Are We There Yet? Mom Gives Birth In Car With Kids In Backseat

A woman gave birth to a new baby girl in the car while her son filmed and her daughters cried.

Michael and Rudy were on their way to the hospital to deliver their child. The family also had their three children in the back seat. One of the children, the oldest son, was recording the entire process while the other two children were crying. The video starts out with mom wailing in pain as the contractions hit. Michael turns around and talks to the camera as if he is talking to his new child. Michael continues talking to the camera by saying a prayer and asking God to help deliver the baby safely and that the baby comes out healthy and happy. While Michael talks you can hear Rudy in the background trying to get through the pain. The dad turns and asks his children, "is there anything you want to say?" The boy holding the camera faces it towards himself and says, "hurry up." Both of the little girls have tears streaming down their face because they are worried about their mother.

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Rudy is quiet for a couple of seconds as she waits for another contraction. Michael continues driving as quickly as he can towards the hospital. They are both hoping that they make it to the hospital before the baby arrives. Then Rudy lets out a big scream and Michael starts rubbing her leg. He can't do much since he is driving and he is just trying to get everybody there safely. Then all of a sudden Rudy says, "Mike the baby is coming out!" Michael responds, "no she is not." Then Rudy says again, "the baby is coming out!" Michael repeats, "no she is not." Rudy then pulls down her legs, because she knows she is going to have to catch the baby.

Through the screams, Rudy yells "Michael the baby's head is coming out!" The girls are crying in the background because they don't know what to do. Michael looks down and says, "okay baby, okay baby." The girls are crying so loud and the boy who is recording switches over to his sisters who are just terrified and worried about their mother. Michael keeps telling her "the baby's head is out. We are almost there."  Michael then starts swearing "sh-t" over and over because this was not part of the plan. He tells Rudy to hold the baby's head up because she is coming out.

Posted by Michael Anthony Addison on Saturday, May 25, 2019

Then Rudy calmly says, "Mike, the baby is out." Michael responds and says, "get her get her get her, hold her up!" Then all of a sudden Rudy pulls out a little baby starting with her sweet little arms. The little girls are in the back screaming, "daddy!" Michael continues to swear as Rudy pulls the sweet little baby to her chest. Rudy looks down at her little girl and says, "hi baby, cry for mommy!" The little girl opens up her eyes and looks at her mommy. Michael still tries to find his way to hospital and Rudy tells him to "cut the light." Michael makes his way to the emergency room entrance as Rudy starts saying, "she's so pretty!" You can hear the horn in the background because Michael is obviously honking his horn trying to get people out of his way. The video ends when they get to the emergency room and Rudy looks at Michael and says, "baby, we had a baby in the car."

This video is bound to make you tear up. It's almost impossible not to bawl through the whole thing. It was amazing to see such a beautiful moment and it is amazing that the little boy was able to record the exact moment that his sister came into this world. Michael said that both mom and baby girl are doing great and that the hospital staff treated them like royalty.

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