These Are The 20 Best Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Dressing up is fun, for both a baby and a mom having a baby. We know that most moms-to-be can't wait until next year when they can find the cutest little costume for their little one, but they can have just as much fun dressing up the baby bump this year.

We know that moms will want to get creative, so we avoided the most well-known options. There are countless ways to paint the baby bump — from pumpkins to baseballs to fish bowls and other creative scenes and characters. And the zombie baby, created when mom has little doll limbs poking out of the shirt, has become quite trite over the years.

Some of our options are old classics, and others are really trendy. We've stayed away from characters that were so last decade, like Juno the pregnant teenager from the movie of the same name. But there are some characters who have been around in nursery rhymes and other tales that are still perfect even if they have been around for decades.

A few of these may have been on readers' lists before, but we have a few surprises that can put the treat in trick-or-treating. Here are the 2o best pregnant Halloween costumes.

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20 Baby Skeleton

Pregnancy is usually a time when women like to feel feminine and cute, but that doesn't mean that some women don't enjoy getting into the Halloween spirit and going for something a little more scary. One outfit that combines the two is the baby skeleton costume.

It's a shirt that shows the mom's rib cage and bones, along with a cute little skeleton baby in her belly. You can find ones with bows to denote a girl or doing a wave or a somersault — whatever reflects your personality. You can add a bit of fright with some skeleton makeup, like the mom in this picture did, or keep it simple and cute.

19 Under Construction

When you are pregnant, the baby is "under construction" in the belly, so why not make a cute outfit of a construction worker? It's pretty easy, and you might already have some of the gear at the house. Pair jeans and a flannel shirt with a yellow hard hat and you have a good start.

The couple in this picture added on a safety vest and some cute signs. We love the "Bump ahead," sign — perfect for the baby bump. And the tool belt with kids' tools can be passed on to their little one some day. We'll bet a little guy would love to be a construction worker in a few years, so they can pull out the hard hats again for a family costume.

18 Winnie The Pooh

We love Disney characters, but it's hard to be a princess from a fairy tale when you have a baby bump. Instead, how about dressing as a tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff? That's right, the belly is perfect for dressing up as Winnie the Pooh.

The outfit is pretty easy, if you have a long-sleeve yellow shirt. cut off a red shirt to put over the top, and write "Pooh" on it. The mom-to-be in this picture added some ears and painted on a nose, and one of our favorite touches is her little honey pot, which works great for collecting some candy. She is such a cute silly willy old bear.

17 Emoji Tummy

A decade or so ago, one of the biggest Halloween trends for moms-to-be was to paint their bellies like a pumpkin. But we just love this modern twist, which takes on one of the biggest fads of today. You can paint your belly or create a shirt with your favorite emoji over your bump.

In this picture, the mom to be chooses the heart eye emoji, and that is definitely one of our favorites. But what about doing the cry eye emoji, since your baby will be doing a lot of that in the near future? You can be creative and change things up to suit your own style, and that is what makes this idea so fun.

16 One-Eyed Little Monster

We've already mentioned one Disney character that the baby bump brings to mind, but there is another that is perfect for that round belly. It's perfect, since one of the main characters in Monsters Inc. is a ball on legs — Mike Wazowski.

We've seem versions where people paint the bump green and add an eye and a mouth and others where the mom wears a green shirt and adds the facial features on it. It looks great either way. And if you have a little sidekick who can be Sully, that's even better.

15 Our Little Avocado Pit

The baby bump is the perfect shape to reenact one of our favorite healthy foods. Avocados are one of the fastest rising food trends in the U.S., and that is definitely because they are tasty. When you cut them in half and pull the two sides apart, you are left with a pit sticking out of one side — and that reminds us so much of the baby bump.

We love this simple idea — just wear a black or brown short and cut an oblong shape. This one is perfect because it's yellow with a green outline, but it's easy enough to color a poster board for the same effect. Then cut out two holes — one for the head and one for the bump to peek out. It's instantly recognizable and oh so cute.

14 Humpty Dumpty Belly

Speaking of food, the bump is pretty egg-shaped in our minds. And that leads us to a pretty cute character that can be great for a pregnant woman: Humpty Dumpty. It starts by making the bump into an egg, and that's pretty easy, whether you paint it or put a face on a shirt.

This mom-to-be make a brick wall out of a box, and she added the touch of putting little legs over it, like Humpty is sitting on top. Nobody wants Humpty to have a great fall, so it works out perfectly to keep him right on top of that wall, ready for some trick-or-treating.

13 Bun In The Oven

There's one food item that is so synonymous with pregnancy that it's an expression just about everyone has heard. So it's a great Halloween idea to go ahead and put a bun in the oven, since there is already a bun in the proverbial oven.

While there are some costumes you can buy, we love this version, where mom's oven is a box with some nobs on the front and an oven door that opens up. We've seen versions where the baby bump is painted to look like bread, but it's cute when you just add an actual bun as well. And we love that dad is the baker, with an apron and oven mitts. Such an easy, fun idea.

12 Star Wars Belly

There are a lot of iconic round orbs, but one of the biggest is perfect for any Star Wars fan. What's the one thing you think of when you remember the original trio of movies? The Death Star — and that is the perfect shape to make it into a baby bump.

This couple made it extra special, pairing the mom-to-be's Death Star belly with dad as Darth Vader. This is perfect for today's nerdy chic style, and we're sure that dad had a lot of fun dressing up, while mom was able to be more laid-back and simple.

11 Or Rey and BB-8

If you love Star Wars but don't want to be on the Dark Side, we found another great idea for a mom-to-be. She can dress up as the newest hero in the saga, Rey, and let her belly portray Rey's trusty sidekick, BB-8.

Rey pretty much wears cloths wrapped all around, so it's not too hard to achieve that look, but you would have to get someone to paint on the intricate white and black and orange markings of the round little body of BB-8. Pop on a half-spherical head and you've got yourself the cutest little robot ever. The next year you can dress the baby as BB-8 and reuse the Rey costume yourself.

10 Mama's Little Gumball

This might be an image that kids these days aren't as likely to recognize, but we still think it's super cute. The mom-to-be can dress up as a gumball machine, with her round little belly making the perfect round container.

This mom matched a vintage machine with a white t-shirt decorated with pom poms to represent the gumballs. The price on it is closer to today's price — they used to be a nickel or even a penny back in the day. This one has so much retro charm, and that is definitely in these days too.

9 Dr. Seuss Inspiration

When you have a child, you are sure to read a lot of Dr. Seuss. So if you start to think back on the iconic stories, you might find a little Seuss-piration when you are planning your Halloween costume, even before the baby has arrived.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 is a pretty common costume for siblings or even teenage friends, but we like this twist that lets the mom to be Thing 1 and her baby to be Thing 2 even before he's born. All you need is a red shirt or a red ress and a couple of circles labeling the mom and the belly. In this picture, the mom puts on a crazy blue wig, just like the characters from "The Cat In The Hat." If you have a partner willing to wear a red and white striped hat, that's even better.

8 Mama Kangaroo With The Baby In Her Pouch

We've seen some cute costumes of moms wearing their babies dressed as a mama kangaroo and a joey. But we think this version might even be cuter — the baby is inside the pouch, er, belly, when the mom is still pregnant.

It's pretty easy to make a kangaroo costume. All you really need is a dress or shirt that is brown. This one has the added touch of a white belly. Stitch on an easy pouch and maybe add a stuffed animal inside. We love that this mom-to-be added come cute ears and a drawn on nose. She's got her baby on board, just like a mama kangaroo, and it's so cute.

7 Pregnant Unicorn

We're really over the zombie baby thing. It's been around for  years now, and it seems really morbid to have blood and a baby's limbs busting through the abdomen. But there's a new twist this year that combines with the unicorn trend. It's the pregnant uniform, where the mom has a twirly rainbow horn — and the baby has another one to match it busting through the mom's abdomen.

Dressing like a unicorn is fun. Try rainbow wigs and other colorful accessories. Find the prettiest horns you can. We're not a huge fan of the blood on the baby bump, but there are people who don't think it's Halloween unless there is a little blood. This is the perfect costume for them.

6 The Golden Snitch

One of the most obvious Halloween costumes for a mom-to-be is to let the baby bump to be a ball — we've seen basketballs, baseballs, golf balls and more. But we love this unique take that takes on a sport that most people would never think of — quidditch.

For Harry Potter buffs, we think it is so cute and smart to make the baby bump into the golden snitch. All you need is to make the bump or the shirt gold and add a couple of wings. In this picture, the dad got on his broom and added a robe to make himself a seeker. We think this costume is simply magical and a clear win for the team.

5 Disco Ball Baby

That burning sensation that comes with pregnancy. It might be heartburn, or it could be a disco inferno. We love this twist on the traditional ball costume — make it a disco ball. All it takes are some little silver mirror pieces all over a round baby bump.

We love how this mom-to-be styled herself like she's ready for the club — the disco club. She's ready for some Saturday Night Fever, and her baby is the perfect accessory for a groovy time.

4 Pregnant Snow woman

It may be a little early to think of winter time, but we applaud this mom who saw the round little belly and thought it looked like the perfect snowball for a snow woman. We think this is a great use of the mom-to-be's curvy shape.

And what an easy DIY costume! All you need is a white shirt with some circles for buttons, eyes and smile and alittle carrot nose. This mom added a little hat and tied a red scarf just above her baby bump for an added detail. You can really customize this one with your favorite snowman accessories. Have fun with it, since being pregnant on Halloween might be the most wonderful time so the year.

3 Magic Eight Ball

Here's another unique and easy costume for a mom-to-be. It's another ball, but not one you would expect — an 8 ball. While an 8 ball itself might be cool, this one goes even a step further to become a magic 8 ball.

Most of the versions of this costume we found just have an 8 on a white circle on a black shirt or dress. But this one goes a step forward and provides one of the magical sayings on a purple triangle, just like the ones that magically appear on the toy. We think it would be fun to have an array of answers to show in every funny situation. It makes Halloween even more fun with a little added effort.

2 The Entire Galaxy Revolves Around Your Belly

When you are pregnant, it seems like the entire world revolves around the baby — at least your world. It's like the baby is the sun, and every aspect of your life are the planets that remain in its orbit. This costume takes inspiration from that and makes the baby bump the sun in the center of a galaxy.

This mom-to-be hung some planets from her arms to simulate the galaxy. And we know that there are some science geeks who will think this costume is totally out of this world. We love the metaphor, and the execution isn't too difficult. We all made the Milky Way when we were in elementary school, so this costume can't be that difficult, right?

1 Mummy-to-be

One of our favorite celebrity pregnancy announcements of the past decade came in the Halloween spirit. It was when Jessica Simpson announced that she would be a mummy. Get it? She was a mom-to-be dressed as a mummy, and that proved that the outfit is the perfect ghoulish costume fora pregnant woman.

Jessica used some fancy lace to make her costume, but we've seen some other DIY versions that look just as cute. You can use white gauze or some other material and just wrap yourself up; Some people even have a little baby peeking out. It's in the spirit of the season and even a fun play on words. It's the perfect costume for a mom-to-be.

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