10 Things to Look For In An Infant Daycare

Finding the right care for your newborn baby can feel overwhelming. Even just a simple Google search shows several daycares in one town. So how do you know which one is right for your infant? You need to find a place where you feel comfortable sending your child when you are at work. Even though a daycare will never replace everything you do as a mother, you still need some help when you are unable to watch your little one. Keep reading to discover ten things you need to look for when you are looking for infant daycare.

10 Security

The world can be a crazy place and anytime you are away from your child, you want to make sure they are safe. One thing you need to look for at daycare is security. Sure most daycares don't have security officers, but they should have some security system in place that doesn't just allow a random person to walk in. This can be done with a keypad lock that parents need to use before entering. Also, check to see if they have cameras around the building as well.

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9 The Environment

When you are visiting a daycare for your infant you want to look at the type of environment they have there. You do not want to walk into daycare just to see plain white walls. Your baby needs stimulation. This means there should be age-appropriate things around the room. This can be in the form of posters with bright colors with the alphabet or animals on them. You want to see that there are things for your little one to look at and see when they are at daycare.

8 Do They Have Established Rules

Each baby is different and has different needs and you are going to want to know what their rules and policies are when it comes to childcare. This involves everything big and small. You need to know what they should do if a baby is not eating their food or to a more extreme end starts to get a fever in their care. A daycare having established rules means that they are not just winging it and that they do have proper procedures when it comes to caring for children.

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7 See If The Workers Have A Degree

Many childcare workers nowadays have some type of degree for taking care of children. Whether it be an Associates, Bachelors, or even a Masters, find out what the workers have when it comes to taking care of children. This is because taking care of children is not an easy task. It evens knowing what to all of the time and that is why people spend years going to school to learn about childcare. When you are talking to their childcare providers at the school make sure to ask about their credentials.

6 Look Down At The Floors

Okay, this one might seem weird at first, but when you are visiting daycares to see which one you want to place your child in you are going to want to look down at the floor. The floors will tell you about how they truly take care of their facility. If you see a lot of dirt, dust, and scrapes on the floor then you know that they do not keep up with the cleaning of the daycare. And yes things can get messy here and there, but overall if the floor is dirty everywhere than chances are they do not clean like they are supposed to.

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5 Talk To Other Parents There

If you get a chance to talk to other parents do it! It doesn't matter if they gave your reference numbers to call or if you just see another Mom in the parking lot take the time to talk to them. Parents who use that daycare will tell you the truth. They mention everything that they love, but more importantly everything that they hate. Another parent who uses that daycare is not going to try to upsell it to you as the staff will, a parent will give it to you straight.

4 Make A Visit

The most important thing to do when you are looking for a daycare for your infant is to actually visit it. Take time out of work and your other commitments to view the daycare with your partner. This is because when a daycare makes their website they only show you the best things out there, they are not going to show you what it is truly like when kids are in there. So make sure to schedule an appointment to visit and do a drop-by visit too to see what it is really like.

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3 Are The Staff Members Trained In First Aid?

You want to make sure that when you are away from your baby that whoever is watching your little one knows what they are doing. And even though you never want this to happen you need to know that the staff is trained in first aid and CPR. This ensures that if there ever is an emergency when you are not around that the people you selected to care for your child can handle it no matter what it is. So ask about their training and you can even ask questions about what they would do in a certain situation to make sure you can trust them.

2 Look At The Number of Babies Per Caregiver

Even as an infant, babies need constant attention. Whether it is because they are hungry, had an accident, or even just need physical contact with someone you need to know someone can take care of your child and not be preoccupied with too many babies. You want to make sure that there is a set number of caregivers at the daycare specifically for infant babies. And you want to know how many babies there will be in the room. So ask about their policy on kids per caregiver to make sure your baby gets the attention they need.

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1 Read Online Reviews

The internet can be an amazing place and a great resource if you are looking for an infant daycare. Reading online reviews, not on the daycare site can provide get insight into what they daycare is really like. Viewing the reviews on Google or on Yelp will tell you to want parents think of the daycare. If there was an issue with the daycare you will know and ask if that has been addressed since the issue occurred. So do your research when you are looking up daycares for your little one.

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