This Year Won’t Be Easy For Moms Of Teens: 20 New Challenges To Look Out For

Raising a teen is no easy task, even for the moms that think they have it locked down. Even “good kids” can find themselves in trouble from time to time, and it’s important to know what’s really going on in your child’s life. Parents who have open communication with their children have less of a chance of having problems with their teens as they get older. Parents should be a safe sanctuary for children to go to in time of need. There are lots of things to watch out for this coming year; it may be slang or it may be the way your child interacts with you. By keeping an eye out, you can help your child navigate the teenage years.

For any mom who has a teen, it can be troubling to know what lurks out there that could eventually affect your child. There are many things to know that can help parents survive the teenage years with their sanity still intact. We have a list of things to look out for this year that is sure to make parents' lives much easier. Check out these 20 teen challenges moms might want to look out for in 2019.

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20 More Teen Slang Than Ever Before

via Cosmopolitan

It seems like new teen slang keeps coming out and it’s hard for parents to keep up. If you don’t understand what your teens are saying, then how are you supposed to know if they are doing things they shouldn’t? Sometimes kids use slang to keep their parents in the dark. It’s important to know the words, and there are a lot of them to better understand your children. Net Sanity has a guide where can educate yourself on the latest teen slang. Be prepared, there are a lot of them so you might need a notebook.

19 Expect To See Them Pushing Parents Away

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The problem is that one minute your teen loves you and the next thing is they are not a fan of you and you can’t figure out what happened. Be prepared for the up-and-down relationship with your teen that you will be embarking on. You can blame it on the hormones. There will be times when they want nothing to do with you and then they will act like they are desperate for some attention. They may act like they are embarrassed that you are cheering in the stands but then would be devastated if you didn’t show up to the game. Our advice, just wait it out.

18 There Are Mood Swings In The Forecast

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Mood swings are just something that you have to get used to with teens, they are hormonal and moody little humans. There is a difference between an occasional change in mood and a teen that has excessive mood swings and that’s something that you need to watch out for. What to watch out for is whether your teen goes from being happy to being super sad quickly without a reason. The best thing that you can do is sympathize and most importantly be calm. The next step is to get your teen to talk and find out what’s really going on.

17 Emotional Stability Is Being Left Unchecked

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If you leave your teen emotional stability unchecked then you may find that you end up with some serious problems down the road. Teens are notorious for having shifts in their emotional stability. That can become even worse if they dabble with substances. It’s important for parents to check in with their kids and make sure that their emotional stability isn’t going towards depression. Parents who aren’t talking to their teens can be missing mental health issues. Acting withdrawn and secretive are signs that your child may be involved in something they shouldn’t be. Be observant of your child’s moods.

16 Teen Daughters Will Think They Are “Too” Something

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Your teens are going to struggle with perfection because of what they see in magazines, and the Kardashians sure don’t help. Your daughter is going to think that she’s “too something” for many years. Whether that’s too curvy, too short, or too whatever. That’s not your fault, it isn’t because you did anything wrong. There are impossible beauty standards out there and we all grew up with them around us. Your daughter could be the most beautiful girl in the world and she probably won’t believe it. Just remind her that she is and start praying that they get out of their teen years.

15 Parents Have No Idea What's On Social Media

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Most parents don’t really think of social media accounts. We trust our children and what’s the big deal anyway, right? There are so many social media sites that your child could be on and you want to make sure that they are safe while they are on them. There is also the temptation to post pictures or to send pictures to other people. Be on top of social media accounts and if you have to be like celebrity mom Candace Bure and start asking for some passwords. Not all social media accounts are appropriate for your teen to be on.

14 Parents Aren't Aware What's On Urban Dictionary

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What if you are out of the loop and don’t know what social trends are going on with your teen’s life? How are you supposed to protect them? It’s so important for parents to know how their teens are using the Internet. A great place to go is Urban Dictionary and we suggest bookmarking the page. It will help you navigate the slang and trends that you are bound to see on your teen’s social profiles. You can also set Google alerts about social media so that every time there is a new article on the subject, you will get a notification about it.

13 Parents Have No Idea What's Going On

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There are a lot of parents that prefer to stay out of things. It’s just not okay to pretend to be an uneducated parent and pretend that you don’t know that there are dangerous things your kids could be doing. Do everything that you can to educate yourself as a parent. Read books about teenagers and try to remember what you were like as a teen. The awkwardness and struggles you had with acne. The more you know about what’s coming the better equipped you will be to help your teen.

12 Teens Are Going On Dangerous Sites

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You may think that your teen doesn’t have a curious bone in his body and would never go on a dangerous site, but we are betting that they have probably already been on one. A good step would be to block certain sites immediately to prevent them from going on the sites, to begin with. There are a lot of sites that offer parental controls that you can depend on. You don’t want them on dating apps and various social media sites that you don’t approve of. It’s a step in the right direction.

11 Substances Are Becoming More Of A Problem

via Hollywood Reporter

Substance use is something that is always a concern for parents. It can be hard sometimes to know if your teen is dabbling in these things. A good indicator is to watch out for the health and hygiene of your teen. Your teen can start exhibiting signs that they are using substances. Track marks, abrasions, and injuries can happen. Also, if they are exhibiting lack of hygiene or general health changes that could also be a red flag to poor judgment. Poor personal hygiene can be a sign of changes in mental health due to this concerning habit.

10 Reasoning With Them May Not Change Anything

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It can be frustrating for a parent when you see your teen making bad choices. A parent thinks that if all they do is reason with their teen that it will sink in and the teen will suddenly change their behavior. We wish it was that easy. Reason rarely persuades anyone to do something that they really don’t want to know. You could tell someone over and over to work out for the good of your health but that doesn’t mean they will ever step foot in a gym. Sometimes it’s best to just listen to what your child is going through and to care for them in the best way you know.

9 Traditional Punishments Won't Work In 2019

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When we see that our teen is doing something that we don’t like it can be tempting to dole out some punishment. We want to teach them a lesson but that’s not always the best course of action. Our teens are on their way to adulthood and punishment may not change anything. Sometimes punishing a teen can make things worse. They could isolate themselves from you which wouldn’t change anything. You won’t be able to add any positive influence on their lives if you push them away from you. A loss of privilege should be the most that you do because reprimands could push them away.

8 Parents Aren't Talking To Their Kids Enough

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It’s really important to talk to your teen as early as possible and to do it often. Discussing that natural monthly cycle with your teen after it’s happened means it’s too late. It’s best to talk to your teens about what they will experience during puberty before these things start happening to them. Let them be prepared for the things that will happen to them. Just don’t overload them with information and let them ask questions. If you aren’t sure how to talk to your child, then get some help from your family doctor. The later you wait to have these talks, the more you risk that they will be embarrassed by some misconception.

7 Teens Don’t Always Have Control Over Bad Behavior

via Teen Vogue

You may think that the bad behavior that your teen is exhibiting is deliberate but that’s not always the case. You may think that your daughter’s attitude problems are a result of her trying to manipulate you but really, she’s just a victim of psychological and biological changes that she has no control over. The changes in your teen's brain during this time is extensive. The ability to show self-restraint, self-control, and the ability to make rational decisions doesn’t usually develop until later on in adolescence. They are experiencing changes that they have no control over.

6 Teens Might Not Always Be Nice

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Your teens are nice to everyone but you, and it’s starting to push your buttons. Welcome to parenting a teen. You may see your teen being kind and respectful to people outside of the home but rude when they get home. That’s actually a really good sign. It just means that they were brought up right and do the things you expect of them when they are not home and are comfortable enough at home to let it all hang out. It’s reasonable to a point because we don’t want them to continue to be mean to us. This is a hormonal thing and if you wait a few hours your lovely teen will come back to you in a completely different mood.

5 Teens Are Hurting Others Around Them

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As much as we don’t want to believe it, our teens are going to make some mistakes at some point. Teens do stupid things and sometimes they don’t even mean to. Whether it was that time that they followed along with their friends and were mean to someone or that time a guy invited them to a party and they went, even knowing that you wouldn’t approve. Just because your teen makes mistakes doesn’t mean that they are a huge deal. Sometimes they make a mistake and that’s it. Sometimes teens learn from bad experiences and grow into stronger people.

4 There’s Never Going To Be Enough Food

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You have gone to the grocery store for the second time this week and you just don’t know where all the food is going. You might as well get used to it. When you have teens, especially boys, you will have to understand that there is never going to be enough food. You may find that you are even making an extra meal just so they have an after school snack before dinner. You may find that you go through a gallon of milk a day. All you need to know is that it’s normal and you might as well get used to it.

3 Teens are Becoming More Withdrawn

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Your child is withdrawing from you and you don’t know what to do. It’s really important to pay attention to your children so you know if they are withdrawing from you. If you know your child well then you will know the difference between a child who isn’t a social butterfly and one who is withdrawing in a worrisome way. If you see your teen withdrawing, then you should ask yourself if there is a cause for concern. Signs that you can watch out for are lack of confidence, rejection, and especially depression.

2 Teens Are Picking Squabbles With Parents

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Your teen is going to do lots of things to annoy you this year but it’s really important for parents to choose their battles. You may not want your child to dye her hair or wear funky clothing but you may want to think twice about fighting about these things. It’s best to save your objections for the things that really matter. Save them for things like skipping school, substance abuse, or failing a test. If you can’t figure out why your teen is dressing all in black every day, then it might be time to try to understand how your teen may be feeling.

1 Teens Are Refusing To Speak With Parents

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Your teen is refusing to speak to you and you don’t know what to do. Compromising would be a good start. The idea that “it’s your way or the highway” is a very outdated parenting method and it rarely works. Sometimes the teen will choose the highway and that’s the last place that you want them to be. Trying to control your children’s behavior will only make things worse. Give your teen a little more freedom by compromising on things so that he feels as if he has some choice in life. If you can compromise on certain things, you will likely see more cooperation from your teen.

Sources: NetSanity, All Pro Dad, Kids Health, Psychology Today, TIME

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