This Mom Hilariously Hides Chocolate From Her Kids In A Frozen Vegetable Bag

One mother shares that she puts her chocolate in a frozen vegetable bag to hide them from her kids.

Being a mother is really difficult. As a mother it seems like you never get to have anything to yourself. It seems like moms have to always share their food, their drinks, and their candy. Nothing is safe in a house full of children. If parents try to hide the good snacks from their kids they always seem to find it! They can't find their shoes, but they can find the chocolate. We aren't sure how that even works. One mother was fed up with having to share the best chocolate with her children and decided to hide her favorite chocolate in the most clever way!

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This mother shares that she decided to hide her stash in a place that her kids would never look. She showed the internet that she hid her chocolate in a bag of veggies. She then placed the bag of veggies in the freezer. She figured this hiding place would be a safe spot for her chocolate stash. She shared it on social media and said "Let's see [if] the kids find this stash."

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It comes at no surprise that her post quickly went viral. Her post has been shared over 52,000 times. She also received over 2,500 comments. Many people shared that they are going to have to try this "trick" out with their kids and see if their kids will ever find their stash. Other people stated that they were going to go home and check all of the vegetable bags in the freezer to see if somebody is trying to hide some snacks from them. One mother hilariously commented "Can you do this to me, please. My fat a** needs to step away from the snacks." One of the commenters shared that her mother used to do that but with booze. She said,"My mum has been doing this for ages, and hiding a whole bottle of alcohol in veggie bags too."

If you are one of millions of parents trying to hide the chocolate from the kids then you might want to try this parenting hack. We can almost guarantee that your children are not going to look in the frozen vegetable bag.

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