This Model Got Roasted For Offensive Comments About Crying Baby On Flight

Recently, people have been making headlines for how well they’ve handled crying babies on a flight- from the mom who handed out earplugs to the flight attendant who showed off his baby whispering skills. But the same can’t be said for model Angela Panari.

The Instagram-famous model, who boasts 1.9 followers on the social media platform, made the mistake of complaining to her large following about how annoyed she was by a crying baby on her most recent flight. However, her controversial comments didn’t sit well with most of her fans.

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The Indonesian-born beauty wrote that she’s rather sit next to an animal rather than a child. “I’d agree more with allowing pets inside the airplane cabin rather than babies,” she wrote. However, the post caused so much outrage and criticism from her followers that Panari took her comments down within 5 minutes. But, of course, it wasn’t before people had a chance to take screenshots.

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Due to the backlash, Panari has since apologized publicly for her offensive comments. She explains she wrote the careless words in the heat of the moment without realizing how wrongly they may be taken. “I apologize for the mistake I made because of my emotions,” she explained, The Toronto Sun reports. “I was angered so I posted that story. I promise not to repeat this kind of behaviour again and I took this as a lesson.”

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The 24-year-old added that she actually sympathized with the mother who was trying to calm down her upset child. “I took pity on her because she seemed so stressed out and her baby was still hysterical,” she explained.

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Panari’s story is a good reminder of what not to do when passengers come across a crying baby during a flight. Speaking to Business Insider, a real-life flight attendant gave her tips for how to handle a crying baby onboard. The best approach is to see if the flight attendant can accommodate them somehow. "Ask to change seats if there are any, use ear plugs, drink a lot of vodka. The crew can help to a certain extent,” she explained, adding she often gives passengers free drinks or snacks if a child is being extremely disruptive. She even added that passengers can reach out to the airline post-flight to see if they can be compensated.

But at the same time, the flight attendant minds passengers that there’s also not much more to be done. Babies and children are going to cry and sometimes there’s not much to be done. The parent(s) is the only one in the position to handle the situation. The best thing fellow passengers can do is pop in their headphones or earplugs and try to zone it out!

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