These 15 Celeb Sizes Before And After Pregnancy

When it comes to losing the baby weight, no one does it better than a celebrity. While some of our favorite celebrity mamas seem like one of us, taking time to lose the baby weight, others seem to drop those extra pounds almost instantaneously. How do they do it?!

It is always interesting to see which celebs are becoming new moms, and what they will look like while expecting, and perhaps even more so, what they look like now, after having their baby. What does it tell us about a celebrity mother when she looks as good as new, like she never even had a baby in the first place?!

Do these celeb moms work out like crazy? Is someone else raising their babies?! It does not seem possible for them to look so good after having a baby. They must have a team of people helping them out, from makeup artists to personal trainers to home chefs to nannies and more! As for the celebs we CAN relate to, well we just like them even more when they do not lose the baby weight right away! Read on for some before and after pregnancy pics of celebrity mamas, and tell us what you think!

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15 Amy Poehler- Funny Mama 

From a size 4 to a size 8, and headed back to a size 4 again

Amy Poehler certainly looks fantastic after having her baby, and if she reminds you a bit of yourself, you are not alone. Many moms relate to the funny lady, especially as a new mom. She shares the ups and downs of motherhood that makes us all double over with laughter, you cannot help by absolutely love Amy!

Amy looked stunning while she was pregnant. She did not try to stop her body from gaining the baby weight, and from this pic, you are see that she was absolutely glowing. After her baby arrived, Amy took care of her newborn, and credits those insanely sleepless nights for the reason she lost her baby weight. She even joked that she wanted to say the reason she lost the weight was from running around, but said that’s just a lie!

14 Nicole Kidman- Never Ending Workouts 

Size 2 before pregnancy and size 2 almost right after giving birth

It is not all that surprising that Nicole Kidman was able to go back to her super slim figure essentially days after giving birth. Nicole maintained a rigorous exercise routine while she was pregnant to avoid gaining any excess weight. We can see that she looked absolutely stunning while she was expecting her child, and did not do so much exercise that she did not allow her body to gain some weight.

Once Nicole had her newborn baby, she was back to getting off those extra baby pounds. Just ten days after giving birth, Nicole was spotted looking like her old self. She put in the work to look as good, if not better, as she did pre-baby. If only the rest of us could get that skinny after having a baby!!

13 Kim Kardashian- Spotlight Queen 

Kim K's weight gain during pregnancy brought her up to a size 16, but that didn't stop her from getting back into a her old size 4 after her pregnancy

We all know Kim Kardashian very well, since she is a main celebrity in the spotlight, along with her entire family. Therefore, it is not a surprise that Kim wanted to look as good as she possibly could both while she was pregnant and after she had the baby. It is not surprising that she would do everything in her power to lose the baby weight, while still maintaining her well known figure.

Kim claims that she gained quite a bit of weight while expecting. We can see while yes, it is clear she gained some pregnancy weight, she still looks good! Kim has shared that once her newborn baby was born, she went on to lose 70 pounds. Wow, that is a lot to lose! And definitely enough to lose to be comfortable parading around in a shirt that reveals her abs.

12 Jessica Simpson- Relatable

Admits to more than doubling in size- started out at size 2 now a size 8 

Jessica Simpson stole the hearts of many moms and moms-to-be as she ended up gaining lots of weight with her pregnancies. She was a celebrity that other expecting mamas could relate to, because she was actually gaining as much weight as the rest of us- if not even more! She was not embarrassed by her pregnant body, either, which was great to see.

The famous singer and personality has shared how hungry she was while she was pregnant. She has stated that she had such a big appetite and could not stop eating. Does that sound like the rest of us, or what?! After she had two kids, she knew she had to lose the baby weight, and clearly, did a good job doing so. Jessica did a lot of walking and also worked with a personal trainer to get her body back.

11 Heidi Klum- Definitely Not Like The Rest Of Us

Supermodel in a stunningly size 4 both before and after pregnancy

In case you are wondering, yes, that is supermodel Heidi Klum’s real body AFTER she had a baby! In fact, allegedly she was only 8 weeks postpartum when she was able to get into that outfit, walk the runaway, and look that amazing! While we say good for her, we also say, that is definitely not like the rest of us. Heidi isn’t called a supermodel for nothing!

Heidi knew while she was pregnant how important it was physically and emotionally for her to get back in shape as soon as she possibly could. And that she clearly did! She completed very intense workouts with a personal trainer, but also said she did not diet. That seemed to work very well for her, because she not only lost the weight, but got in great supermodel-ready shape, too!

10 Adele- Hello, We Love You

From a size 16 pre-pregnancy, down to 14, and still losing

While singer Adele’s voice makes her uniquely one of a kind, when it comes to having a regular body, many women relate to her. She is not super skinny and not afraid to be who she is. That included gaining a bit of weight while she was expecting her baby. No denying that Adele is gorgeous no matter what! Even in seemingly unflattering pregnancy photos, this superstar still looks spectacular.

Adele was able to lose the baby weight, and get into better shape while feeling better about herself, as well. The singer created one huge lifestyle change for herself, helping her to not only lose the baby weight, but lose extra weight as well. And that, the British songstress says, was removing sugary tea from her diet. She claims she would drink as many as 10 teas a day with 2 sugars a piece! That is a lot of sugar, so good for her for breaking that habit and losing the baby weight.

9 Kristen Bell- Keeping It Real

From a size 4 before baby to a size 6 after baby

There is no denying that actress Kristen Bell looks totally beautiful both pregnant and after the baby weight was shed. Everyone loves this leading lady, who lent her amazing voice to Anna in the hit movie Frozen. There is a reason why people relate to, and like Kristen Bell, she definitely keeps it real!

Kristen has been quoted as saying, "The secret to body after baby is flushing down the toilet every notion of body after baby. Honestly!" She allowed her body time to get back to the pre-pregnancy weight, and has stated that took a lot of pressure and stress off of her. She has said that it is more important to realize that you just had a baby, which is incredible, and not to worry about the size of your pants. Don’t you want to be friends with Kristen?!

8 Alyssa Milano- She's The Boss

A former size 4 content with her new body at a size 6/8

Alyssa Milano looks gorgeous as a pregnant lady, and equally beautiful after having her baby, and that is without losing all the baby weight! Alyssa is like most of us, struggling to lose those last few pounds. And she’s a celebrity with resources! She shares her weight struggles, as well, which makes her more relatable, like someone we would want to be friends with.

Alyssa has been blunt with pregnancy, her stance on breastfeeding, and losing the baby weight. She has even said that she doesn't know if she will ever get back to what her weight was before she had her baby. Isn’t that so many of us?! She has even tried certain diets that have been somewhat successful for her, such as the Atkins diet. The best part, is that she embraces her body the way it is.

7 Busy Philipps- Honorably Honest

A size 8 pre-pregnancy to a size 6 post-pregnancy

Busy Philipps is an actress, best known for her roles on Freaks and Geeks and Dawson’s Creek. However, she is also well known for voicing her opinions on just about everything, including pregnancy and post-baby bodies. People love and hate this amazing lady, and we are on team Busy! She is open and honest, which turns a few people away, but brings so many more people closer and helps them feel better than ever.

Busy Philipps called out a film producer who went on and on telling her that she would be perfect for a role- if she lost 15 or 20 pounds. She found that to be ridiculous! She also thinks it is hilarious that new moms think they can lose the baby weight with breastfeeding. For many new moms, that is just not the case, so we are with her on that!

6 Amber Rose- Workin' It

Proud of her curves at size 6 before baby and a happy size 8 after baby

Amber Rose’s body confidence- both while pregnant and after having her baby- is one we all wish we could have! She is proud of her body, even though it does not fit the Hollywood mold of being super skinny. Even though not everyone is a fan of the model, you have to give her credit for how she carries herself!

Amber was determined to lose the baby weight and get her old body back. She worked with a personal trainer basically every single day for over an hour to get her body the way it was before she was pregnant. She has admitted how difficult it was to lose the baby weight, that it was different than losing regular weight. Needless to say, Amber looked great while expecting, and equally great after she lost the baby weight.

5 Jennifer Garner- After Three Kids

Before her three children, she was at a size 2, and post- all those kiddos she settled at a size 4

Actress Jennifer Garner has three beautiful children with her now ex-husband, Ben Affleck. Therefore, Jen is no stranger to gaining weight while pregnant and then having to lose that baby weight. People like Jennifer because she seems like a regular person, and even when it comes to losing the baby weight, she could easily be one of our friends!

Jen looked great while pregnant, and after having three kids, she still looks amazing. However, she claims she never lost all of the baby weight, and essentially has given up on losing it all and ever having her old body back. She has stated that she has quit the extreme diets she has put herself on to lose the weight, but admits that her little belly bump was the result of being pregnant three times over, and it is just not going anywhere! Many of us feel that same way!

4 Nicole Richie- Losing Lots

Small but powerful at size 2 before baby, and a skinnier version of herself at size 0 after baby

Actress, socialite, and fashion designer Nicole Richie looked absolutely stunning while pregnant, but once she lost the baby weight, many people criticized her for getting way too skinny. What do you think? Some people even started to throw around the word anorexia once Nicole got so skinny not long after giving birth.

Nicole, however, dismissed these comments are mere rumors. She claims she put herself on a very strict diet, more strict than what she was doing before getting pregnant and while she was expecting. She also worked out with a personal trainer. There is no denying that Nicole seemed to have lost her baby weight pretty quickly, we just hope it was because she worked at it, not due to other issues.

3 Hilary Duff- Mom Friend

A size 4 pre-pregnancy, and a nice and healthy size 8 after baby

Hilary Duff seems like a cool girl. A mom for all moms. She is the mom friend we would all love to have! Hilary is not ashamed of her body from pre-baby to pregnancy and after losing, or not losing, the baby weight. She has shared her motherhood and body struggles after her baby on social media, making her an icon for moms everywhere, as she shares photos that are of, basically, a regular body.

Hilary made us all smile when she shared that she was going to focus on her baby and breastfeeding, and not worry too much about losing the baby weight. She even said that she was not going to put pressure on herself to lose every single ounce of the weight she gained from when she was pregnant. We think Hilary looks amazing pregnant and after having her baby!

2 Jennifer Lopez- Looking Fab

A nice size 4 before getting pregnant with twins, worked hard to get down to a size 2 after having twins

Jenny from the block looked totally fabulous while she was pregnant with twins! She carried nicely and clearly allowed her body to gain the weight necessary to grow two little babies. Even though she carried twins, she did not let her pregnancy get in the way of being super glam. She looks great!

Of course, the singer and actress is not like the rest of us. She has resources- many- to help her lose the baby weight she gained from having twins. J-Lo worked out with a personal trainer to lose the weight, but also claims that going vegan really was a game changer for her. She credits the vegan diet with really helping her shed those unwanted pounds. Obviously, it worked! Jennifer Lopez looks amazing, as always!

1 Jennifer Hudson- Dramatic Transformation

A total transformation from a size 16 pre-pregnancy all the way down to a size 6 after baby

Singer Jennifer Hudson looks beautiful both pregnant and after dropping all the baby weight. But there is no denying she made a dramatic transformation after she had her baby. These two pics almost look like two different women! Jennifer Hudson embraced her body while she was expecting, but knew in her heart that she wanted to make some serious changes after her baby was born, and that she did.

Jennifer joined Weight Watchers, and even became a spokeswoman for them. She credits the program with really educating her on how to properly eat and maintain a healthy weight. She also shares that she had a real addiction to chocolate- she even referred to chocolate as her version of cigarettes. She cut that out of her diet almost completely, which helped her lose the baby weight, as well. Jennifer allegedly lost 80 pounds!!

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