This Dad Want To Pay Someone To Do His Biracial Daughters' Hair

One father of two little girls recently turned to a popular online forum for help with a conundrum with his young daughters' hair styling issues!

You know the old saying... when in doubt, turn to Reddit for help. Well, that is what this father recently did, according to thestir.cafemom.com. The dad went to the online community asking for advice with a "throwaway account", explaining that he was using such an account because this issue had to do with his family.

He then stated that his wife left the country for work for three weeks. She- an African-American woman- always did their two young adorable biracial daughters' hair. So, he- a Caucasian man- felt completely useless as to what he should do when it came to styling his five-year-old and six-year-old's hair on a daily basis until their mother returned home.

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He went on to state that one point, his mother-in-law, the girls' grandmother, would often come over and style the children' hair, but the grandmother has since sadly passed away. When he expressed his concerns to his wife, he was met with a less than sympathetic attitude.

The husband and father told Reddit that before his wife left for her work trip, she tried to teach him how to care for their daughters' curly hair by washing, conditioning, combing and styling it. He said that at first, he was happy to learn. But that quickly wore off because he saw that it was a tedious job, and that, "so much hair conditioner was involved and my 5-year-old kept screaming because I was hurting her scalp."

He even said that his wife got frustrated with him because instead of helping, he was causing damage to the youngest daughter's scalp. A lightbulb formed over his head and he said that he got the bright idea to hire someone who has experience with styling black or biracial curly hair for the three weeks that his wife will be away.

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Perfect compromise, right? He won't cause any more damage and the little girls will get their hair done perfectly! Well, the wife didn't agree at all. In fact, she was pretty upset. She saw it as the husband was just being lazy and not wanting to be involved with his daughters' "whole existence" and complete culture.

Well...it turns out that Reddit sided with the wife!

"Boss it up, rise to the occasion, stop whining and start YouTube-ing different hair tutorials," one commenter wrote. "...Be the rad dad, the awesome husband your wife can count on to boss it up when she’s gone. You got this."

What do you think? Do you agree with Reddit or do you side with the husband on this one? Let us know why in the comments!

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