This Is How Shay Mitchell Told Co-Star Kat Dennings She Was Pregnant

Kat Dennings from Dollface shares how her castmate, Shay Mitchell, shared her pregnancy.

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The women on Dollface with Shay Mitchell knew that Mitchell was pregnant before she even announced her pregnancy. Last July Mitchell announced to the world about her pregnancy in a heartfelt video. When she went to tell her castmates they had already guessed that she was pregnant except for Kat Dennings who apparently was not as intuitive. Esther Povitsky and Brenda Song, on the other hand, had already guessed.

Who doesn’t drink coffee?” Dennings joked that she had assumed Mitchell was just making healthy dietary decisions, but Song shook her head. “She’ll eat, like, two pizzas, ’cause she’s awesome, but she won’t have coffee? I was like, hmm." Song just knew Mitchell was pregnant because she all of a sudden stopped drinking coffee. When she had brought it up to Dennings, she wasn't convinced. When Mitchell went to tell her castmate they told her that they already knew.  Mitchell took Dennings aside to tell her. "She took me aside because she was like, ‘Here’s the deal: soon I will look pregnant.’ And my immediate first thing was just thrilled for her,” Dennings said.

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Shay gave birth to her first child, Atlas Noa, back in October. We loved following her through her pregnancy. Mitchell created a Youtube documentary series that showed her pregnancy and even showed her labor. The actual delivery was not filmed but it was amazing to see the progression of her labor. She really struggled with her labor and she ended up getting an epidural. She was never against an epidural but her boyfriend already said that she "wasn't" going to get one. They disagreed on an epidural. He had said that his mother didn't get one and neither did millions of other women and so she didn't need it either.

Now, Mitchell has a sweet little one-month-old baby that is perfect! She has shared pictures and Atlas is beautiful. We hope that Shay will continue to share pictures with us of her sweet little baby girl. She shared a picture of her sweet little baby next to one slice of pieces. Using the slice of pizza she shared that her daughter was one-month-old. It was such a cute and unique idea!

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