This Is What Her Future Child Will Look Like, According To Her Star Sign (Boy Vs. Girl)

Astrology is a passion of many, with many advanced scholars worldwide. One thing the world needs to know about this subject is that there is so much more to anyone's horoscope than their sun signs alone. That is why reading the daily or monthly horoscopes in newspapers will never be entirely accurate, since it only involves the sun sign.

Even though the sun sign is a significant part of anyone's horoscope (because it represents each person as a whole), the moon sign is just as important (since it represents their emotional responses to stimuli).  Additionally, the rising sign, which is the sign that was rising at the time of birth represents one's perspective on life, in general. And, the rising sign can be also considered as the mask one wears because of how they appear to others.

And, believe it or not, personality is not the only thing that is affected by the star signs. Physical traits can be affected s well, which can also be passed down to one's kids. That said, it is time to have a bit of fun while learning about the physical traits that one can pass down to future sons and daughters based on sun signs!

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Aries mom girl
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24 Aries Mom’s Daughter - Beautiful Red Hair

Aries mom girl

Aries is the first star fire sign and it is a known fact that those who are born March 21 to April 19 have their sun sign in Aries. Their common traits being passionate, being great initiators, and the color that is associated with Aries is red. They also are known to be impulsive and impatient.

And, according to Astrology Of The Ancients, the common physical traits of Aries are being strong, muscular, and having red or fair hair. That said, if you are an Aries mom, don't be surprised if you have a daughter that has gorgeous red hair. She will most definitely thank you for that trait because the credit goes out to your sun sign in that case!

23 Aries Mom’s Son - Athletic

Aries mom boy

As it is was already mentioned that one trait that goes hand in hand with Aries is being athletic. And, according to Astrology Of The Ancients, moms who were born under that fire sign may very well have sons that have an athletic or muscular build. Additionally, don't be surprised if you are that mom that has a son that has that appearance.

Be prepared to take him to baseball practice, hockey practice, or basketball practice. He is going to be full of energy, and will want to play many sports! And, because you are an Aries, you could spend some mom and son time playing basketball or any other sport. He will definitely keep you on your feet!

22 Taurus Mom’s Daughter - Pretty Features

Taurus mom daughter

Taurus is the second star sign and it is an earth sign. Anyone who is born between April 20 to May 20 has a sun in Taurus, and the common Taurean traits are the love of routine and security, the love of beauty and food, and loyalty. However, one common trait in anyone who has a Taurus sun is extreme stubbornness and the inability to handle change well.

However, many adorable physical traits are also associated with Taurus according to Astrology Of The Ancients. That said the children of a Taurus mom will also benefit in that department. That is because any daughter that a Taurean mom has will have adorable lips that will suit her well, and will be a huge reason why she will be so cute in general.

21 Taurus Mom’s Son - Thick Hair

Taurus mom son

A daughter that a Taurean mom has will have those sweet and lovely lips. If the Taurean mom were to have a boy, he will have other strong physical traits as well. According to Astrology Of The Ancients, having thick and healthy hair is one physical characteristic of a Taurus. That said, any little boy that is born to a mom that has the sun sign as Taurus will be blessed with thick hair.

The color of the hair is not relevant, however, he will not need to worry about his hair thinning out and that hair will attract his future girlfriends. The credit definitely goes out to mom's star sign in that case.

20 Gemini Mom’s Daughter - Fair Complexion With Blue Eyes

Gemini mom daughter

Gemini is the third sun sign and it is an air sign. Those who are born between the dates of May 21 to June 20 have their sun in Gemini. And, the common traits that Gemini people are known to have is curiosity, energetic, and are very talkative. The one negative trait that Gemini people are also known to have is the fact that they tend to do more talking than listening.

And, according to Astrology Of The Ancients, Gemini people also have some physical traits that can be passed down to their kids as well. That means, if you are a Gemini mom and end up having a daughter, she will likely have a fair complexion with bright blue eyes. Those eyes are really going to be expressive, which is also a Gemini trait.

19 Gemini Mom’s Son - Fair Complexion And Tall

Gemini mom son

If you are a Gemini mom, and you end up having a son, he will inherit a few Gemini traits from you as well just like any daughter that you have would. That said, according to Astrology Of The Ancients, another common Gemini trait is being tall. That means there is a strong chance that your son will not only have a fair complexion but will end up being very tall.

He may even possibly be the tallest kid in his class. And, that would definitely be a trait that would boost his self-esteem since so many kids would love to be as tall as him.

18 Cancer Mom’s Daughter - Dark And Thin Hair

Cancer mom daughter

Cancer is the fourth star sign and it is a water sign. Anyone who is born between the dates of June 21 to July 22 will have their sun sign in Cancer. The common Cancer traits are being maternal and emotional, and many people who have this sun sign are excellent with saving money and are the best providers for their families. However, Cancers can be too emotional and can cry at the drop of a hat.

According to Astrology Of The Ancients, Cancerians have some physical traits that they not only have but can be passed down to their kids. That means if you are a Cancer mom, and you end up having a daughter, she will likely have dark and thin hair. The darkness is associated with the fact that Cancer is a water sign, and water signs, in general, have a mysterious side.

17 Cancer Mom’s Son - Round Face With A Fair Complexion

Cancer mom son

Other Cancerian physical traits that mom can pass down to her kids are the shape of the face. And, the shape that is associated with Cancer is round, and that is because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, according to Astrology Of The Ancients. That said, any son that the Cancer mom would have would be more likely to have a round face as well as a fair complexion.

And, with a round face, the little boy would look adorable in different hats. This trait will also be quite appealing when he becomes older, and down the road, many girls are going to be fighting over him!

16 Leo Mom’s Daughter - Thick Hair And Dark Eyes

Leo mom daughter

Leo is the fifth star sun and is the second fire sign in the bunch. Anyone who is born between the dates of July 23 to August 22 will have a sun in Leo, and I happen to have that sun sign as well.

Leos are known to be quite playful and passionate. However, they also can be stubborn and tend to want to be in the spotlight all of the time. According to Astrology Of The Ancients, some of the physical signs that Leos can possess or pass down to their kids are thick hair and dark eyes. And, that means there is a high chance that any daughter that a Leo mom has will possess those traits, just like my daughter does! As she grows and matures she will find that the trait will be intriguing to others which is a great thing.

15 Leo Mom’s Son - Curly Dark Hair

Leo mom son

Another strong physical trait that Leos can have or pass onto their children is having hair that is curly, especially if it is dark, according to Astrology Of The Ancients. That means there is a good chance that any son that a Leo mom has will have dark and curly hair, which will be a favorable trait especially when he is young.

However, as he gets older, the curly hair will still be appealing but he may decide to start trying out different hairstyles because this may be very important to him. He may decide to shave his hair or straighten it and may decide to grow it. Especially if he is inspired by hard rock musicians that are known to grow their hair.

14 Virgo Mom’s Daughter - A Youthful Appearance

Virgo mom daughter

Virgo is the sixth star sign and is the second earth sign. Those who are born between the dates of August 23 to September 22 have their sun sign as Virgo. The common traits that Virgos possess are being hardworking, health-conscious, and are very meticulous and clean. However, the few downsides of the sun sign are obsessiveness and nervousness.

And, according to Astrology Of The Ancients, some of the physical traits that Virgos can possess or pass down to their kids are that youthful appearance in general. That means that if you are a Virgo mom and you have a daughter, don't be surprised if she maintains that youthful look for life. She may not like that when she is a teenager but when she becomes a middle-aged adult, she will love the fact that she stuns people when she tells them her age because she looks so young!

13 Virgo Mom’s Son - Tall With Fair Hair

Virgo mom son

Virgos don't have many traits that really do stand out like the other signs do, according to Astrology Of The Ancients. However, two common traits that are associated with Virgos other than having a youthful appearance are being taller than the average individual and having a fair complexion.

That means if you are a Virgo mom that ends up having a son, he may be taller than the average boy in his classes but he won't be the tallest either. He will also likely have a fair complexion, perhaps with plenty of freckles. He may also blush easily so that means it will be quite noticeable when he is experiencing many intense emotions based on the fact that his face will easily go red at times!

12 Libra Mom’s Daughter - Dimples On Cheeks

Libra mom daughter

Libra is the seventh sign and is the second air sign in the bunch. Anyone that is born between the dates of September 23 to October 22 has a Libra sun. And, those who have a sun in Libra are known for being fair, balanced, and have an appreciation for beauty. However, they can be indecisive as well.

If you are a Libra mom and you end up having a daughter, according to Astrotheme, there is a good chance that she will have adorable dimples on her cheeks. Additionally, she will likely have a lovely voice as well when she reaches adulthood. Needless to say, she will inherit that beauty that you cherish.

11 Libra Mom’s Son - Curly Blonde Hair

Libra mom son

If a Libra mom has a daughter, you already know that there is a good chance she will be born with adorable dimples. And, according to Astrotheme, if she were to have a son, he will likely have sweet curly blonde hair which will attract everyone who he runs into.

And, as he matures, the ladies will certainly be flocking to that hair of his. He also may end up with dimples just like his sisters as well. Needless to say, he will be very handsome just like his sisters would be beautiful. Libra definitely has that effect and kids born to moms with this sun sign!

10 Scorpio Mom’s Daughter - Green Eyes

Scorpio mom daughter

Scorpio is the eighth star sign and is the second water sign as well. Those who are born between the dates of October 23 to November 21 have a Scorpio sun sign. Scorpios are known to be highly passionate and can go to extremes in regards to their emotions. However, they are also very secretive as well. They can be your ultimate protectors or the opposite.

According to Astrotheme, moms with a Scorpio sun sign will likely produce little girls that have piercing and intense green eyes that are also very intriguing. Since Scorpio is synonymous with intensity, that is not at all a surprise!

9 Scorpio Mom’s Son - Very Dark Hair

Scorpio mom son

You have just learned that mothers that have their sun sign as Scorpio will likely have daughters that have intriguing green eyes. What about their sons? According to Astrotheme, any little boy that is born to a Scorpio mom has a high chance of inheriting jet black hair. He may have green eyes as well, but many times he will have powerful blue eyes.

Regardless of his eye color, that intriguing dark hair will certainly be that feature which stands out. Whenever mom or dad takes him out for a walk in the stroller, the one thing that people will comment on is how amazing his dark hair appears.

8 Sagittarius Mom’s Daughter - Thick Dark Or Red Hair

Sagittarius moms daughter

Sagittarius is the ninth star sign and is the third fire sign in the bunch, and anyone born between the dates of November 22 to December 21 has a Sagittarius sun. The main traits that the star sign is known for are the optimistic nature, the passion, the love for adventure and traveling. However, one trait that also stands out is that not taking responsibility seriously is most definitely a Sagittarian characteristic.

You would think that many parents with that star sign would not want to have kids, but many do! That is because parenting is an adventurous journey! According to Astrotheme, if mom was born under a Sagittarius sun, then there is a great chance that any daughter that she has will inherit very dark or red hair because that represents fire- and Sagittarius is most definitely a fire sign.

7 Sagittarius Mom’s Son - Thick Hair With A Great Smile

Sagittarius mom son

Daughters of mothers that have the Sagittarius star sign will have a hair color that is fiery, and according to Astrotheme, the same will go for any son that she has. However, the difference is that his hair will not only be very thick but he will inherit that Sagittarius-like optimistic smile that people will be drawn to.

That does not mean the daughters born to these moms won't either. But the smile tends to stand out more on the boys, and that will serve him well as he matures. He will attract not just girls but will make plenty of friends because that smile will give him a sunny disposition that people certainly will appreciate.

6 Capricorn Mom’s Daughter - Straight Dark Hair

Capricorn mom daughter

Capricorn is the tenth star sign and the third earth sign in the bunch. People who are born between December 22 to January 19 have their star sign in Capricorn. The common traits that this star sign is known for are: devotion to work and the business world, as well as being structured and organized. And, the traits that this star sign comes with is the opposite to Sagittarius.

That said, Capricorns are all about business and don't have a lot of room for fun! And, according to Astrotheme, one physical trait that is associated with this star sign is having straight and very dark hair. That said, Capricorn moms will likely have daughters that have this physical trait. The thing that they will love too is that they will have an easy time trying out different hairstyles!

5 Capricorn Mom’s Son - Fair Complexion With Dark Hair

Capricorn mom son

Any son that a Capricorn mom has will also have dark hair. However, according to Astrotheme, a light complexion is also a trait that is associated with Capricorn. That said, she will likely pass that down to her son as well. If you see a little boy that has very dark hair with a very light complexion, then that right there could be a strong giveaway that his mom was born under the sun sign of Capricorn.

Especially if he thrives on structure and routine because that is how Capricorn moms run their homes. The same would apply to any daughter that she has as well!

4 Aquarius Mom’s Daughter - Bright Eyes

Aquarius mom girl

Aquarius is the 11th sign and the third air sign in the bunch, and those who have a birthday between the dates of January 20 to February 18 has a star sign in Aquarius. The two main things that Aquarius are associated with is innovation and uniqueness. They are also known to be friendly and charitable. However, they most definitely do not enjoy conforming and are the types to march to their own drummers.

And, according to Astrotheme, since uniqueness is associated with this star sign, any Aquarian mom will likely end up having a daughter that has intriguing bright eyes, regardless of its color. Her eyes will be the one thing that is a giveaway about the fact that her mom is an Aquarius.

3 Aquarius Mom’s Son - Thick Fair Hair And Blue Eyes

Aquarius mom son

Other Aquarian physical traits are not just bright eyes, but many times they are blue and thick hair also is associated with this sign, according to Astrotheme. And, that said, there is a high chance that Aquarian moms who end up having sons will pass these traits onto them.

That means any little boy that is born to these moms with the most innovative star sign will likely end up with blue eyes and thick brown hair. The hair color may be a lighter shade of brown or a close to black. That is because just like Capricorn, Aquarius is ruled by stern Saturn that represents dark colors.

2 Pisces Mom’s Daughter - Very Fine or Fair Hair

Pisces mom daughter

Pisces is the 12th sign and the third water sign. And, those who are born between the dates of February 19 to March 20 have their sun sign in Pisces. Because Pisces is a water sign, it is tied with intense emotions as well as strong intuition and empathy. However, the one common trait that is associated with Pisces is dreaminess.

According to Astrotheme, it is quite common for Pisces to possess many of the characteristics that other signs possess. That said, there is no distinctive physical characteristic that is associated with this sign.

However, the one trait that is common with Pisces is having fine hair. That said, daughters that are born to mothers that have this star sign will likely end up with fine hair regardless of the color. The only issue with this is that this hair type can be difficult to style. But it has its appealing features as well.

1 Pisces Mom’s Son - Blue Or Green Eyes With Fine Hair

Pisces mom son

Even though Pisces does not have any distinctive physical traits, fine hair, as well as light-colored eyes, can be associated with it according to Astrotheme. That said, do not be surprised if a mom that has a Pisces sun sign has sons that have not only fine hair but have light-colored eyes.

That is because fine hair and light blue or light green eyes are also associated with sensitivity, and Pisces is the most sensitive star sign around. And, these traits can be easily passed down from the Pisces mom to her kids, regardless of what their sun signs happen to be! Either way, both of her sons and daughters will possess those sweet characteristics.

Source: Astrologyoftheancients.com, Astrotheme.com

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