10 Things To Consider When Deciding If You Trust Someone To Look After Your Baby

Leaving your baby with someone who is not you and your partner can cause a stir of emotions for you as a mother. You might feel anxious, happy, nervous, and overwhelmed all at once. Finding the right person to watch your little can cause even more stress. Who can you trust to watch your little one, your world?

This person basically needs to be Mary Poppins for you to leave your baby with them, but that is a little unrealistic. But if you need to know what to look for when finding someone to babysit. So keep reading to discover the then things you need to consider when it comes to deciding if someone should look after your little one.

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9 Do You Feel Comfortable With You Kids At Their House Or In Yours?

If you are finding someone to look after your little one this means you are either going to leave your baby at their house or they are going to be coming to yours. Leaving your baby at someone else's house means you have no idea if it is baby-proofed, so you are going to have to trust they are watching your little one as they crawl around.

Or if they are watching your little one at your house you need to feel like you can have them stay there without worrying. And if you can’t trust a person to stay in your house you don't trust them to watch your baby.

8 Can They Perform First Aid?

Something that might slip your mind when it comes to deciding if someone should watch your baby is if they can perform first aid. It doesn’t matter if you are leaving your baby for 30 minutes or 6 hours you need to know that if your little one falls and hurts themselves that the caregiver will be able to handle the situation.

This includes everything big and small from bumping their heads to getting a cut, this person needs to know how to administer first aid.

7 Is This Person Honest?

Honesty is a trait that a lot of people do not have anymore and if you are going to leave your little one in the hands of someone else you need to make sure they are honest. This person needs to be able to tell you exactly what they did with your little one ad if everything went smoothly without hesitation.

You do not want to discover that your baby was outside and had a tick bit but you were never told or anything else. So find an honest person to watch your baby.

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6 Do They Know How To Feed And Burp?

Babies need someone to help them with everything and this includes feeding them and burping them. As a parent, you need to make sure your baby will be taken care of when you are gone.

Though feeding a baby can seem easy you want to know that if your little one is being fussy the person watching will be creative and find other ways for your little one to eat. Of course, after a feeding, you want to make sure they know how to properly burp your baby too to get out any gas.

5 Can They Handle Changing A Diaper?

One thing that people think about when they think of babies in diapers. A diaper is very important to babies since they use that to go to the bathroom. Changing diapers may not be fun, but it is necessary to do to keep your little one clean and healthy.

So make sure when you are deciding if someone is right to watch your little one that they already know how to change a diaper because the worst thing is having your little one sitting in their own mess for hours.

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4 Do They Know Your Parenting Style?

How everyone's parents their children are different and if you are about to leave your child with someone you want to know that, that person will be using your parenting style on your baby.

This is from everything- from believing in the cry it out method or not to how you entertain children it’s all about style. So you need to make sure that even if the person does not use your parenting style in their lives that they will at least do so when they are watching your child.

As a parent you never want anything bad to happen to your child and once you leave your little one with someone else you have no control over what happens when you are away from them. This means that the person you leave in charge of your little one needs to know how to handle an emergency if one should happen.

This person needs to know how to act and thank fast when it comes to something that they cannot handle. Be smart and make sure that whoever watches your child can handle anything.

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3 Are They Responsible?

Whoever is watching your child needs to be responsible and it just responsible for themselves, but someone who you know can be responsible for a baby. Babies are not easy. Babies are known for being fussing and crying.

The person watching your child needs to be able to be reasonable enough that you can follow the instructions that you give them about feeding and napping so you know they are not just making things up as they watch your little one. So before you have anyone watch your baby think about if they are responsible.

2 Have They Handled Kids Before?

Finding someone that you trust to watch your child is hard and the number one thing you think about before trusting someone is if they have handled watching kids their age before.

This can be if they are a professional caregiver for their career if they have their own kids, or even if they have watched their younger siblings, knowing that the person has cared for babies before will make you feel more cable letting someone watch your kids. So look at if the person you are thinking about has watched kids before and let that help you decide.

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1 Are They A Close Friend Or Family Member?

One of the best resources for you to go to when you are looking for someone to watch your baby for the first time is if you know them.

We do not mean that you are trusting a neighbor that you casually wave to, to watch your child, we mean a family member or close friend. A family member or close friend is someone that you have known for years. This person will definitely be someone who will have your little one's best interest at heart when they watch them.

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