The Worst Months Of Baby's First Year

Have I mentioned Wonder Weeks to you? It's a framework to understand phases of early childhood development. Watching your child learn principle concepts (like cause and effect, or that their hand is part of them) is one of the most rewarding parts of parenthood! Development comes in spurts - and you can time it down to the week in a child that's developing along an average timeline!

When kids go through these spurts of development, they become fussier and clingier. Understanding these rough patches can make them a little more bearable. But even still, there's just no getting around it. Your baby (and mine!) is going to do a lot of crying before they learn to crawl.

Some months are worse than others in that first year. I'd hate for you to be unprepared for these transitions. In no particular order, these are the worst months of the first year of your baby's life.

The First Month

No, but really. This one is so obvious - no one is sleeping. Everyone is crying, Your baby sleeps during the day and parties all night. Your nipples are bleeding, your vagina is bleeding, no one is getting laid. Booooooo.

The Second Month

If only they were all so docile. Via Kid Spot.

Now your kid has decided they are going to develop some kind of colic or reflux. You'll search and search for a solution, which will work for one week, and then you'll have to start all over again when it stops working for no apparent reason.

The Third Month

Congratulations! Your baby is starting to "wake up" from that fourth trimester. They're trying to roll already, which is making swaddling unsafe, which is messing with their sleep, which is already getting messed with because all of a sudden the world has come into focus around them. All the tears. All the inconsolable tears.

The Fourth Month

The Four Month Sleep Regression is THE WORST.

PARTAY!!!! You're on that Four Month Sleep Regression Party Train! Probably if you're an American mom you've gone back to work and are expected to be hitting your stride right about now. And then, all of a sudden, your kid stops sleeping. Period. Like, at all. No sleeping for more than an hour at a time, for anyone, ever again.

The Fifth Month

Actually this one isn't that bad. Not sure why I even put it on the list.

The Sixth Month

Grow baby grow! Your kiddo is now sitting on their own and starting to explore the world around them! Every day they drop their binkie ten thousand times and cry crocodile tears until you hand it back to them. And their coordination SUCKS so they drop that binkie A LOT.

The Seventh Month

Annnnnnnd we're mobile! Now that your baby is crawling, you'll never sit again. Or sleep. No sitting or sleeping. It's all downhill from here. Start babyproofing if you haven't already.

The Eight Month

Actually also kind of okay like The Fifth Month.

The Ninth Month And The Tenth Month

Blurred together because that's how you experience them. Life has picked up speed and your baby is even starting to cruise around the room! That means less time to keep them safe and more opportunity for them to injure themselves! And food is making their poop

exceedingly revolting, while they start to fight you during diaper changes. Have fun in the poopy, messy blur!

The Eleventh Month


Start them early!

Probably your kid is on the verge of walking. They're just mobile enough to feel independent and just immobile enough to be incredibly frustrated by their inability to do what they want when they want. And also, ALL THE WORDS are starting to happen!

The Twelfth Month

This one is the worst of all of them! You blinked, and your kid hit that one year mark before you know what hit you. All of the messy feedings and falls and sleepless nights - you're starting to miss them just as you've hit a stride of good sleep and decent eating and safe mobility. If you're like me, you're crying because you don't know when it happened - but somewhere in the hot mess of that first year, your baby stopped being a baby.


And that's that. Every month is the worst month. But they're all also the best months. Those first few precious months with your tiny one - and you don't get a do-over! So enjoy its while it lasts, tough though it may be.


What is your least favorite milestone in that first year of life? What was your favorite? I'll tell you mine on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3. 

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