Three Year Old Turns Down Boy's Marriage Proposal By Putting Him In A Headlock

Three year old little girl puts boy into headlock after he asks her to marry him.


Kynlee McFetridge of St. Charles, Missouri, was caught by her preschool teachers putting one of her fellow classmates in a headlock. When the teachers noticed the encounter they quickly jumped up and split up the altercation. They told Kynlee that she should not be putting students in headlocks and that is not very nice. Her teachers figured there had to be a reason for Kynlee's headlock, so they inquired as to why she would put her classmate into a headlock.

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Kynlee said that the boy asked her to marry him. She said that little kids don't get married and she didn't want to marry him, so she put him in a headlock for asking. “I took a headlock down on Jack and took him down,” Kynlee said in a video captured by her mom, Kristen McFetridge. “Because kids don’t get married so that’s why I put a headlock down on him.”

When Kynlee’s dad, Scott McFetridge, arrived to pick her up from school he figured out that she had some altercation during the day when he noticed her color was "pink" on the school's coded behavior chart. Pink is not good. He inquired with the teacher as to why Kynlee was coded "pink" and he learned that she had put a boy into a headlock. As the teacher recounted the situation she could not stop laughing and McFetridge started laughing as well. They couldn't laugh in front of Kynlee though, because the little girl had to learn that wasn't the appropriate response.

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McFetridge wasn't sure why she would respond in putting the boy into a headlock. When she was born she had a serious heart condition that required open heart surgery at only 5-month old. She was very weak and so her dad started doing wrestling moves with her to help her gain muscle. He thought that he was helping with her body strength and her confidence, but he never taught her how to put somebody in a headlock! Kynlee now knows not to put boy's into headlocks! The parents can't help but be amused by the entire situation.

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