This Is Why Cardi B Says She’s Refusing To Hire A Babysitter

Celebrity rapper and millionaire, Cardi B, admits that she isn't like most celeb-moms when it comes to the care of her 15-month-old daughter, Kulture Kiari. Despite having enough money to hire six nannies if she wanted to, Cardi B has yet to find someone she can trust and isn't in any rush to.

The 27-year-old singer posted two side-by-side photos of her daughter on Instagram this past weekend depicting what motherhood looks like on social media versus what it actually is. Captioning the photo "Mom life Look easy don't it? But Booooyyyyy o booooyyyy 😩🤦🏽‍♀️," Cardi B got over 2.6M likes and over 13,000 comments from fans who can most definitely relate.

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When one fan commented and implied that Cardi B doesn't really know what motherhood is like because she has babysitters to deal with all of that 'nonsense', the rapper was quick to respond.

"I actually don't just me and my mom," Cardi responded. "Sooo when my mom do her own s--- [it's] ME ... When I can finally find some1 trust worthy I'll have one !" Her fans were shocked, to say the least, because almost all celebrities seem to leave the hard parts of parenthood to the nannies.

With over 2,400 replies to that one comment, many fans were quick to offer their babysitting services to the singer. Others commended the celeb for her dedication to motherhood.

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Cardi B's response to the fan humanizes her. To know that Cardi can afford to pass on the responsibilities of motherhood to someone else but chooses not to shows that she's in it for the good and bad days. Despite Kulture being dressed to the nines in Gucci apparel, the star's post opened the gate between the celebrity world to that of 'regular' moms making her more respected by fans everywhere.

Whether or not Cardi B will find a sitter for Kulture any time soon is unclear but many moms can relate to how hard it is to find someone you can trust with your child. Given Cardi B's ability to dismiss the hard parts of motherhood yet choosing not to says a lot about her character as a celebrity but also as a mother.

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