This Dad's Elf-On-The-Self Photoshoot Will Put You In The Holiday Spirit

Ever since 2005, families have been enjoying visits from their Elf on the Shelf. The holiday tradition comes from a children's book written by Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell.

After Thanksgiving, elves travel from the North Pole to children's' homes, take notes on the good and bad things the children do, and then report back to Santa Claus each night. When they go back to the children's homes, they hide in unexpected places and sometimes cause a little mischief.  Parents enjoy the Elf on the Shelf because it is a way to encourage their children to behave better or else the elf will tell on them to Santa. Children also love finding their elves and the trouble that they get into.

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Over the years, the holiday sensation has become an internet frenzy. From blog posts, to Instagram, to memes, everyone loves sharing their creative ideas for their elves. Parents are constantly searching for new ideas because if their elf stays in the same spot each day, the story loses its magic.

Last year, That Dad Blog photographer and writer Alan, created an adorable Elf on the Shelf photoshoot with his youngest boy dressed up as an elf named "Rock". Rock was seen taking a selfie with a doll, sitting on top of the shower rod, and even inside the refrigerator with a whipped cream beard. These pictures definitely showed how inventive parents can be when trying to think of different things for their Elf on the Shelf to do.

We’re planning our family Christmas card this year and I found our first family photo after Wil was born. I'm smiling...

Posted by That Dad Blog on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Since he received such positive responses last year, Alan recently posted that "Rock the Elf is back". He shared several pictures of his now toddler son wearing the same elf costume and doing some incredible things. One picture is of Rock stringing Christmas lights around one of Alan's older sons, while another is of him sitting on a bathroom counter putting whipped cream on a toothbrush. There is even a picture of him wearing a jet-pack flying to "make a visit to Jack Frost" since their town hadn't seen any snow yet! The little elf is so cute and has such an innocent-looking face in each picture.

Alan, the photographer and writer for That Dad Blog states on his website that he "get[s] anxiety" when he doesn't have a camera in his hand. He is constantly taking pictures and videos of his children. His mission is to spread positive awareness about Down Syndrome and that those with it can do anything.

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