10 Things To Bring A New Mom In The First Month After Having A Baby

Becoming a mom for the first time is a blessing, but it can also be draining and have its challenging moments as well. It's not written anywhere that you have to bring a new mom something when visiting her after the baby is born, but it would be very thoughtful and kind. The hard part can be figuring out what to bring the new mom or her baby.

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There are quite a few things that can very helpful such as bringing her some extra diapers and wipes, already prepared food, or even just offering her as much support as can humanly possible. Continue reading to learn 10 different things to bring a new mom in the first month after she has a baby!

10 Diapers & Wipes

A new mom can never have enough diapers and baby wipes. Typically, on average, babies over six days of age will have about six to eight wet diapers a day. They also have about three to four bowel movements a day, but that generally varies with each baby.

That is up to 12 diaper changes in a day... and that's sometimes more and sometimes less. New moms will go through diapers rapidly within the first month of a baby’s life. So bringing even the most well-stocked mom’s a pack of diapers and wipes can often be very helpful!

9 Premade Food For Mom

New moms are often sleep deprived. No surprise there, right? Sometimes they either can’t find enough time to cook for themselves or they just don’t feel like cooking for themselves.

Bringing them some already prepared or premade foods would be very thoughtful and beneficial to new moms; especially within the first month after the baby is born. It can give moms less time in the kitchen and more time with their little ones. Believe it or not, but they will thank you!

8 At-Home Spa Essentials

New moms don’t get the opportunity to get out as often as they would like, especially shortly after the baby is born. Even finding the time to shower can often be challenging enough.

Putting together a little at-home spa essentials gift basket can really make new moms feel good. You can try adding in some dry shampoo, leave-in conditioner, body lotions, hand sanitizer, you can even get mom some new nail polish for an at-home DIY manicure. You can add in just about anything you wish that would be able to bring the spa to the new mom’s home!

7 The Gift Of Sleep (Take Over Baby Duty For A Little)

If you are close to the new mom, she may really appreciate being able to get in a decent nap if you were to offer her the gift of sleep. It may sound like you are coming by empty-handed when you really aren’t. If the new mom trusts you enough with her little one, you can tell her to lay down wherever she feels comfortable so that you could take over baby duty for a little while in order for the mom to be able to get some shut-eye without having to worry about what her little one is doing.

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She may still worry a bit, but knowing that her child is in good hands may be able to encourage her to get that much-needed snooze session.

6 Coffee (Or Other Caffeinated Beverage)

Coffee; a new mom’s best and dearest friend. Coffee can help moms run on next to no sleep. When sleep isn’t always available when we need it; it is caffeine to the rescue! If you know that the new mom has a favorite caffeinated beverage, perhaps bringing her, her favorite beverage can perk up any gloomy sleep-deprived day!

If you are unsure of what the mom’s favorite caffeinated drink is, try bringing her a few to choose from. You never know, she may even find her new favorite drink!

5 Create A Stress Relief Kit

A stress relief kit just might be the perfect gift for any new mom. You can add in some stress-relieving lotions, scented candles, essentials oils, you can even add in the new mom’s favorite alcoholic beverage or wine.

If the mom is breastfeeding, no worries because they make testing stips to make sure that there is no alcohol in the nursing mom’s breastmilk after she enjoys a nice beverage and does a “pump and dump.” You can also add in some stress-relieving or calming herbal teas. You can add in anything that might make the new mom feel a little better as well!

4 Baby Clothing

Babies grow at an astonishing rate which means they also outgrow their clothes rather quickly. So when considering what to bring a new mom within the first month of giving birth, why not add baby clothing to the list? Clothing is something that is practical and useful in the mom’s and baby’s everyday lives.

Plus, with the rate babies tend to make messes, the more baby clothes a mom has for her child, the better. While newborns, themselves, aren’t messy the types of things that come out of them can be.

3 Chocolate (And Other Feminine Necessities)

If you wondering what might be helpful to a new mom, why not purchase her some period essentials since she could bleed for up to six weeks postpartum.

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Some things to include would be an assortment of pads ranging from light to overnight, chocolate, and something to help with her cramps such as ibuprofen, Midol, or even Tylenol. When picking out period essentials, you may want to leave out tampons since it’ll be some time before she’s actually able to use them.

2 A Stuffed Toy Or Blankie For The Newborn

If you find yourself really stuck on what to bring a new mom in the first month after having their baby, why not choose to bring the little guy or gal a new stuffed toy or blankie? Even the little burping blankets could be useful since babies tend to spit up a lot and there is a good chance that mom will go through these quickly after the baby is born.

And stuffed toys are always something that babies can grow up playing with as they get older. It can something for them to cherish as they grow and start learning how to play.

1 Lots Of Support

One main thing that you can’t gift wrap for a new mom that is oftentimes very helpful and meaningful is offering the new mom lots of love and support, especially during the first 30 days of her bringing the newborn home while mom and baby are still adjusting.

Let the mom know that she is not alone and that she can reach out to you whenever she may need you. Sometimes offering support is a gift that you can’t put a price tag on and means more than words could ever explain. Don’t expect a new mom to know that you will be there for her. Say it when you really mean it.

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