Tiger Woods Reveals The Effect His Golf Career Has Had On His Kids

Tiger Woods admits that his kids really struggled during his dark days but are excited he is back at it.

Tiger Woods went through a few darks years in his career. Most of his "dark" days were publicized and everybody knew about the scandals he was involved in and the injuries he was experiencing. He shared that it was very difficult for his kids to deal with all of those publicized issues and they really struggled watching their dad struggle through all of the controversies. He admits that for a very long time the kids did not associate golf with a fun and exciting sport. They associated golf with pain. They thought that golf was the reason for all of the problems and all of their issues.

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Woods shares that he is finally back in golf again and they are very excited to see their dad having fun in the sport again without all of the drama. They are excited about their dad being out there and back on the course. Woods' children, Sam Alexis, 12, and Charlie Axel, 10, are excited that their dad is "not the Youtube guy." There are many golfers that get all of the publicity and they are constantly having highlights on Youtube, but he isn't the guy that gets highlighted on Youtube anymore but he's still got it. Woods shares that "he is not that guy, but he can still do it."

He does admit that his children are still trying to stop the association of pain with golf because golf shouldn't be a bad thing. He remembers when he was really struggling that his children would see him not be able to get off the couch and they were constantly asking him, "are you okay dad?" And they just assumed that golf was the reason for all of his emotional hurt. He is very excited to show them that golf wasn't the problem and that they can get excited for it. Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters and he said the best part about the whole experience was that his children were able to watch him win and that he was able to celebrate with him. He was able to share that moment with his children and that was perfect.

Woods says that he is very grateful that he was given another chance to do what he loves. He is grateful that his children supported him throughout all of his challenges and that they have amazing infectious happiness that has encouraged him along the way.

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