Throwback Thursday: Awesome Mothers Of History - Sojourner Truth

Today, I spent a good bit of time delving in the background of one of the most inspiring Badass Mothers of history: Sojourner Truth. As someone who values eloquent public speech, Truth's "Ain't I A Woman?" is jaw-dropping. Some of her credited quotations moved me to tears, so much so that I'll be adding them to my Vision Board (we'll talk more about that tomorrow!). Of course, like all the Badass Mothers I've covered, Sojourner Truth is a mother. In her lifetime she bore five children - two of whom were directly involved in her abolitionist work. More on that was we uncover her life's story.

Sojourner Truth was born Isabella Baumfree around 1797, to enslaved parents. She spent her early childhood in the Hudson Valley until the man who owned her and her family died. At only nine years old, Isabella was sold for $100 and a flock of sheep. Until this point in her life, she spoke only Dutch. She was sold a few years later for $105, and then shortly after sold again - this time to John Dumont. Dumont would own Isabella from this point until she escaped slavery sixteen years later.


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