10 Things To Know About A Water Birth

Each pregnancy is very different and so is the mom-to-be that is caring for the child. Some parents can feel like they have everything figured out while others are going with the flow. Deciding on what type of birth you want to have with your baby can be tricky.

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Some people want a homebirth, a C-Section, or water birth. Even though different birthing styles can be great for other women you need to find out what is going to be best for you and your baby. So keep reading to discover ten things you need to know about having a water birth.

10 It Can Help Reduce Pain

One thing that every woman knows about childbirth is how painful it can be at times. Even though women push through the pain to bring their little one into the world you still want to find a way that can help control the pain you are feeling.

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According to BellyBelly.com, having a water birth can help reduce the pain a woman feels during labor. Since you are in a tub full of water the water acts as a way that can help soothe your body and make you feel more relaxed.

9 There Can Be Risk

Just like any pregnancy, there can be risk associated with having a water birth. WhatToExpect.com has stated that if your baby tries to breathe when they are still submerged then it can lead to some serious complications if you are not able to get the water out of your baby’s lungs.

Additionally, water births have been linked to having a baby experience bacterial pneumonia which could be deadly. So before you make any decisions make sure you talk to your doctor about what they think is best for you and your little one.

8 Hire A Midwife

Delivering a baby is not easy. It involves time, patience, and some pain to get through all of the contractions and pushing. TodaysParents.com mentions that if you are having a water birth, especially at home than you need to hire a midwife to be with you while you are in labor.

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Having a midwife with you during your water birth will still allow some type of a professional to be with you to talk you through it. And if anything does happen to go wrong they will know when it is time you will need to go to the hospital.

7 Know The Cost Of It

Having a labor in a hospital has standards cost that you can find out about before having your baby there. But if you choose to have a water birth at home you are going to find out that those costs will not be covered by insurance.

6 A Hot Tub Won’t Work

A lot of women when they think of a water birth picture being in a nice hot tub or whirlpool, but those will not work if you want to have a water birth. AmericanPregnancy.org has shown that a woman cannot give birth in a hot tub/whirlpool since the temperature of those two tubs gets too hot for the baby.

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Having a temperate too hot can cause you to experience dehydration which can lead to serious health problems during birth. Make sure you invest in the right birthing tubs for you and your baby.

5 Can Be Done At Home

When you are giving birth you want to feel comfortable and that is why a lot of women decide to have home births since it is the place they feel more comfortable and relaxed in. If you are having a homebirth than you will be happy to find out that water birth can be down at home, according to WhatToExpect.com.

The biggest part of having a water birth at home is making sure you have the right equipment, which means investing in a tub that you can fill up to use.

4 Water Births Give You More Movement

During your pregnancy and even during labor you can feel like you cannot move around like you once did because of your baby in your womb. But BellyBelly.com mentions that many women select having a water birth because it gives them more movement.

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Since you are going to be in the water during the labor the water is going to allow you to move around easier and make your belly feel lighter. So if you know that you are not going to want to be in the same position during your labor then water births might be for you.

3 It’s Not For Everyone

The most important thing to know about water births is that is is not suited for everyone. WebMD.com shows that different women have more difficulties and complications with a water birth for a few reasons.

First, if you are older than 35 or if you have had complications like preeclampsia or diabetes then a water birth is not for you. Additionally, if you are expecting multiples or if your baby is in a breech position then it is best for you to look into a different type of labor.

2 There Are Benefits For The Baby

Just like there are benefits for you having a water birth there can also be benefits for your baby to be born like that too. AmericanPregnancy.org states that if a baby is born in the water that it “provides an environment similar to the amniotic sac” making your baby feel calmer once they are born.

With your baby feeling calmer entering this world they are also going to feel more comfortable since the water is going to be like the womb. Remember that even though there can be risks there can also be benefits.

1 You Can Deliver The Placenta In Or Out Of The Tub

When having a vaginal birth in the hospital you do not have a choice on how you deliver the placenta. But TodaysParents.com reports that if you are having a water birth you can decide to deliver the placenta wither in or out of the tub.

Some women like to deliver the placenta in the water to help with the pain and ease the process of the whole labor. Others feel like the water is dirty and decide to deliver the placenta out of the tub. Either way, you have a say in what you want to do.

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