This Woman Gave Birth To Her Sisters’ Twins

It might sound like something that you normally hear in the movies or a plot for a good book, but here’s a feel-good story that will definitely touch many parents and siblings out there. A woman who carried her twin sister’s babies has given birth to a boy and a girl.

According to People Magazine, 35-year-old Whitney Bliesner was losing hope that she would ever have children. That’s because she has a genetic disorder that has subjected her to tumours and chemotherapy over the years. Because she is both hearing and eyesight impaired, she didn’t think that she would ever have a child of her own. Thankfully, her twin sister Jill Noe stepped in to help make her dream come true. The sisters grew up as best friends and were always close and that’s why Bliesner didn’t even flinch when Noe offered to become a surrogate for her.

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Noe, who is not married and doesn’t have children of her own, carried her twin sister’s babies by using donor eggs and sperm from Bliesner’s husband. And believe it or not, she ended up getting pregnant with twins through in vitro fertilization.

After having a successful and uneventful pregnancy, Noe gave birth to a healthy little baby boy and a healthy little baby girl: Rhett and Rhenley. The twins were born on June 7th, with Rhenley just one minute younger than her big brother.

Bliesner says that the entire experience has been very surreal for both her and her sister. She says that she will be forever grateful for Roe, who produced to healthy and happy babies. She said now that the pregnancy is done and over with, Roe can finally have her “old life” back.

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The sisters have shared plenty of photos and videos of not only Noe’s pregnancy journey but the newborn tots on social media as well. There are some pics of the twin sisters embracing one another along with a touching photo of Bliesner near her sister’s baby bump. More recent photos show the sister beaming with pride while holding the newest members of their family.

Bliesner added that she was also in the delivery room the entire time and even held Noe’s hand during labour. Bliesner said, “I’m a mom now. There are no words to describe it.”

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