Then And Now: 20 Photos Of The 'Dance Moms' Cast

There are probably not a lot of people in the world who haven’t binged out on some ‘guilty pleasure’ TV shows. Reality shows have taken over and the world can not get enough of it all. Dance Moms is one of those shows that millions just can’t stop watching. It seemed at times, like a train wreck, a situation where people don’t want to watch but they just can’t look away.

Dance Moms followed a team of girls who are part of Abby Lee Miller’s dance company. They worked their tails off, and everyone got to follow all the drama. The drama came with the moms of these girls and the infamous dance coach. The dance world is very competitive, and this show just proved it, as each mom fought for their children.

Abby Lee Miller was the owner of the studio and the coach, and she was one tough cookie. She spoke her mind and was not afraid to get in some fights with the tough moms. This normally all unfolded at the expense of the little girls who were just there to do something they loved; dance.

The show had been on for some time, and these little girls that started it all are now grown. We thought we would check in and see what all of the Dance Moms crew is up to, and what they look like today!

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20 JoJo Siwa


You can’t go far in this world without seeing JoJo Siwa, however, she started her professional life as one of the dancers on dance mom. JoJo appeared first on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, but it wasn’t the best start. Her and her mom, Jessalynn, were thought to be too loud for everyone else. Abby must have still seen something, because she asked JoJo to join her team in season four, and she stayed there until season six.

JoJo was approached by Nickelodeon and they grabbed the offer and she left the Dance Moms team. JoJo is still young, but she has built one of the biggest empires out there. She has a line of hair bows that little girls can not get enough of. She also sings now and can be seen everywhere on social media.

19 Ava Cota


Ava Cota was not there from the beginning, as she joined the crew in season three. She may have come in a bit late, but she was one of the biggest stars of the show. However, it didn’t last long, and Ava was kicked off of the team. This wasn’t the end of dancing for Ava, as she quickly joined her mother’s dancing team.

We also spied her again in season five when she was part of a rival team at a competition. So, why was Ava kicked off of Abby’s team? It turns out she was too tall for Abby. Well, thanks to those long legs, Ava is now a successful model and she has appeared at New York Fashion Week. She thanks all the years dancing for aiding her balance and movement.

18 Maddie Ziegler


Maddie was the first little dancer we ever met on the show and she stayed with the show until the middle of season six. It was never on the downlow that Maddie was Abby’s favorite, and she was constantly given solos. This favoritism often rubbed others the wrong way and was the source of a lot of tension on the show.

Maddie may have had one of the most successful lives after leaving the show, compared to the other girls. She has gone on to do a lot of work with the singer, Sia. She appears in quite a few of her music videos, showing off her dancing moves. She also has written a memoir, acted in moves, and is very active on social media.

17 Vivi-Anne Stein


Vivi-Anne was a little sweetheart when she started on the show all the way back in season two. She was known for being tiny, but mighty. While she loved to dance and perform for everyone, she absolutely detested wearing costumes and makeup. These two things are vital for anyone who wants to be a dancer.

Vivi-Anne is now a teenager and she does still continue to dance with her group, the Candy Apples. They do performances in cities all over the world. Vivi-Anne is also usually the star of these shows. She also attempted to start a small lifestyle brand on social media, but that has since faded out.

16 Nia Sioux


The show was (sadly) canceled in 2017, and there was only one dancer who appeared on every season of the show. That was Nia Sioux. Nia always worked hard and tried her best, but she never really received the credit she probably deserved. Abby always had her placed at the bottom of the ‘pyramid’ which was her way of ranking her best dancers.

Nia’s mom, Holly, would always push back when she thought her daughter was being overlooked or pushed aside. Nia is now all grown and has moved on past her time at Dance Moms, though she credits the experience for her success today. Nia is now an actor and appeared in the dance film, Summer Dance.

15 Brooke Hyland


Brooke is one of the most recognizable dancers from the show and that is probably because she was a part of Abby’s dance company long before the show even started. She is an OG (original) and she was a crowd favorite. It was also clear that she was one of Abby’s favorites as well. What was a little surprising is that as time went on, Brooke fell out of love with dancing, and Abby did not take that well.

That led to a lot of fights between Abby and Brooke’s mom, Kelly. This was one of the most heated moments on the show, as the two got into a physical altercation. Brooke has since gone on to live a normal life. She went on to graduate from high school and is now studying at Ohio University. She also has quite a large social media following.

14 Paige Hyland


Paige is one of a pair, her sister is Brooke whom we have talked about earlier. These two girls had a rough go on the show, and that was mostly due to their mother. Their mom, Kelly, could never get along with Abby and was constantly saying how Paige was not being treated fairly. One fight went a little too far, and as a result, both girls were kicked off the team.

This last fight was so big that Abby ended up taking Kelly to court, but any charges were dropped. Paige ended up giving up on dancing all together after this. Paige is now a teenager and spends her time playing volleyball. She is also doing some modeling work and was in New York Fashion Week.

13 Kalani Hilliker


Abby had another show besides Dance Moms and that was Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. This is the show where she met Kalani Hilliker. Abby was incredibly impressed with Kalani’s flexibility and she soon became a coach favorite. Kalani soon made her way onto Abby’s team of dancers but sadly had to leave when her mother was relocated.

Abby asked Kalani to return and take up her place, and she did and stayed with the coach until she eventually left with many of the other girls. While she was on the show, she was often praised for how put together she looked, and she has now turned that into a job. She has many projects underway like a sock collection, a clothing label, and a dancewear line.

12 Kendall Vertes


Kendall first appeared in Dance Moms in season two, but she never stayed consistent. She was on and of the show for quite some time. The original plan was that Kendall was to replace fellow dancer Vivi-Anne, but she often got into trouble due to her behavior. Kendall spent some time with the dance group, the Candy Apples, but returned to Abby.

She stayed with the group until the middle of the last season, until she left with a bunch of the other groups who formed their own dance squad, The Irreplaceables. Kendall continues to dance with this group, and she spends a lot of time traveling around the world. She also has stepped into the music industry and is trying her hand at singing.

11 Asia Monet Ray


Asia Monet Ray is another dancer that was first introduced through the competition show. She soon made the transition to Abby Lee’s Dance Company after she impressed the queen with her flawless skills. Asia joined the show in the third season, and she stayed pretty consistent until she had a change of heart. Asia walked away from the show after deciding that competitive dance was not the thing for her.

Asia has since shown that she has many talents, and she has been in some pretty big TV shows. She had a part in American Crime Story as well as Grey’s Anatomy. She also can be found in a recording studio, releasing a bunch of cool music.

10 Chloe Lukasiak


Chloe is another familiar face from Dance Moms, and she has been on the show since the beginning of time. The unique thing about Chloe’s time on the show is that she always seemed to have one main competitor, and that was Maddie. The ranking pyramid we talked about earlier always ended up with Maddie on top, no matter what Chloe did. Chloe eventually left the show, and the rumor was that Abby was heard mocking a medical condition she has.

Chloe has been going on with life, but it is rumored that she is returning for the eighth season to say her final goodbyes. She has dabbled in a bunch of projects including acting and running a book club.

9 Elliana Walmsley


Elliana entered the show pretty late, she only came in the spotlight on the sixth season. She was immediately a crowd favorite though and stole everyone’s hearts. He had so much energy and personality that she just filled any room that she was in. Elliana may have come in late, but she stayed with the team right up until the seventh season ended.

Elliana is still dancing and sharing her talent with the world. In 2017, she got the chance to dance on a New York stage when she starred in the Dance Divas Nutcracker. She has revealed that her ultimate dream is to join the American Ballet and spend her time dancing.

8 Brynn Rumfallo


Brynn’s time on the show was a little confusing to fans. She showed up in season five, but only appeared in three episodes. She seemed to disappear without a trace. Fans were even more surprised to see her return in season six and become a more permanent cast member. Fans of Brynn’s will probably always remember the moment she got her first solo, after showing just how talented she was.

Brynn and her mother, Ashlee, had a controversial time on the show and the pair only left when Abby did. Ashlee was rumored to be upset about the dancing material that was being produced, saying it was inapt. When the show ended, Brynn took a break from dancing and focused on cheerleading and just being a normal teenager.

7 Camryn Bridges


Camryn Bridges auditioned for the dance team in season four, but no one was really sure if they would see her back or not. They didn’t for a while, but in season seven, Camryn returned and was asked to join the elite dance team. Then a choice had to be made, Camryn could stay with Abby Lee or she could join the group the others were creating, The Irreplaceables. She decided the dance group was the best place for her.

Now, Camryn still enjoys dancing and fans can catch some of her flexible poses on her social media. She also just enjoys being a regular teenager and going to prom and doing other ordinary things. She has mixed feelings about her time on Dance Moms and thought the experience was a little stressful and emotionally draining.

6 Cheryl Burke


Now we are going to take a break from talking about the girls for a bit and move on to some of the adults on the show. There was a time when Abby Lee walked off the set, and viewers were terrified that this meant the show was over. There is always a plan B, and this plan was Cheryl Burke. The producers asked Cheryl to step in as the new coach. She was a strict coach, but she did not believe in yelling at the girls.

Cheryl, now, is best known for her time spent on the show Dancing with the Stars. She was one of the professional dancers and took home the winning trophy twice. She took a break from the show, only to return for season 27.

5 Lilliana Ketchman


Lilliana is another one who jumped on the train a bit late, but she definitely left her mark. She joined the dance team in the sixth season, and she was part of the ‘mini’ team until moving into the elite team. She also became very easy to pick out of a crowd because she always sported pigtails. She had a signature style. Abby was a big fan of hers.

Today, Lilliana is still dancing and has shown that she has a love for ballet. She has done some modeling work and has helped represent a lot of brands. She and her mom have both said that if Dance Moms was to return for another season, they would be more than happy to rejoin the team.

4 Cathy Nesbitt-Stein


Cathy Nesbitt-Stein caused quite the controversy and a lot of entertainment on the show. Her daughter is Vivi-Anne Stein and the pair were a part of Abby Lee’s Dance Company. They soon left and Cathy decided to start her own dance studio, called Candy Apple’s Dance Center. The two companies were frequently in competition with each other.

A fun fact is that Cathy was originally only supposed to be on the first season of Dance Moms, but producers loved her so much that they brought her back for four more.

Cathy officially left the show after season five, stating that she just did not have the time to give to the show anymore. She continues to run her own studio and she is very active on her social media accounts.

3 Abby Lee Miller


The show may have been named Dance Moms, but Abby Lee was the star of the show. She was the owner, choreographer, and coach of the studio and all the girls. She was known for being tough and for having quite the large mouth. There were moments where she showed her heart though, and that she really did care for the girls and their wellbeing.

Abby’s life has not been wonderful since Dance Moms ended. Abby was sent to jail for fraudulently declaring issues with her financials and when released was living in a halfway house. While in the halfway house, Abby learned she was ill. Abby is now in a wheelchair and still remains close with a lot of the girls from the show.

2 Mackenzie Ziegler


Mackenzie was the sister of Maddie and appeared on the show Dance Moms. She was on the show for six years, but she never really held a candle to her sister. Luckily, she has a lot more going for her than just dance and she has shown that she can make it on her own.

In 2014, Mackenzie started singing and writing music and released an album. In 2018, she released a second album and she is joining Johnny Orlando on a tour all over the world. She is also a successful model and has modeled for brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and many others. She really is a triple threat because she can also act and has been on some pretty well-known shows.

1 Kelly Hyland


Kelly Hyland was the mother of Brooke and Paige on Dance Moms and she brought a lot of entertainment to the show. She was constantly butting heads with Abby and there were a lot of moments filled with tension and yelling between the both of them. Kelly’s time with Abby ended when the two got into a physical altercation. This ended with Abby pressing charges against Kelly but they were eventually dropped.

Now, Kelly is just enjoying life with her children and living a relatively normal life. She stated that since leaving the Abby Lee Dance Company, her daughters had hung up their dancing shoes and are no longer dancing.

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