Tila Tequila Is Pregnant With Second Child

Controversial reality star Tila Tequila is pregnant with her second child. The 36-year-old shared her happy news on her Facebook page on March 2nd, according to E! News.

"The Lord God has blessed me with baby #2!!!!" she told her followers. "Praise the Father in Heaven for He is merciful and graceful. I give glory to Him every day."

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Continuing her religion-themed announcement, the Shot at Love star took the moment to snap back at her critics. "Meanwhile, I find it hilarious how all the haters have been calling me ‘fat' and telling me that God is going to punish me for the things I have been saying and always trying to send curses my way," she wrote. "But God took all your wretched curses and turned them into huge blessings for me instead!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!" Tila also shared a snap of her pregnancy bump, but said she wouldn't be sharing any further details on her pregnancy, choosing to keep the due date, name, and sex to herself.

Tequila first came to prominence when she became the most popular person on social networking site Myspace in the early nineties. Not long after, VH1 gave her the opportunity to star in her own dating show, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, which pitted both male and female hopefuls against each other to land a relationship with the Houston native. Known for her outrageous attitude and no-holds barred approach to her sexuality, Tila also launched a music career with limited success.

Her personal life has had more ups and downs than her dating show, with an engagement to heiress Casey Johnson ending in tragedy when Johnson died of complications relating to diabetes in 2010. In 2012, Tequila attempted suicide by overdosing on pills and was hospitalized with a subsequent brain aneurysm.  After a stint in rehab Tequila gave birth to Isabella Monroe in 2014, fathered by struggling musician Thomas Paxton Whitaker. Although the songstress announced she had married earlier this year, it's not known who her husband is.


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