Thoughts During Pregnancy Can Impact Child Development Long-Term

If you've got kids of your own, the chances are that you'll have been told at least once during your pregnancy "Don't stress! It's not good for the baby!" While getting yourself all hot and bothered is a given pregnancy don't, new scientific research now suggests that your thoughts can impact your child's development, in the long-term as well.

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The University of Cambridge conducted new studies regarding the impact thoughts had on an unborn child. The findings, which came from 14 studies and 1,862 pregnant women that were interviewed about their mindset, were more telling than anyone predicted. According to their data, women who were excited about the birth of their child and could clearly picture them as an individual were more likely to have a better interaction with their child post-birth, meaning the child would most likely have a positive development.

On the flip side, if the mother had an "unbalanced" view where they idealized their baby or couldn't properly visualize them in the future, these babies were more likely to face greater developmental problems after birth. The author of the study, Sarah Foley, said that the studies put further emphasis on the crucial need for parent-child interaction. The fewer the interactions kids have with their parents, especially in the early stages, can have an overwhelming impact on how they learn and grow. The effects can be detrimental. Foley goes on to state that while there is undoubtedly a link between a mother's thought process and development, it's just one piece of a much bigger picture, rather than the whole story.

An "unbalanced" attitude can also be the result of many other issues, such as depression, anxiety, and can exist if there had been any pregnancy complications or miscarriages in the past. Naturally, if a mother is highly-stressed due to past problems it may color her view of pregnancy.

While the topic is far from closed, it just goes to show that the power of thought is a truly remarkable tool. After all, who would've realized how essential the way you think of your baby would be? Especially when they're not even been born yet.


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