to introduce your baby to the blue sky, the trees and the excitement in your neighborhood. Source: Astrology.com

7 Introduce Your Sag Baby To New People


Sagittarius children are typically outgoing. They love people. While Sag isn't the most emotional sign, it is a social sign. Sagittarius natives, like Miley Cyrus, like to explore the world and take chances. As a mommy, you can help your Sag to expand his or her mind by introducing your baby to new people.

While some quiet time at home with a newborn, with few visits from friends and family, is smart at first, it will soon be time to show off your baby to everyone that you know, and your baby will probably enjoy all of the action. Source: Astrology.com

6 Capricorn Babies Need Structure


Your Capricorn baby will want scheduled feedings, regular bath times and regular naps and bedtimes. This sign positively thrives on structure. A set routine makes Capricorn feel safe and secure.

If you're more of a fly by the seat of your pants type of person, you may want to tame your freewheeling tendencies after you bring your Capricorn baby home. This baby will appreciate organization. Also, give your little Cappie tons of attention. This sign is reserved, and Capricorn babies won't always be a vocal as some other signs when it comes to getting their mom's attention. Give attention anyway. Source: Astrology.com

5 Capricorn Babies Need So Much Love


Your Capricorn baby will become an awesome companion later on because Capricorn children are so responsible, mature and smart. During the newborn phase, you can nurture your baby's good qualities just by being there. Dole out tons of love (this won't be a chore) and watch your baby's serious little face light up. Capricorn babies tend to look older than they are, even as newborns.

There is something somber and reserved about this sign. Always do your best to keep your Capricorn baby cheery. This sign needs positive energy to develop well. Source: Astrology.com

4 Play Mozart For Your Aquarius Newborn

While there are pics of babies wearing earbuds and headphones online, it's probably better to protect the baby's hearing, by skipping earbuds and headphones and playing music at a low volume in the nursery, or wherever you happen to be. Source: Astrologyzone.com

3 Keep Your Mood Light For Your Sensitive Aquarian Baby


Aquarius babies aren't the most emotional, but they don't have the strongest egos, either, and they need cheery vibes to feel good. Aquarius is the opposite sign of Leo. Leos have the ego, while Aquarians are more about the group than the self. Aquarians are peaceful and will take a backseat to others.

During the newborn phase, make sure that your Aquarian baby gets enough love and attention to feel special. Your laughter and smiles will light up your Aquarian baby's life. Aquarians sometimes seem more detached then they are. They do need love. Source: Astrology.com

2 Pisces Newborns Need Genuine Affection


Your little Pisces newborn will grow into an emotional and possibly psychic person later on. Pisces have a way of knowing what's up with people. They understand what motivates people, way under the surface, and know how others are feeling. The flip side of this is that they are extremely sensitive.

Your baby will be sensitive right from the very start. Build your baby's self-esteem with love that's one hundred percent genuine. Your baby will trust you completely and love you totally. Measure up to this deep bond by offering affection that makes your Pisces newborn feel secure. Source: Astrologyzone.com

1 Pisces Babies Love The Bath


You'll probably really enjoy giving your Pisces newborn a bath and find that your baby takes to bath time as a fish takes to water. Pisces is symbolized by the two fishes. Both fishes swim in opposite directions. Pisces on positive paths are peaceful and don't hurt others. Pisces on the wrong paths may feel sorry for themselves or use the wrong methods to soothe their sensitive spirits. Bath time will be a relaxing ritual for your baby which allows you to bond with him or her.

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