10 Things That Will Make Him Want to Be A Stay-At-Home Dad

Figuring out and balancing work, childcare, and life in general can be super tough for parents. Every family is different when it comes to who will go to work, if both parents can, who will provide childcare, and how to make sure there's an income and the kids are being cared for in the best way possible.

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For families out there that are considering having dad stay at home with the kids, keep the following things in mind. Here are 10 reasons that fathers should think about/really want to be home with kiddos!

10 He Won’t Have To Go To Work

Of course, if a dad is at home with the children, then he won’t be at work. Now, he will be working, for sure. He won’t have to wear a uniform or a suit. He won’t have to sit in traffic during a morning commute and then have an evening commute.

He won’t have to go to meetings, check emails, make small talk at the water cooler, have a boss or attend some boring or stuffy office function. Instead, he will be changing diapers, fixing meals, playing dress-up and handling carpools!

9 He Will Be Able To Help Out More Around The House

As a stay-at-home father, the main responsibility is caring for the kiddos. However, there are also numerous other jobs around the house to keep in mind. There is picking up after everyone, cleaning up the messes that are bound to happen and doing deep-cleaning sessions now and then.

There are services to stay on top of and schedule, such as those involving water sprinkler systems, plumbing issues, and security cameras. There are meals to cook, trash to take out, laundry to do… and stay-at-home fathers can help out with it all or handle it all!

8 He Will Look Cooler To Fellow Parents

It is true that more moms stay home with kids than dads, and this is evident during typical business hours. While some people are at work, moms are shopping for groceries, dropping kids off at school, chaperoning for field trips and taking kids to appointments and practices.

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In this case, though, a dad will be able to do all of that, and he will look so cool! He will be able to bring a new perspective in these situations, he will get to see the kids in new ways/places, and he will be drooled over by at the other moms in the carpool line at school.

7 He Will Be Respected Further

On a similar note, a father who spends his day with his children may get more respect from more people, too. Traditionally, this is a mom’s job. Traditionally, the mom handles the cooking and cleaning and kiddos.

So when a man steps in, it shines a light on him. People notice. People are proud. People may actually stop and tell him how much they respect him for taking on this big and beautiful role that is not for the faint of heart.

6 He May Have More Time For Hobbies

As mentioned, parenting is super tough, and it is a full-time job all on its own… one that does not come with vacation time off or sick days. However, being at home means that a person is not at a workplace or in work-hour traffic. Therefore, a stay-at-home father may have more time for hobbies.

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When the kids are napping, he could read a book or build something in the garage. When his partner gets home, he could go to a class or try out a new workout. He will be busy, but his new schedule could just make time for new things!

5 He Will Get More Quality Time With Kids

When a man is at home with kids, he will, obviously, get to spend more quality time with them. Hopefully, all parents are doing what they can to be their for their families; from saying bye to them in the morning and attending their extracurricular activities to tucking them in at night, there are so many little moments to be there for and to love. A

nd when a dad is home all day, he can be there for the big, the small, the normal and the special times, which will be noticed and appreciated for sure.

4 He Will Be More Present For Activities

On the top of extracurricular activities, this is another benefit of being a stay-at-home father: he won’t have to miss them for work. He won’t be late due to being stuck in traffic. He will be the one who is taking them and helping them and cheering them on from the front row!

This will be noticed and appreciated, especially by the children, and it will truly assist in building them up and making sure they feel supported and loved, no matter what they are doing.

3 He Won’t Have To Deal With Workplace Stressors

Another huge benefit is that he won’t have to deal with workplace stressors! He will trade out sitting in traffic for comforting a crying baby. He will replace meetings with diaper changes. He will swap out power struggles with breaking up fights about who gets to control the remote control.

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Will he still be stressed and overwhelmed? Definitely. But will it be while around people who are much more pleasant? Absolutely. And it can all be done in his PJs.

2 He Will Bond With Children In A New Way

A stay-at-home dad gets to bond with his children in a whole new way. Up above, facts were gone over about what a dad will be leaving behind and what he will be gaining, if/when he chooses to stay home and take care of the home and the family.

And the main draw is the bond. There is nothing like the bond between a father and his kiddos, and it will simply be amplified when these people are together 24/7! It is not something that every man gets to experience, so relish it, if/when it comes.

1 He Will Bond With His Partner In A New Way

A stay-at-home dad also gets to bond with his partner in a whole new way. As stated, this is a big and tough decision for families, since an income is needed and since both parents would love to get even more time with their children.

But listen up, dads: a partner will be so appreciative. A partner will feel like a load has been lifted. A partner will want to say thanks in new and exciting ways. And a partner will feel a bond like never before, due to this thrilling new way of life.

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