This Mama Is Too Tired To See Straight

UPDATE: I’m so tired I didn’t even publish this correctly last night. SMH.


Remember when I told you that caffeine is my friend and basically the only way I get through the day? Well, I’m an 80-year-old in a 30-year-old body, and I can’t have caffeine after 1 pm or I’ll be wide awake at midnight. Talk about frustrating! The only thing that keeps me going is also the thing that will deprive me of my much-needed sleep.

Coffee is mommy's best friend. Via RiceBall347 Instagram

Over the holiday weekend, my kids got to hang out with their aunts and uncles. Of course, our family lavished attention on them and as a result, I got to have a few small breaks from playing “mommy”. Like a fool, I didn’t nap. I took it as an opportunity to get more things done. WHEN WILL I LEARN?

When you have a newborn, they tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps. It’s really good advice, especially when you have just one child. But with multiples? Or if you already have a few older children? HA! HA HA HA! That advice is a cruel joke. The only way I’m going to be able to nap when my baby naps is if someone drives over to my house and forces me to go lie down.


Perhaps this is a side effect of my anxiety medication, but I like to jokingly think that it’s just a symptom of parenthood. Instead of being able to function better with only a few hours of sleep, parenting has actually made me sluggish and foggy. Oh, the brain fog! Some days I’m surprised I can even put two words together, let alone write to entertain all of you! Simple things fall through the cracks. For weeks, I’ve had a package that needs to be sent. It’s in THE TRUNK OF MY CAR, so you’d think I would remember to deliver it. But no. No no. I arrive back home and silently curse when I see the box staring back at me. Mocking me. I’m cursing silently because I’m also simultaneously yawning.

If I have to drive longer than twenty minutes, I get very sleepy. It’s actually pretty worrisome, if I’m being honest. It’s also a new symptom - I never had this problem when I was mom to just Shep. But adding Rory to the mix has tapped my rest reserves. To be honest, I think it’s possibly the silence that lulls me into rest? The only time it’s silent in my house is after my kiddos both go to sleep, which is only a few hours before I go to sleep. Maybe that quietude tricks my brain into thinking it’s time to shut down? I’ll be honest, that’s NOT the message you want your brain to be getting when you’re driving a machine that weighs two tons. Natch, driving it at 75 miles an hour.

baby asleep at the beach
How comes babies get to sleep on vacation? I want to sleep on vacation.... Via WonderfulIsland

Obviously I can’t let myself fall asleep while I’m driving! So I just drive less often. When I have to drive, I overload on the caffeine. I drive with the windows down. I blast fun music so I can sing along. Heck, I’ll even pull over and stretch and jump about to get my heartrate up. Get out of here with your logic, telling me to just find more time to sleep! 

This is real folks. All jokes aside, the physical and mental demands of parenting are taking a toll of me and I’m not keeping pace. Have you ever heard of a sleep-cation? Cause that’s what I need. A vacation away from everyone so that I can sleep. Wouldn’t that be lovely?


Have you suffered from parental fatigue? What silly things have you done to fight the tiredness? Make me laugh - Twitter @pi3sugarpi3. 

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