Throwback Thursday: Awesome Mothers Of History, Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis Edition

Jackie Kennedy Onassis, or Jackie O., is an American icon. Before she met and married John F. Kennedy, Jacquelyn Lee Bouvier was a burgeoning trendsetter. After she entered the public sphere as JFK's devoted wife, Jackie became a fixture in the world of fashion. Women flocked to stores to buy Chanel, pillbox hats, and delicate gloves. Far more impressive than her sense of style was her inner strength. Jackie lived through a harrowing ordeal - losing her husband - on the television screens of every family in America. She became a widow, raising her two young children without their father. No matter what turbulence threatened to overturn their life together, Jackie remained adamant that her children were the focus of her life. She was one badass mother.

Always polished. Always impressive. via Daily Mail.

“If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”


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