These Could Be The Best 20 Baby Boy Names Of 2018

The pressure to pick the perfect name is paralyzing!

As many parents know, picking a name for one's child is no walk in the park. In fact, it might take months before mom and dad settle on a good name that they both can agree on. There have even been some cases in which parents take their baby home from the hospital without picking a name yet. That’s because there’s just so much pressure to pick the right name for your new bundle of joy. It’s a task that you definitely don’t want to mess up because it’s a moniker that your tot will be living with for the rest of her or his life.

With that being said, there’s also pressure to pick a name that is either classic and one that can stand the test of time or better yet, trendy or modern. I mean, you don’t want to name your kid after a character from a 1980’s movie and you certainly don’t want to name your child after a popular politician that is in the headlines right now. In fact, you never want to name your child after a politician, ever!

Luckily, we’ve got 20 boy names that are on our Top 20 List for 2018 to make your life a little bit easier. Check it out and let us know what you think!

20 Finn

Thanks to celebrity moms like Tori Spelling, Finn is making a comeback! Yes, Finn sounds like the perfect name for a little boy who is obsessed with boats and the ocean, but he also sounds like the kind of lad who will take a girl out on a first date on his catamaran. Finn wants to spend his time outdoors, always.

Historically speaking, Finn is a name with Irish roots that actually means fair. As in, he plays by the rules. It is a name that also dates back to the 3rd century, when local hero Finn Mac Cumhail stole from the rich and gave it to the poor before Robin Hood even became a household name. In other words, Finn has always been a good guy, both in the past and in the present.

19 Jack

Jack is a classic name. Perhaps there is no person in the English-speaking world that doesn’t know at least one Jack in their lives. Jack can be your grandfather, he can be your neighbor, he can be your supervisor or he can be your son’s best Kindergarten friend. Jack is versatile, quick on his feet, and he knows how to tell a good joke.

And while Jack is a classic name, it’s also quite a common name, too. The first Jacks were back in the Middle Ages. The name was so common that many people said Jack whenever they referred to a man or a boy. Also, Jack can be short for Jon or Jonathan. It’s also a name that is widely popular in countries like England, Ireland, Wales and the United States.

18 Atticus

Atticus is one small but strong little dude. He’s the first kid to master the monkey bars in the playground. He’s also the one kid who always insists on playing a pick up game of football or soccer during recess. He’s always busy, he’s active and he loves to be on his feet. Atticus is the ultimate athlete.

Atticus has become so popular lately that it’s jumped to the Top Ten List of boy names for 2017. Believe it or not, it can also be used for a boy’s name or a girl’s name. It’s an Old Roman nickname that means “man of Attica” (which happens to be a region near Athens in Greece). Atticus is also the protagonist in Harper Lee’s iconic and unforgettable 1960 novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

17 Harry

Sorry, William but you are going to have to take a seat this year. That’s because 2018 belongs to Harry. Actually, make that Prince Harry. Just like Meghan (as in Meghan Markle) is a name that is making waves for baby girls in 2018, Harry is becoming quite popular again, too. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if we came across plenty of couples named Harry and Meghan in the next couple of years. That’s just how popular the couple has become recently!

A lot of people would say that Harry is a name that is as old as time. While we don’t know how true that is, we do know that Harry is an old German name that means “home” or “house ruler.” Either way, there’s no doubt that many baby Harry’s out there are home rulers!

16 Oliver

Just like Jack, Oliver is a classic name that has stood the test of time. Oliver is a bookworm with really great hair and a prince’s smile. Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration there but quite honestly we’ve never met an Oliver who wasn’t handsome.

Oliver is a French baby name that means exactly what you are probably thinking: the olive tree. It’s also very popular in Scotland, too. As many people know, the olive tree is a biblical symbol of fruitfulness, beauty and dignity. Many people also extend an olive branch as a sign of peace. Now, that’s not to say that you need to put pressure on your little Oliver to be a future peacemaker, but someone has to do the job, right? It might as well be an Oliver!

15 Theodore

Another classic name that is making a comeback is Theodore. Call him Teddy or simply Ted, Theodore is the kind of guy who will always be there for you and better yet, be there on time, too. Theodore is also someone that you can rely on when you need his help the most. In other words, he’s a guy’s guy.

Theodore basically means God’s gift of God given. Many people shorten the name to “Ted” simply because it’s easy to pronounce. And while you don’t hear a lot of Teddy’s at the pre-school orientation day, trust us when we say that it’s another name that is making a comeback. A lot of people want to name their sons Teddy after their beloved grandfathers, who just happen to be one of the most kind men they know.

14 Reuben

Reuben is the kind of kid who can name every President of the United States in chronological order. Sure, he probably hasn’t graduated from Kindergarten yet, but that doesn’t really matter. Reuben is going places, even if he has a very early bedtime.

Reuben is a Hebrew baby name that means “Behold, a son.” Reuben also happened to be the firstborn of Jacob’s 12 sons according to the Old Testament. Unfortunately, Reuben was cursed by his own father when he found out that he slept with Jacob’s live-in lover, Bilhah (that’s a story that we can get into more on another day). And while some people might spell the name Ruben or confuse it with a Reuben sandwich, it’s another name that a lot of parents are considering for 2018.

13 Corin

Corin isn’t a name that you would necessarily find on a top ten list for boys, but it’s surely but slowly making its way to the top. Yes, Corin has been a great name for girls for years now, but it’s one of the hottest unisex names making waves according to experts. What’s more, Corin is a name that is being used on both sides of the pond, as it’s popular in Ireland and England and the United States, too.

Corin is another Irish name that means “Spear bearer” (in other words Corins used to hold weapons). And while there are plenty of girls out there named Corin (or its diminutive Corinne), many parents are choosing to name their sons Corin, too (or Korin and Corrin). Just make sure that you stick to one spelling of the name, of course.

12 Logan

Ok, I’m sure we all know at least one Logan who has gotten after school detention for shooting unidentifiable objects at his teacher in class at least one time in his life. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a bad kid. He’s just adventurous! And he’s got an adventurous spirit that a lot of people can’t match, either. He’s also got a wonderful smile and laugh to match his personality, too.

Logan literally means “dweller at a little hollow.” It’s also a popular surname in Ireland even though it has Scottish Gaelic roots. And just like so many other names on our list, Logan is also a wonderful unisex name that can be used for either boys or girls. Another way to spell it is Logann. A lot of people even nickname their Logans “Lo.”

11 Joseph

Just like his friend Theodore, Joseph is a kid who ends up growing up to be a guy that everyone can count on. He’ll help you move to your brand new apartment after college or he’ll also help you do your taxes after you land your first full-time job (he’s crunchy with numbers). Joseph is also someone you go to if you need advice before buying your first car, too. In other words, he’s got all of the answers you are looking for.

As I’m sure a lot of people already know, Joseph goes back to Biblical times and is a Hebrew baby name. According to the Bible, Joseph was Jesus’ legal father. As far as we know, Joseph isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon as it’s a name that will continue to reign in the baby name world for generations to come.

10 Hunter

There’s no denying that Hunter is a handsome lad. He’s also very active and athletic and he loves outdoor sports. Whether it’s rock climbing, wind surfing or snow boarding, Hunter has done it all. He’s also addicted to the adrenaline rush he gets from these activities, too.

Hunter means exactly what you think it means. During the Middle Ages, it was a common English and Scottish surname for people who would hunt and catch birds. It has Anglo-Scottish origins and comes from the word “hunta” or “huntian.” It’s also a name that is used for both boys and girls. Now, this doesn’t mean that every Hunter out there will know how to use a bow and an arrow but truthfully speaking, we are yet to find a Hunter who doesn’t like the great outdoors. He’ll learn to use a bow sometimes in his life. Trust us.

9 Lucas

Lucas is a name that has been very popular for several years now. Lucas is also the cute boy in class with the adorable dimples each time he smiles. Because he’s so cute, Lucas gets away with a lot of things, including his bad behavior and choices from time to time. With that being said, we still can’t get enough of him, too.

Lucas is also a very common Greek baby name. It means “light giving” or “bright and shining.” In other words, Lucas is every mother’s little ray of sunshine. It’s also a name that is quite popular in France, Spain and Portugal. Simply put, Lucas lights up each and every room that he walks in to. But that’s mostly because he’s handsome and has a great personality, too.

8 Kai

Kai is a name that circulated back in the early 1990s, faded away for some time and is now back on everyone’s radar. And there’s a good reason for it, too. It’s fit for a cute kid who is sweet and well-mannered but at the same time just a little bit mischievous, too. Plus, no one forgets a boy named Kai. He is someone who stars on everyone’s radars wherever he goes.

What’s more, Kai has several different origins. In Latin, Kai means “Happy” while in Burmese, Kai means “strong” or “unbreakable.” In Basque, it also means “pier of a harbor.” You might end up with a son with several different personalities or one that just happens to be happy, strong, and unbreakable. And he loves hanging out by the pier near the harbor, too.

7 Jasper

Simply put Jasper is “keeper of the treasure.” It’s an Old Persian name that is making the baby name rounds once again for 2018. It also means that Jasper is the kind of kid who likes to eat the entire tray of cookies by himself (we kid, we kid). Although he might be very good at treasure hunts and mazes, too! The name is also derived from Gaspar or Caspar (not to be mistaken with Casper the Friendly Ghost).

According to, Jasper is a charming and great modern name that has been used in England for quite some time now. Jasper is also a huge favorite among hip parents and Twilight fans who remember reading the name in the books. In other words, Jasper is a name that doesn’t even have to try hard to be cool.

6 Isaac

Isaac is another strong, masculine name on our best of the best list for 2018. It’s also another name that has remained popular throughout time. When Isaac enters a room, all eyes are on him. He’s got the kind of presence that makes people turn their heads wherever he goes. He’s got character and he’s not afraid to show it.

Also, Isaac is an old Hebrew name that basically means “he laughs” or “laughter.” Yes, it also means that Isaac knows how to tell good jokes! You know it’s going to be a good time once Isaac shows up to the party! But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that all Isaacs are class clowns, too. Also, Isaac can be shortened to “Ike” or “Ise” if you are looking to give your tyke a nickname.

5 Dylan

Dylan is a bit of a controversial name just because so many people think it’s been a tad bit overused in recent years. By now I’m sure you’ve met a lot of Dylans at birthday parties or have come across a Dylan or two who causes havoc at your local Monkey Joe’s. While a lot of parents probably don’t want to admit it, Dylan is the kind of boy who tends to get into a bit of trouble. But it’s not his fault. He’s just very curious about the world.

And while some people truly do have enough of hearing the name Dylan all the time, parents are still choosing it as they baby’s name anyway. Simply put, Dylan is the new Michael. You are going to hear the name everywhere you go, whether you want to or not.

4 Asher

Asher is a relatively new name in the baby-naming world. And it’s also one that parents have been keeping in mind for the last several years now. It’s actually a Hebrew name that means “Happy.” So it’s no wonder that you see so many Ashers in school who always have a big, huge smile on their faces. If you want a son that brings plenty of sunshine and happiness in your life (although many sons already do), put Asher on the very top of your list.

Plus, Asher is a huge ball of fun energy. You might have a hard time bringing him inside to wash up for dinner, but that’s because he’s all boy. And boy does he love his mama, too. Those adorable hugs and kisses he gives you everyday proves it.

3 Declan

Declan is a traditional Irish name that means “full of goodness.” Declan is not the kind of guy that brings bad vibes around. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. He’s a good guy who always sees the positive side of things in life. He’s also the kind of guy that will stop and chat with you for an hour if you happen to spot him at the grocery store or gas station. That’s because he just has so much to say!

Just like so many other names on our list, Declan is also a man’s man. He’s there to help you when you need him. He’s also very close to his mother. In fact, he will probably opt out on a guy’s night out to play Jenga with his parents at home instead. And yes, he’s a little on the sensitive side, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either. He just loves his parents, his family and his friends.

2 Ezra

Ezra is the artistic type. Not only does his creativity come out when he has a paintbrush in his hands, but he also is a great musician, too. Ezra is the type of boy who almost always wins the lead role in the school play, wins the first place trophies in Chess Club and would rather take his date to a Broadway show than to the movies. He also has great taste in shoes and has never stepped foot in an Olive Garden in his life, ever.

Ezra is a Hebrew baby name that has been around since the beginning of time. Ok, that might not be exactly true but there was an Ezra back in the 5th century according to the Old Testament. The name means “Helper.” In other words, your little Ezra will have no excuse but to help you clean up after dinner!

1 Felix

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the most popular baby boy name that will be making waves in 2018: Felix. It’s a Latin name that simply means “Happy” or “Lucky.” Sure, your first thought when hearing the name Felix is probably Felix the Cat, but trust us, this is a name that you will want to consider this year.

Felix is a boy that every teacher will remember, even as he grows older. That’s because there aren’t too many Felix’s in classrooms right now (unlike all of the Dylans, Darrens and Dominics out there right now). Plus, could you imagine having twins and naming them Felix and Asher (which also happens to mean “Happy” in Hebrew)? Trust us when we say that Felix is a great name and a great son to have in your family. His smile everyday will definitely remind you as to why!


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