These 24 Star Sign Combos Are The Most Likely To Get Pregnant In 2019

Even if mom is not a huge fan of horoscopes, there might be some small part of her that's just a little bit curious as to how they always seem to be on-point- am I right? The signs of astrology are a strange and mysterious thing and have come a long way from a tiny section in Seventeen magazine. We've gone from middle school days of planning our outfits around what our horoscopes portrayed for the upcoming week, to planning our lives around aspects that soothe our star sign souls.

So, even if mom isn't completely sold on the foretelling ways of the universe, there's still that small curiosity toward knowing what her date of birth has in store. Many people even look to the stars to guide them on major life events such as falling in love, starting or ending a career, and even having a child. While there is no definitive proof that these horoscope signs have any true bearing on one's life, who they are, or what they do for a living, it is a lot of fun to read about.

Here at Baby Gaga, we are no fortune tellers but we do our research enough to share with readers the most likely couples to get pregnant in 2019, based on the combined astrology chart. Keep in mind, this is all for fun! If mom and dad's signs happen to have made this list, drop us a comment and let us know what's in the stars within the upcoming year.

24 Pisces And Capricorn: The Perfect Balance

This is one team that, while it might seem surprising, is likely to conceive of a child due to their differences. Initially, you might be thinking what an odd parenting couple this might be; Capricorn's stern and methodical ways completely contradict the free-spirited, emotion-based choices of Pisces, but together? They create a perfect, solid balance of love, discipline, and intuition. Capricorn will be able to direction and guidance while Pisces will be in-tune with their future child enough to know his or her weaknesses and strengths to the fullest extent. Their attraction to each other will inevitably make them a brilliant team.

23 Cancer And Sagittarius: The Team That Supports One Another

These two signs work so well in uplifting each other's spirits, there should really be a football team named after them. With Sagittarius constantly cheering Cancer on and becoming their number one fan, Cancer returns the favor be reigning in bold moods that only a true Sagittarius can fall into. This couple will sense their compatibility on an emotional level far before they even consider parenting together, which will come easily further down the line, should they decide to have a baby. Chances are high within the next year if the two continue to strengthen their emotional bond which will come on quickly but will also bring them together with an unshakeable connection.

22 Leo And Aries: The Unlikely Adventurers

Talk about best friends! The two fire signs seem as though they'd run into problems at some point, but their friendship is what keeps them together like crazy glue. This isn't to say that there won't be a few stumbles during their parenting journey, as Aries is rapid-fire and appreciates quickness, while Leo is a bit more thorough and works toward perfection. This combination will simmer like embers throughout their entire relationship, encouraging their physical connection as well, and it wouldn't be surprising to watch these two become quick parents. The good thing is that their friendship will make an impression on their child and he or she will always feel love and excitement in their life, ultimately fostering a wild adventure-spirit.

21 Scorpio And Libra: The Opposites That Work

There is a bit of a struggle over personality between these two which is quite obvious from Libra's non-confrontational, peace-making attributes and Scorpio's tendency to pull out your innermost and truest self. If the two can find balance, then their parenting style will be unique and educational to any future children they have. Scorpio is quick to act on emotion and may become a pusher, while Libra remains calm, cool, and collected. The result is like pouring water on a fire and this causes a strong attraction between the two since they are opposites and admire the qualities their partner has, that they don't. Parenting will take practice, communication, and compromise, but it won't be surprising to find that these two can succeed at it and do it well -- Mainly because Scorpios won't have it any other way.

20 Sagittarius And Taurus: The Strong Parents

There are not true matches when it comes to horoscopes, only pairs that form a stronger bond than some. Sagittarius and Taurus are two of those pairs that nearly scream perfection in every way. They're both strong signs which often gives the opposite impression of what really happens when the two get together; Sagittarius is the thinker and Taurus is the doer. While Sagittarius will always inevitably have a plan and is a strong intellectual, Taurus, like the bull that represents them, is strong-willed and has no fears of acting on it. This means strong family structure and an easy agreement on whether or not kids will eventually be part of the big picture. The best part? The two make good use of humor and will always have a home that's filled with laughter as they continue to balance the others' parenting style.

19 Gemini And Virgo: The Overthinking But Balanced Pair

This is a relatively confusing pair because they are both mental signs. Gemini and Virgo are both thinkers... In fact, they're overthinkers. You might be asking how this could possibly work as far as parenting since decisions will become increasingly difficult but surprisingly, they do pull through as strong parents. Because they both have a tendency to analyze, dissect, and ponder the smallest of details for the longest time, the decision to become parents will either be an unintentional gift for those who want to become parents or will have already been a well-thought-out (and thought-out again) choice. With Gemini's creative nature due to two forces on their personality and Virgo's quick thinking and ability to reason with logic, decisions will eventually be made if they can nail down a method. Otherwise, it can't help to occasionally get a trusted outside opinion to settle the questions they'll obsess over.

18 Capricorn And Aquarius: Parents With Similar Styles

This is an interesting pair, to say the least. While their closeness is fairly feisty what with two strong personalities and Aquarius' ability to be so in-tune with their partner as all water signs can be, their parenting style might take a bit of work to find mutual ground. They're most likely to become parents due to their domineering nature and the ability to guide others, however, they do run the risk of letting their personal beliefs and opinions get in the way. Capricorn will be about discipline and keeping their child on a steady path, while Aquarius will encourage individuality and discovery -- Within their pre-designated boundaries. While their personal life is exciting and full of structure, their parenting life will need to be a bit looser and accepting.

17 Gemini And Pisces: A Whole Lotta Love

In stark contrast to the last pair, Gemini and Pisces are playful, fun, and at times, oblivious to the realities of their parenting. The two form an incredible bond that's fully rooted in love, kindness, and joy, which makes it beyond easy to understand how they could both become parents so quickly. The two will thoroughly enjoy showering their child with as much unconditional love as they can summon up and this will carry on through their child's life. Pisces is the first to take the plunge into playtime with their child and will spend hours in their child's made-up world. Gemini will continue that affection with vivid stories, laid-back teaching, and uplifting conversation. The fun never seems to end which is where the problem comes in; these two are so immersed in the child-like nature that is often reawakened when you become a parent, that they forget about discipline and structure. If they can find a balance in this, they will be some of the greatest parents out there.

16 Leo And Scorpio: The Structured Household

A child with these parents will inevitably be a perfectionist as well as competitive by nature. Leo will always strive for the best and will install that in their child in such a way that doesn't take from their creativity, but still encourages them to follow a path of greatness in whatever they choose. Scorpio refuses to accept failure as an adequate result of anything and while this sign isn't as harsh as Leo, they both form a sports team-like mentality. It's due to this quest for the ultimate satisfaction that will lead them to become parents in the first place, however, they'll have a firm handle on guidance, discipline, and authority. They'll need to remember that parenting can have it's silly and lighthearted moments as well and if they can, parenting will be an interesting and strong experience for them both.

15 Pisces And Virgo: All About Unconditional Love

This is one more star-guided pair that exudes the honor of being nearly perfect parents. It's true that opposites attract but Pisces and Virgo have one thing in common that bonds them on an indescribable, emotional level: Unconditional love. Pisces loves with a love that's fierce in the best type of way, while Virgo is practical and accepts it for what it is, a lifelong commitment to another person. The two share the joy of showering the other with affection and acceptance, but also have a natural tendency to share just about anything they have. Pisces will be able to show their child the emotional and intuitive side of life while Virgo brings out solid reasoning skills and practical life lessons. This results in two parents who will love their child no matter what and will truly try to give them the world. It's no surprise that a love child will blossom out of this pairing and you can guarantee there will be plenty of family memories to go with it.

14 Leo And Aquarius: The Gift Of Balance

Leo is the ruler and Aquarius is the enforcer of this relationship. The two work together in harmony to create a structured, yet fun and open-minded household. Aquarius is a naturally independent sign which means that they do have a tendency to go off-course, but having a partner in Leo means that they'll never wander too far from their plan. This will be instilled in their children as well and while they'll exercise some freedom, they'll also know how important home is. The two are a great balance together and Aquarius allows for emotional release while Leo presents structure and authority. The two are strong parents and form a protective bond with their family, thus ensuring the love of their child comes first, making them very likely parents.

13 Scorpio And Taurus: Surprising Perfection

You'd think that these two would result in a combination similar to a box of fireworks and a lit match but, in reality, it's quite to contrary. If a Scorpio and a Taurus ended up together, they'd realize that each is strong enough to uncover vulnerabilities about their partner. They're both incredibly strong signs with Scorpio represented as the scorpion and Taurus represented by the bull, but once bonded together, they are a force to be reckoned with. The two signs will form an impenetrable protective barrier around their family and inside, there will be nothing but success and the capacity to strive for greatness. Taurus will pass on the intellect and smarts while Scorpio encourages their child to fight for what they want and never give up until it's achieved.

12 Aries And Capricorn: The Prideful Parents

Ah, Aries and Capricorn make for an interesting couple, to begin with, let alone once they become parents. The two have a fiery relationship and ending up in a squabble isn't unusual, though they are often short-lived. It's this passion that will push them toward being parents and as such, they'll both be rulers of various aspects of their parental unit. Aries takes the natural role of essentially holding down the fort while Capricorn strives for greatness and success outside the home, ensuring a natural and easy path for their family to grow. The two will be no strangers to authority and will instill within their child an immediate respect for his or her parents as well as a natural tendency to follow the rules without question. These will be parents who are a force to be reckoned with for sure, but they'll raise strong children nevertheless.

11 Libra And Taurus: The Loud And The Quiet Parent

These two, similar to the last pairing, make for an incredibly interesting and opposite relationship bond. They are complete opposites, with Taurus being much louder (literally) when it comes to opinion and how they view things while Libra is a thinker, peaceful, and avoids arguments at all costs. The two will constantly have differing opinions which actually forces them to sit down and talk, encouraging Libra to come out of their shell and forcing Taurus to quiet down and learn how to listen. The two can get on each others' nerves but they have Venus on their side, so they'll also be loving and eager to make up -- Which is how they'll end up as parents in the first place.

10 Gemini And Leo: The Fun Couple

The best way to describe a Gemini and Leo pairing is to say that their relationship is smooth, like butter. The two just seem to fit together and while adventurous, are also laid-back and free-spirited, something you wouldn't normally expect. They aren't shaken easily as they both have very strong personalities but their commitment and love for each other will make them fast parents. Even this won't be much of a stressor to them, however, as they trust in their natural instincts and learned skills to get them through just about anything. The two are a fun couple but function as educational parents, with Leo carrying the gift of common sense and Gemini, the gift of common knowledge. They will easily find a balance and raise a smart, intellectual human being.

9 Virgo And Sagittarius: Equals At Work

These two find joy in splitting the work of a parental unit up into aspects that each one is good at. They can both easily adapt to situations which will make the news of a pregnancy go over easier and as parents, they'll be a wonderful match. Virgo is fully practical and makes good use of reasoning and common logic, which then allows them to control anything a child naturally needs. Sagittarius is highly intellectual and will take on the role of an educator as well as imparting guidance, however, they'll be able to direct their child given their unique attributes. Due to their passion for all things intellectual, structured, and educational, their child might very well end up as a scholar studying Fine Arts in France with a Greenpeace internship, but you can guarantee they'll be incredibly proud.

8 Leo And Capricorn: The Heavyweight Rulers

Yikes, talk about the heavyweight champs of the horoscope couple world. Both Leo and Capricorn, the lion and the ram, are bold, independent, and hard-headed when it comes to compromise and giving in. This will result in a certain fire between them personally as they can be attracted to the others' flame and strength, however, as parents, they come across as very strong rulers rather than loving, affection parents. This is something to remember if children are part of their life plan and as long as they give into affection and shower their child with love as well as rules and discipline, they'll be good to go. While they both believe in tough love and strengthening a child through life's lessons, they should also exercise quality time and giving into hugs and kisses now and then, otherwise, their child will constantly strive to make them proud without strong parental reassurance to guide them.

7 Pisces And Aries: The Smooth Transition

These two will have already had a long history of a fairly uncomplicated relationship, as Pisces is much more laid back and emotional while Aries enjoys leading and taking the reigns. The two complete a balance that ensures a great parenting style, unique to only them and the strong attributes that each has to offer. It's a classic case of keeping the playing ground level and Pisces has a way of calming Aries like no other. Their natural tendency to care and provide support and encouragement while being intuitive and in-tune with Aries' feelings will make them irreplaceable to an Aries. On the other hand, Aries will take over quickly and find a way of out of sticky situations with no fear whatsoever while relying on Pisces to control the situation emotionally. This will bring them together as fast parents, both wanting what's best for their child and each honing in on their personal skills to be the perfect parental unit.

6 Cancer And Scorpio: Learning To Balance Two Personalities

These two are opposites on another level; Cancer is highly intuitive and emotional while Scorpio can be pushy and anger easily. Surprisingly, the two form a dynamic relationship that's fully emotionally-charged but they both offer each other mutual give and take. Cancer has the ability to quell Scorpio's temper, while Scorpio has the capacity to light a fire within Cancer and push them. When it comes to parenting, however, the two definitely need to find a middle ground. Their emotions toward one another might be what gives them the gift of becoming a parent, but the way they go about it will take some work. Cancer will quickly take care of the emotional state of their child while Scorpio takes on the role of encouragement, driving them toward success. The two need to learn how to take a lesson from the other in order to find the balance they can truly use.

5 Aquarius And Taurus: The High-Standard Parents

Contrary to belief, this pairing doesn't need to be a recipe for disaster. While Aquarius will view their child as a tiny adult, Taurus will most likely treat them like one. They're both a bit stuck in their own personal opinions as far as how to parent and can come off as domineering and a bit controlling when it comes to their child's time. The domineering aspect of their relationship is what brings them together, though, and can also be used as a powerful tool for guiding their child if they learn how to temper it with affection. While they'll both be compelled to teach their child practical useful, and often boring life skills at an incredibly young age, it'll do them both some good to realize that their child needs time to be a kid and have fun, too.

4 Virgo And Scorpio: The Outsmarting Parents

These two are truly too smart for their own good -- Or, rather, for the good of their future children. This is an excellent quality for both parents to have since they are such intelligent signs; their children will never be able to get away with anything because not only do both Virgo and Scorpio have a way of easily manipulating situations, they're both constantly one step ahead. Since they both appreciate structure and order, they'll be a good pairing both privately, in a relationship, and as parents. Each one offers a different aspect of keeping their life together successfully and rewarding, which will be easily passed onto their child to create a safe environment for growth and learning.

3 Cancer And Gemini: The Couple Who Helps Each Other

This unique parent coupling finds comfort in parenting in their own, unique ways. They're fantastic together in a relationship, as Cancer loves fast and hard while Gemini helps to keep things interesting on an intellectual and adventurous level that truly speaks to the soul of a Cancer. As parents, Cancer's first instinct is to love their child with everything they have, while Gemini immediately begins a teaching lesson on social interaction and verbal commands. The two find a balance in what they each do best, although it can occasionally seem as though they're parenting separately rather than together. This aside, their child will grow up with an appreciation for both love and affection as well as education and knowledge.

2 Aquarius And Aries: Finding The Balance Between Nurture And Motivation

Both of these signs can have a bit of a challenging time when it comes to finding a balance between ensuring that their child is raised with structure, but also with affection. They both just want the best for their child which can result in the overwhelming sensation that their child needs to be the best at just about anything he or she does. This passion for competition and accomplishing goals is what brings Aquarius and Aries together in the first place and instills within them a need for perfect parenting, however, they need to find an adequate balance. Aries will have the natural inclination to test their child while pushing them while Aquarius will motivate them to be the best person possible and add as much positivity to the world as possible.

1 Virgo And Taurus: Friends Who Become Great Parents

These two are fast friends who become even greater when entering into a relationship with one another. Since they're both earth signs, they'll both live by the same tendency and be smart and dedicated. This combination makes them great parents and will give them the drive to pass onto a child whatever knowledge they have. Since they're already incredibly familiar with each other and truly know one another inside and out, they'll make for a pair of strong parents. While they both fight small idiosyncracies, they'll still remain loving and accepting toward their child while balancing each other out with their slight differences. Virgo will pull Taurus back from the edge of criticizing while Taurus will be the strong leader for Virgo.

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