Things Men Will Never Understand About Being Pregnant

Okay, so let's be real. Growing a baby is not only a lot of work, so much so that is can sometimes feel impossible to get through the whole nine months. A woman goes through so many changes and emotions that make it really hard to explain to your man what it is you're experiencing during the process of pregnancy. It's so true when people say that men, unfortunately for us (fortunately for them), will NEVER understand what it's like to grow a little tiny human inside your body. We love you guys. But it is what it is. Doesn't matter how wonderful and supportive you are - you just won't get it. Here are some things that men will never understand about their pregnant lady.

14 The Peeing

When we say, "gotta go"...we mean, "gotta go NOW!" There's no waiting or negotiating with a pregnant woman who has to pee, because whether you like it or not it's going to have every second of every day. Pregnant women can go to the bathroom and on the way back work up another pee. You don't get it? Well, a baby is growing and pushing on our bladder...at.all.times. So no we can't hold it in. Men, be prepared. Your pregnant woman may pee a little, right in her pants. It's not a big deal so don't make it one. Think about how much her body is actually doing.

13 The Hormones

Like the movie, Inside Out, a pregnant woman has joy, anger, disgust, fear all in there bickering with each other. You can go from happy and giggly to sad and crying to full fledged anger. It sometimes feels uncontrollable. We literally become a roller coaster of emotions. The hormones, the baby-brain - it's all going to happen and the men in your life will just not understand what is going on at times. It can be as simply as dropping something on the floor that sets off a burst of tears. If you're having one of these meltdown moments, and your man looks at you confounded, just tell him to be supportive and not do the next point.

12 Don't Bring It Up

Alright, men. A word to the wise, don't and I repeat, don't mention how "crazy" or "hormonal" your pregnant woman is being. Number one, she doesn't need to be told, because she knows and number two, your comment may send her in a harder cry or deeper anger. It's best to not comment on something you don't understand. Pregnant women have a lot going on so adding to that stress by judging her or even poking fun at her is not the way to go. She's bringing up baby, so it's best to not bring it up!

11 Morning Sickness

It only happens in the morning, right? Wrong. "Morning" sickness is a lie, because it literally happens all day and at any given moment. Your man might look at you and say, "isn't it suppose to only happen in the morning?" But more giving him the stink eye, remember he doesn't understand! The smell or sight of something, anything can set off the puking spree for a pregnant woman. Just like the incessant peeing, pregnancy nausea can wake us up in a dead sleep. Men, try imagining having the stomach flue for like three to nine months the next time you roll your eyes when your pregnant wife or girlfriend asks you to pull the car over so that she can hurl.

10 We are NEVER Lazy

If only men had a clue, amirite ladies? Sure, sometimes it seems like all we do is lounge, but be reminded, we have a baby inside us growing and that means that our bodies are constantly running, even when we are most comfortable and in the deepest of sleeps - which rarely happens, but whatever, that's a whole other article. If you've payed attention to points 13 and 12, men, you'll know NOT to make the "lazy" comment to your pregnant lady, because while you might feel tired after a long day of work, it's child's play compared to the work of growing a baby.

9 Cravings

We have needs. I know it's super joked about, but cravings are a real thing. Necessities, if you will. If a pregnant woman is craving something, tend to her needs if at all possible. Sometimes it can even help with the hormones. When we want something it can literally drive us insane, make us cranky until we can get it. Yes, sometimes it is junk food but sometimes we crave things because it's something that our body or the baby needs or is lacking. Somethings just can't be explained.

8 We're Freakin' Out

We try our best to hide a lot, but there is so much going on in/to our bodies and were freaking out. Even though pregnancy is the most natural thing in the world, it doesn't feel natural at all. And we're scared, terrified even. We are growing a human inside our own body. Risking our life and theirs. You be solely responsible for the creating, making, the well being and health of a baby. It's scary and we worry a lot. Not to mention the whole birth thing.

7 We're Scared

As previously mentioned, we're terrified. Will I be a good mom? Will my child have any health problems when they're born? How big will my baby be? What if something happens during the delivery? Will I have to have a c-section? What about the huge needle they shove in my back for the epidural, and the contractions, how long will I be in labor? Am I going to die? I know, it seems crazy and some of the things may be silly, but there's a lot to worry about. Guys don't think about this stuff and therefore don't understand. nt to.

6 We LOVE Pillows

Pregnant woman fall in love with pillows, and men will hate them! And it will get worse. The bigger the bump, the more pillows. One behind the head, one for the back, one between the legs, and one to hold on to. The possibilities of pillow placement is endless. Everything gets sore and hurts and it gets harder and harder to sleep and to get comfortable. Pillows help a lot. Pillows is a pregnant woman's best friend, men don't worry if they take your place in bed for a length of the pregnancy. Of course, we like snuggling with you, but for the next nine months we are going to be intimate with our pillows.

5 We Love You

Despite all the pregnancy drama, we do notice all the little things you do to try and help. It might not seem like it when we're screaming at your for getting Vanilla Häagen-Dazs instead of the Rocky Road we requested - know that we still love you. We also know that you don't fully understand what we are going through, which is why we cut you some slack and try our best not to take the pain or frustration that comes with pregnancy out on you. When we say, "I hate you" - that's the wacky hormones. But trust that when we say, "I love you," that's us and we mean it.

4 The Weight

If you want to get a small taste of pregnancy give yourself a couple hydroids, gain thirty five to forty pounds everywhere, develop cankles, and start peeing yourself every time you laugh, sneeze or cough. The weight gain is terrible. It may not bother men to see their woman plump up, but it bothers the pregnant women that are gaining it. Sure we like to show off our bump but the rest of it...we're a little more apprehensive. Stretch marks and extra skin everywhere. Our boobs, the back and feet pain from carrying the extra weight that our bodies aren't used to can be really challenging and something men just will never understand.


It doesn't matter how much pregnant women sleep, they are still tired. Every second of everyday. As I mentioned earlier, a pregnant woman's body does more work and uses more energy sleeping then anyone else does awake and active. Growing a baby is exhausting. They could sleep all day, fifteen hours straight and still feel like they only got three hours of sleep. Let her sleep when she is tired, it's the best thing for her and the baby.

2 The Feeling of a Human Inside Your Body

Men will never understand what it's like to have an actual human being living in their body. It's an amazing and strange feeling. And it's really weird if you think about it too much, but its also super cool! We can feel them roll, hiccup, kick, wave their arms, and we can even see it though our bellies. Sometimes even specific body parts. It's so crazy and such a huge miracle, what a woman's body is capable of. It the proudest thing ever knowing there is a living human being inside of you, that your nurturing and creating a life.

1 Insecurity

Yes, we are in awe about the incredible things our body is doing to create life and we think it's great and yes we are super excited. But we just don't feel pretty. Sometimes women do but a lot don't. Just like some men will like you pregnant more then they do when your not pregnant. For some it's a turn on but that doesn't mean momma feels turned on. She probably feels a little insecure with new stretch marks, not being able to breathe and the huge belly blocking the view of her feet. Although men may think their mom-to-be is sexy as ever, she might just not feel good about herself. If she isn't "in the mood" let her be. Hold her and tell how beautiful she is, how proud you are of her and tell her she is doing a great job. You might get lucky.














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